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Another great way to get involved in our community and find answers to questions you may have about VPS server hosting is to read our blog and documents which can be found under 'docs' and 'blogs'. In our blog, we keep you updated with the latest industry developments and the latest news about our company. For example, past blog titles include 'Announcing new and enhanced features', 'Introducing new CPU and memory VPS plans' and 'New locations launched in Atlanta and Los Angeles'. On our 'docs' webpage, you'll find more how-to articles and specific industry advice such as 'The way to (safely) produce a PHP redirect code', 'What is DDOS attack?' and 'Guideline to the Java Script method and its explanation.'

The easiest way to determine whether or not the query you have has been answered before on our website is to use the 'search' webpage. Simply type your question into the search bar, ensuring you select the 'all' search option and submit it. Once you have submitted your question all the relevant webpages should appear, making finding the answer to your question easy and efficient.

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Blogs are incredibly useful resources both to understand the services of VPSSERVER.COM and to help you use your VPS in the most beneficial and practical way possible. At VPSSERVER.COM, we want our customers to get the best out of our hosting services which is why we share our industry expertise regularly on our blog. We also want to keep our clients updated with the exciting developments that often occur at VPSSERVER.COM so we also use our blog to share company news and celebrate our growth and consistent expansion as a company. Our sitemap features a section dedicated to our blogs to make browsing our blog posts as convenient as possible for our customers. If you are interested in specific blog topics, simply browse our sitemap blog list and you'll find a selection of our most informative and popular blogs.

For example, we have blog titles such as 'Chicago datacenter expanded and better than ever', 'Datacenter London coming soon!', 'Asia VPA locations are coming soon' and 'Expanding to Canada and even more server locations' which offer exciting updates about the expansion of VPSSERVER.COM and the locations we now host in.

Our blog is not just limited to location updates, however, you will also find titles such as 'Bitcoin accepted as payment method', 'Firewall functionality improved', 'Free VPS for eligible startups', 'Introducing a new support system that you will love' and 'Introducing new CPU and Memory VPS plans' which offer general updates about the company and suggest ways our customers can better utilise their VPS.

If you would like to view our blog and check out our most recent posts and updates, please select the 'blogs' webpage underneath the 'overview' section of our sitemap. Here you will find all of our blog posts in chronological order. To the right of our blog webpage, there will be a selection of our most popular blogs and an archive of our blogs organised by date. This is to ensure browsing our blog is as easy and efficient as possible.


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If you are interested in the technical benefits of choosing to host a website or another online platform with VPSSERVER.com, we have pages dedicated to unique technical elements of our hosting services. For example, our 'benchmark' webpage features a convenient graph that compares the elite VPS performance of VPSSERVER.COM compared to other VPS hosts. The 'cloud server' page outlines the benefits of cloud hosting, such as 24/7 support provided by VPSSERVER.COM. For more information about the speed of our services, our 'fast VPS' page explains everything you need to know about our speed and efficiency. For example, the page explains how we can deploy your VPS within 55 seconds and how our memory-optimised plans can improve the speed of your VPS. Similarly, our 'operating systems' webpage provides a clear overview of which operating systems are supported by VPSSERVER.COM, just some of our compatible operating systems include Debian, Centos, Fedora and Arch Linux.

VPSSERVER.COM find that many of our clients recommend VPSSERVER.COM to a friend or business partner as we truly do offer elite hosting solutions. To thank our loyal customers for recommending our services, we have created an affiliate program which you can learn about on our 'affiliate program' webpage. If you have been referred to VPSSERVER.COM but would like to learn more about our company and the customer service we provide, you may find the 'reviews' page of our website useful as it displays the feedback and ratings we have received from our loyal customers.

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To ensure using our servers is as simple and straightforward as possible, we offer a selection of templates for our users. On the 'templates' webpage, you'll find information about VPSSERVER.COM templates, for example, VPSSERVER.COM has over 50 temples for all of its users to choose from plus is compatible with all major OSs.

The 'setup' webpage is packed full of information new customer may need. For example, the webpage covers topics including can putty be used to connect to the server, how IP addresses can be changed and what virtualisation technology is used by VPSSERVER.COM. The setup information is presented in a question and answer format to make it easy to scan for individuals looking for a certain piece of information.

In today's world, data security is more important than ever. A data breach can significantly harm the reputation of a company and may see it incur significant fines for mishandling data. For more information about the privacy of VPSSERVER.COM visit our 'privacy' sitemap page. Here, you'll find clearly outlined information about our privacy practices. For example, VPSSERVER.COM have no access to the data you choose to store on your VPS nor do we restrict the content you choose to host on your server (providing it is not illegal). To ensure we offer the utmost in data protection, we use a Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM). For more privacy tips and information, check out our 'privacy' webpage.


For updates about our company and feature upgrades, check out our 'blogs' webpage. For industry updates and general information about VPS and other digital technologies browse our 'docs' section of the sitemap.

In our 'docs' pages you will find pages such as 'Best HTML editors for 2020', 'Basic Linux commands for every user to access the operating system', 'CSS cheat sheet - a complete guide for beginners' and 'How to calculate the timestamps on Unix'.

Before you contact VPSSERVER.COM with a query it is useful to browse the docs webpages to try and find if your question has already been answered. Aside from topics related directly to VPS, we also cover other general topics to help you widen your knowledge and have a deeper understanding of some digital processes. For example, you will find guides such as 'Guideline to the Java Script method and its explanation' and 'How to: What is 403 forbidden and how do you fix the error?'

VPSSERVER.COM truly want to offer the best for our clients which is why we share our industry expertise regularly through creating useful documents that are easy to read and don’t contain confusing jargon. As your business grows, you VPS hosting needs may expand and our hosting services ensure you can expand your VPS as needed and grow your knowledge through our selection of documents.


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New launch Beta of VPSServer.com
New locations launched in Atlanta and Los Angeles
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New WHMCS plugin available for VPSServer API customers makes white labelling easy!
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Privacy Policy update & greater capacity
Product improvements & Expansion programme
Singapore here we come!
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