Singapore's Premier Data Center: Experience Unparalleled VPS Hosting for Businesses & Individuals in Southeast Asia

Located in Singapore, one of the world's central financial hubs, our data center and VPS server wait to welcome enterprises, small businesses, or individuals looking for a secure and high-performing server environment to host their operations. Singapore is in Southeast Asia, making it an ideal location for hosting VPS for users active in this region. Also, it has a reliable and high-speed Internet connection, which is perfect for accessing and using VPS services.

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Why You Choose Our Singapore Web Hosting

Choosing our Singapore VPS server in Singapore grants access to countless unique features and provides many benefits. Several reasons why Singapore is a great location for hosting web apps on a VPS server. For example:

  • Strategic location: Singapore is in Southeast Asia, a strategic region for operating a business and hosting a VPS. The reliable infrastructure and speedy Internet make accessing and using VPS services in Singapore easy.

  • High-speed broadband Internet: Singapore is considered one of the countries with the fastest Internet speeds in the world. This is mainly due to its advanced Internet infrastructure, which includes data centers, undersea cables, and fiber optic networks.

  • Pro-business policies and attitude: With a pro-business environment and policies supporting innovation and entrepreneurship, Singapore encourages businesses to set up their regional operations.

  • Skilled workforce: The Asian country also has a highly educated and skilled workforce, which makes it easy to find professionals to support VPS services, like web developers, network engineers, system administrators, and others.

  • Stable political environment: Unlike other Asian countries, Singapore has a stable political environment which translates to a stable business environment. This assures businesses that political unrest will not disrupt or damage their VPS series.

Singapore VPS Hosting Performance: Zero Lag

Singapore is connected to all major Internet providers in Asia. You can enjoy exceptional network performance on your VPS server thanks to perfect network transits. Test our network performance with this tool.

IP Adresses

The following IP addresses are available to test our infrastructure in Singapore.

IPv4 Singapore

IPv6 Singapore


Download test files

To test our server’s and Singapore VPS hosting performance, try to download these test files:

Why Singapore



Why You Should Have a Singapore VPS

Why in Asia Data Centre Singapore is a well-known country and one of Asia's greatest commercial, Internet, and financial hubs. Also known as the “Lion City,” Singapore substantially influences the worldwide economy due to its harbor and prominent position.

As expected, thousands of businesses operate in Singapore, meaning numerous people need a secure, private, and stable Internet connection. Many sea and land network cables are connected in Singapore, constituting this Asian country as a global player in the Internet. So, using a Singapore VPS server boosts your company website, allowing you to reach more customers and make more sales.

VPS hosting solves most problems companies face in today’s fast world. Our data center and VPS server in Singapore are well-structured and completely private, securing users’ data regardless of conditions or unfortunate events like fire outbreaks.

Zero Latency

Singapore should be the ideal choice for companies in Asia and looking for a secure VPS server because it has low latency and exceptional connections to the main continent and other important financial hubs in Asia, like Japan and the Philippines or Thailand. Also, in Singapore lies one of the world’s most important financial districts, including a large Internet exchange. On top of this, many data centers can be found in Singapore, making this Asian country a fine choice to host your VPS server.

With current trends in technology, like cloud computing, a VPS server in the Asia Pacific region might be all you need to scale your business and expand your clientele.

Complete Privacy

A Singapore VPS offers total privacy as users use their virtual environment. This environment is isolated from other users, even on the same physical server. On top of this, the VPS environment is secured with security measures, like firewalls, which prevent other users or hackers from accessing critical data and apps hosted on the server. Further, as a VPS provider, we offer extra security features, such as SSL certificates, regular backups, and advanced monitoring. These add an extra layer of protection to ensure the completely private and security of the VPS environment.

So, do reach out for all your Singapore VPS hosting needs because we can help you!

Benefits: Increased Performance

Benefits of performance In a private server, like a VPS server, users are independent of one another. Our unique VPS packages are paired up in minimal numbers making for a fast and lag-free browsing experience. Thanks to our servers, users are unaffected by their neighbors' traffic, and their Internet performance is never limited. This way, they can stay on their schedule and work stress-free.


New businesses have great running costs. We don’t want to be an extra burden. For this reason, they turn to shared hosting due to its low cost. That said, remember that VPS has developed over the last few years. Its original premium price has become affordable, even compared to dedicated hosting.

Feel free to purchase any of the many hosting providers in our Singapore VPS hosting plans for as low as 3,99 monthly.

Attentive and Reliable Customer Service

To help you with your technical needs, we have assembled a team of experts ready to assist you in real-time. People with limited IT knowledge might have to overcome roadblocks while operating their VPS server. But they shouldn’t worry, as we have considered this concern carefully. Our customer service team is within your reach whenever you need them via email, phone, or online chat.

Dedicated Resources

Our Singapore VPS server packages ensure you will never run out of dedicated resources. Our server and all major providers in the area allocate you enough bandwidth, SSD storage, and processor power to fuel your company’s website.


As your business grows, your website will require more resources to meet the increasing traffic and customer needs. That’s OK, though, because VPS hosting can scale up your server without experiencing any lag, downtime, or rebooting, which leads to a smooth customer experience. Also, if your site’s traffic increases, know you can upgrade to a higher Singapore VPS hosting package to welcome as many customers as possible.

Multiple Domains

Our Singapore VPS packages enable companies to host multiple websites on the same server. This is perfect for businesses with many affiliates or subsidiaries operating independently. So, if you find your shared hosting permits overstretched, causing downtimes, consider switching to a VPS server. It offers plenty of resources to users, so you will never have to worry about running out of juice.


Our VPS servers in Singapore are installed with a reliable and stable control panel, perfect for our users’ needs. This stability allows you to manage accounts and domains successfully and maximize your business plan and goals. Also, we offer up to a 99% uptime guarantee without hardware constraints.

