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The VPS servers we provide are one of the fastest available on the internet. We use Fast Intel processors and our platform is fully equipped with SSD-drives. The SSD makes all VPS servers 10 times faster then original SATA or SAS-drives. We use Intel E5-2697 Core's for the best speed of your server. Total port speed of 40Gbit and software defined storage is what makes VPSServer.com so unique. Try out our I/O test and see many benchmark reports on the internet.

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fast vps

The amazing aspect of hosting services is the available fast VPS speed. Meanwhile, there are unusual cases where users experience slow-speed performance. It had led to several questions and subject of debate over the years. You may wonder if you can get the fastest VPS hosting. Yes, you are good to go with a high-quality VPS provider.

However, this article covers the bone of contention that pops up over the years. You get answers to questions, such as why your VPS or WordPress admin is so slow, how to speed up your VPS, and getting a fast & scalable VPS for your growing business.

Why Is My VPS So Slow?

A VPS server is slow if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load a web page. Meanwhile, downtime occurs frequently in shared hosting, which is considered normal, since you are sharing resources with several users. The fastest VPS hosting reputable company provides an uptime of a minimum of 99.9%. Hence, if your server isn't enjoying a fast VPS service, something is not right.

  1. No optimized gallery: Server galleries include your images and videos, which might be the cause of declined fast VPS performance. Therefore, no optimized galleries include extra or none supported file sizes, which consumes larger RAM storage. Whereas, when your RAM storage is almost insufficient, it reduces your fast VPS server performance. Also, you should consider your image format before uploading it to your web page. Naturally, VPS fast speed reduces with none JPEG images, GIF, or PNG. Also, try as much as possible to avoid an image file exceeding 1MB.
  2. Excessive Ads: Although it may be reasonable to monetize your website, it shouldn't be at the expense of a fast VPS server. When your website is crowding with too many Ads, it increases HTTP requests, which affects the loading or processing time of each. However, you can limit the number of daily advertisements to enhance fast VPS hosting.
  3. Excessive HTTP request: As mentioned earlier, too many Ads can lead to many HTTP requests. When this happens, you are possibly overusing your server than normal. Meanwhile, your available resources are already programmed to meet certain or specific needs. Whereas, fast VPS hosting is every successful business desire, and its impact on productivity growth cannot be overemphasized. Unsupported or big format, excess CSS, and JavaScript are also major contributors to too many HTTP requests.
  4. Content delivery network (CDN): When your initial fast VPS begins to run at a low speed, another cause is probably because you are not using the content delivery network, often shortened as CDN. You may ask, why do I need a CDN? CDN is used to separate different servers and place each in strategic locations. It allows for distance users to connect at a fast VPS speed, by duplicating website contents without losing any vital information.
  5. Unoptimized CSS: CSS is the code responsible for styling your website, which reduces fast speed VPS if you are running your server on unoptimized CSS. Also, CSS is one of the coding software used to set up a server, including JavaScript. Hence, when this coding is too much, it reduces the speed of fast VPS hosting.

Although we recommend inline CSS as against numerous external CSS. Meanwhile, unclean inline coding could be dangerous.

  1. Caching techniques: When you do not use caching techniques on your server, excess HTTP can easily mess with your fast VPS hosting. For instance, websites that  PHP should run OPcache to improve your website's loading speed. Hence, the absence of caching overloads your server with too many requests, which in turn consumes a large number of resources and reduces a fast VPS hosting performance. However, several tools are available, to exhibit the caching techniques. You need an expert's input to operate the caching techniques successfully.
  2. Poor hosting service: Finally, your hosting provider also influences slow or fast VPS hosting. You may switch to a fast and scalable VPS if all effort seemed futile. Meanwhile, we recommend a managed VPS hosting plan for you. With this, you can ascertain the source of your website problem. Moreover, you should check the company's review for better light about the service to be provided.

Why Is WordPress Admin So Slow

It's quite frustrating to be interrupted by a slow network when running a WordPress admin. However, there are several reasons why you are likely not experiencing a fast VPS. The article covers the important factors, alongside the solutions to them.

  1. Low memory space: When your WordPress is running out of memory limit, it reduces its overall performance, affecting the owner's profit and inhibiting guests' research about the products or services available. In this case, where your fast VPS WordPress is affected by memory space, you can increase your server's limit. However, it's best if you reach out to your service provider before you upgrade or scale-up, to avoid further complications.
  2. Too many contents: Sometimes, users' WordPress admin acts slow because of its incapacity to host many contents. Check if you have been uploading large files or galleries on your VPS server. Moreover, consider limiting the number of contents your WordPress upload per page. When there are too many contents to load on a page it reduces fast VPS speed as well. Although you and guests may have to click the "next" button often, it's far better than the frustration that comes with a slow WordPress loading page.
  3. Unsuitable hosting plan: Some users either subscribe to an overpowered or underpowered hosting plan. That is, to get the fastest VPS hosting service, the plan you purchase should fit your needs perfectly. Meanwhile, a hosting plan might meet all your website's requirements during the purchase period, but make sure to upgrade to a bigger VPS plan when the need arises.
  4. Slow and unnecessary plugins: Contrary to popular opinions, more plugins don't automatically fast VPS loading time. A user starts to experience slow speed WordPress when you overload plugins with resources. The best solution, is by installing online tools such as Query monitor, to find out plugins that require heavy resources. After you find out these slow plugins, you can either deactivate or delete them.
  5. Outdated PHP: PHP is installed on WordPress, but the version that runs your server depends on what your service provider company provides. When you operate on an older version of WordPress admin, it doesn't load as fast VPS, since the server is outdated, and can only accommodate limited activities. Hence, you can simply upgrade your PHP version from the WordPress dashboard, or reach out to your provider for support.
  6. Heartbeat Control: Use heartbeat control to manage the AJAX request sent by your server's heartbeat every second. Existing functions allow communication between your server and browser. While these functions are running, it consumes lots of available resources. Hence, you can solve the problem associated with heartbeat by formatting it or using a heartbeat control measure. These control measures include plugins, help regulate the activities of WordPress heartbeat API.

