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Our top qualifying data center is located on the south side of Amsterdam. Here, we provide our customers only the best performance in their Virtual Private Server Experience with uninterrupted power source applications with N+1 power redundancy. As Amsterdam, Netherlands, has been known to be the central hub for all of Europe, this is an ideal location to set up your high-performance Virtual Private Server hosting location. With our Amsterdam VPS services, you will experience the lowest latency and easiest template setups for your business needs.

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The Benefits of a Data Center

There are many benefits when enabling a data center to be your main control source system resource for your web hosting. All our servers giving full root access can provide a facility that houses computers and other related equipment, such as servers, storage systems, and network components, with unlimited bandwidth possibilities. The benefits of space in our Amsterdam Data Centre include:

  • A gateway network connection to the entirety of Europe

  • Reliable power and cooling systems to ensure the servers remain reliably operational.

  • Physical security operations to protect the hosted servers from potential unauthorized access attempts.

  • Scalability to allow your business to grow.

  • 24/7/365 server monitoring and technical Support.

  • Access high-quality service types, such as managed hosting and cloud computing options.

Stay Connected to Amsterdam with Superior Network Performance

Amsterdam is the gateway to Europe regarding technology and connecting the world to the European Union. You will receive perfect dedicated server network transits offering great network connection and high availability on your virtual server. Test our network performance with our network tool available for your benefit.

IP Adresses

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The Digital Gateway

Digital Gateway

Amsterdam VPS is top of a line experience for anyone who is located in Europe. As the Netherlands is known to be the digital gateway to Europe, you will be provided with the highest-quality data centers in this location. Along with Frankfurt and London, This data center is ideal for anyone looking for a main hub for all their web hosting needs.

Benefits of Having a Netherlands VPS

A VPS Amsterdam server near the biggest digital market in its zone is extremely beneficial for any company to receive extremely high traffic at low latency with excellent customer satisfaction. This efficiency will reduce the chances of latency-related losses for a better overall experience for you and your users.

Additionally, having an Amsterdam VPS server ensures access to the resources from all digital markets nearby, with its availability always open. This makes it a perfect location for your Linux VPS or Windows VPS hosting needs.

SSD Performance

SSD Performance

Because Amsterdam is located centrally for this specific region, it is perfect for low latency to almost all of Europe. Many people host multiple websites on their VPS in the Netherlands to cover major European cities and large incoming traffic possibilities. Our service plan offers high-performing SSD storage, allowing you to experience the best response time using this location.

Major Carriers Abilities

Some major carriers with large SSD operations and availability can reach major cities like Barcelona in 20MS. This is an amazing profit for those looking to expand into the European Union for more control of their business needs.

Control Your Amsterdam Server

Control Server

Our full admin access options give you complete control over your website and business with our top-notch web-based control panel features. We ensure an easy UI experience with access to your data needs and user management.

Remote Access

Our dedicated or cloud hosting servers provide remote desktop solutions for your Amsterdam data center needs. Whether a Windows VPS or Linux VPS, we know your access is important to your virtual private servers.

Our physical server security software provides a fantastic remote connection for a superior virtual machine experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your Amsterdam Data Center Located?

Our data center for server hosting in Amsterdam is located south of the direct center of the city. This is the main location, with most data hubs, making it ideal for anyone looking for a high-quality VPS server hosting platform.

Can I Host a Dedicated Server in Amsterdam?

We offer many different options in our Amsterdam VPS hosting options. Including dedicated and cloud servers, we want only the best for our users to have full control and the ability to scale their business with no worries of a shared hosting problem. You will also be provided with the best performance with our KVM technology.

What Support do you Provide in Amsterdam?

Like all of our other locations for Amsterdam VPS, we offer 24/ technical support as soon as your server is implemented. We also provide services to set up security and necessary back-end development solutions so you don't have to waste hours researching how. We are here for you when you need it.

Besides a VPS Amsterdam Option, Where in Europe Can I Host?

Along with Amsterdam, we offer two other locations for optimal network connection to the European Region. Our featured data centers in Europe are also located in the following areas:

If you are looking into other regions, such as Africa or Norway, ensure you are using our speed tests for the optimal location for your lowest latency experience.

Can I Try the Amsterdam VPS For Free?

Yes, we offer a risk-free trial from 1 to 7 days with the option of extension and transfer with live backup solutions. Our services are also not held to a contract, so we are here when and if you need us. We understand that committing to a service for a year is not ideal if you do not need that kind of service. We offer flexible plans with scalable features, including customization of your preferred needs (Storage, RAM, CPU).

How Much Does VPS Hosting Cost in Amsterdam?

We aim to make your virtual private server affordable and reasonably priced to help your business grow. Our Amsterdam VPS hosting services begin at 3.99 a month, with expansive options in other higher-paid plans with more storage, CPU, or RAM features to get your business on its feet.