How Can I Speed Up My VPS?

This article provides answers to fast VPS performance, but the problem might be traceable to your physical machine. In this scenario, it would be high time you contacted your server provider. As mentioned above, several factors contribute to slow speed performance. However, the solution to speeding up your VPS varies, based on its cause. Hence, we are recommending appropriate solutions alongside.

  1. If your server's fast VPS speed is running low due to unoptimized CSS, you can combine several external CSS files into a new folder. Also, you can replace the external CSS, with an inline CSS instead. However, inline CSS is limited to a smaller amount of code. Hence, if you are operating plenty of codes, you can use media types to decide each CSS loading location.
  2. When a website's slow speed results from unclean or excess coding, you can compress the file size, which not only leads only a fast VPS, it also increases your SEO online ranking. IT ignorant can use the tools available online, to carry out this effect. Better still, seek the input of your service provider.
  3. Updating MySQL is another solution to getting the fastest VPS hosting. Asides from the ability to safeguard your server, MySQL also plays a role in providing a good server performance. It is easier to upgrade to the latest MySQL version if you have an already installed version. If otherwise, you should contact your service provider for technical support.
  4. Lastly, optimize your gallery in the case of large or unsupported videos and images. You can use online tools such as PageSpeed insights, to check the files slowing your website speed. Moreover, it's important to identify the files, to avoid costly errors.

Fast & Scalable VPS For Your Growing Business

Every growing business needs a fast and scalable VPS to boost its online presence. More so,

the need to get a fast and scalable VPS. Although you will come across several providers online, be thoughtful, and intentional about your decision. We understand that poor hosting services from the provider also contribute to slow speed performance, we put appropriate measures in place, to curb the situation. One of the measures is our built-in-caching installed on our customer's websites. To run a fast VPS server, you should consider if your provider has these three major things; IT expertise, website performance, and datacenters location.

  • IT Expertise: We have a team of highly skilled technicians that will fix technical server issues, such as configuration and troubleshooting. Also, we monitor our fastest VPS hosting, to ensure there are no security breaches. Despite the rapid increase of WordPress users today, we tailor our customer's servers to meet specific needs. Moreover, our customer support team is available to give advice and recommendations. Also, consider your provider's IT knowledge level, when securing a scalable and fast VPS for your growing business.
  • Website's performance: In the pursuit of securing the fastest VPS hosting, you should pay attention to the provider's web loading page. If its performance is slow, you can depict their quality of service. We provide a fast networking system, which allows users to upgrade from a bandwidth that experiences downtime at a fast pace. More so, our fast and reliable services ease scaling up. Sometimes, growing businesses get occupied with too much traffic, and they begin to run out of resources. When customers subscribe to the managed fast VPS hosting with us, they are less bothered about overloading. That is, we scale up your server without worrying you.
  • Datacenters location: Datacenter location is another big factor you should consider. Does your service provider company have the capacity to own multiple datacenters? Your answer determines your server speed performance. We have 15 data centers in several locations. We developed multiple data centers to minimize downtime, as users are privileged to choose a datacenter closer to their location.


Figuring out the cause of your server's slow speed performance can be difficult, since several factors may be responsible. However, you can employ a provider to check through your website, to get a fast response. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the fastest VPS hosting when you comply with your website's regulations. Hence, it's easy to mess with your fast VPS, if you are IT ignorant. More so, you can purchase a fast VPS server from us. Our hosting company will fully manage your resources and monitor your server's performance, making sure it's as effective as ever.

Our fast intel processors and SSD drive, contribute to our fast VPS services. Although various servers exist on the internet, we guarantee the fastest VPS service. Also, SSD increases fast VPS speed by ten times, compared to the regular SATA or SAS-drives. We use Intel E5-2697 to improve speed. Interestingly, we have many benchmark reports you can access through the internet, using our I/O test. Our uniqueness is best to exhibit through our 40Gbit port speed and software-defined storage.

In case you are bothered about getting the fastest VPS hosting, we will instantly activate your server in less than one minute. We have 15 datacenters in sensitive locations, to reach all the continents. Also, the multiple datacenter latency rate allows customers to choose from variable options and the best datacenters that meet their needs.

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