Dedicated Applications and Software

Another great thing about Singapore VPS hosting is that it lets users decide which applications and software will be installed on the server. This contrasts with shared hosting, which doesn’t offer such freedom to users. Our VPS server also enables easy configuration and gives access to an auto-installer to update applications. Hence, they always run well on your system or remove unwanted apps to free up storage space.

Cloud Backups

Cloud computing is just a trend, but a reality, and many companies adopt it due to its ease of use and convenience. Not only does it store large files, but it also offers backup features, allowing you to restore your precious data even in the case of a disaster.


OK. There&rsquo's an increased fear of cybercrime, including hackers. That’s understandable. Fortunately, our Singapore VPS server packages provide maximum security from viruses, DDoS attacks, and malware. If something is certain, our private servers are safe and secure. On top of that, we offer 24/7 expert support to see that you make it through any challenge you face.

Future Growth

As technology evolves, our services evolve, too. Our team of experienced IT experts ensures you will always be informed on the latest technological advancements and have the opportunity to test and experience beta features. So, be certain that our Singapore VPS packages will always perform well, no matter the latest developments. Again, remember that our Singapore VPS allows users to connect to a secure environment without interruptions. And if something unexpected occurs, we promise to be at your side to resolve it immediately.

Features of VPS Hosting

Server featuresBefore anything else, it’s essential to know all the features of VPS hosting since deciding on the best VPS hosting option in Singapore can be confusing. There are many VPS providers in Singapore, so knowing how we edge out the competition will help you make the best choice for your unique needs and requirements. Here are the greatest features our VPS server offers:

Boosts Your Backend Operations

This is a major feature of VPS hosting. The backend operations of your VPS server involve managing the server’s resources, like the database, operating system, patches, and other software updates and security components.

Also, some IT experts may recommend that using unmanaged VPS hosting saves costs; however, there are drawbacks to this approach, like lack of support in managing the server, which leads to downtime and other issues that ultimately cost you more money in expensive repairs and lost productivity.

With our VPS server, you can access technical assistance and support that ensure your server or WordPress hosting runs securely. You also experience zero downtime, meaning your business operations will run as smoothly as they should.

Unlimited SSD Storage

Many providers offer unlimited SSD storage, while others offer free SSD VPS. However, keep in mind that both have different meanings.

For starters, do you know what bandwidth means? Bandwidth is an Internet protocol between users and servers that incurs charges or data. For example, during the process, data is transferred to your server (i.e., cookies) whenever a person visits your site. So, ensure you ask yourself to understand this before choosing a provider or even subscribing to one of our VPS hosting packages.

Suppose you need help deciding whether our Singapore VPS server is the one for you or need assistance understanding what unlimited SSD storage and unrestricted bandwidth mean when it comes to VPS. In that case, our customer service team will gladly give you a concrete and easy-to-understand answer.

Root Access

Your hosting service provider must grant you root access to carry out operations like SSH, software updates, full-command controls, system updates, or implementing scripts (if you don't understand these terms, it's OK, your web developer does). That said, a reputable service provider like ourselves will give you plenty of support when facing technical challenges. Even though we're very affordable, we work with various servers and control plants, like cPanel, Plesk, WHM, and others. And, of course, we'll not restrict you. You will automatically get full root access to these when you sign up for one of our subscription packages.

High-end Performance

When deciding on your VPS hosting services, you should consider the RAM size and CPU more than the actual price the hosting will cost you. Your server’s RAM is pivotal in how fast your site will be. Generally speaking, a web server will run well on 2GB RAM. Again, when your RAM is insufficient, your server will take too long to load, which isn’t good.

The processing power allocates resources to your server’s operating system and manages several tasks. The better the CPU of your VPS server is, the easier it will be for you to scale your web applications, software, or site itself to welcome more prospective customers.

ReFS and PowerShell

ReFS is a file system used often alongside SSD. The combination of these two features on your private server leads to high performance, as well as effective utilization of Hyper-V workloads.

Regarding PowerShell, it controls your VPS server remotely. In other words, it’s considered an administrative function. It also enhances Hyper-V’s ability to perform tasks like live single or multiple migrations without rebooting or shutting down the server.

Handy Control Panel

A control panel is pivotal in a Singapore VPS server. Without it, you cannot control it. Think of your control panel like a car’s driving wheel. It enables you to change your server settings and configurations without stress. Also, ensure the web hosting control panel can be easily operated by selecting the right buttons or keyboard keys.

We will give you full administrative access to the features affecting your website’s performance so you can tailor your private server to your preferences.

SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate provides the encrypted HTTPS address that verifies the authenticity of your server, increasing your site’s online authority. Some browsers, including Apple’s Safari, might flag your website if it doesn’t have an SSL certificate, dissuading users from visiting it. Plus, this certificate encrypts data and prevents hackers from accessing critical information.

IP Address Management

IP Address Management, or IP AM for short, allows easy tracking of IP addresses. This is a great feature for corporations and enterprises, as it creates an internal framework that monitors, manages, and tracks IP addresses against a spreadsheet. IP AM helps recover IP addresses and in server auditing, so it’s a pretty handy tool.

Operating System

The OS is an important feature of every server, private or not, and web hosting. Virtual private services offer various types of OS. The best option, though, will always depend on your website's needs and requirements. Most users use Linux, followed by Windows. However, Windows requires a license, making it costly in comparison to Linux, which is free. Moreover, Linux has distributions (i.e., different OSs) like Fedora, CentOS, Ubuntu, RHEL, or Clear OS. You can set up your company website on a Windows or a Linux VPS server by accessing your control panel.

Our Packages

Below, you can find a list of our web hosting packages (i.e., subscription-based) for your managed WordPress hosting:


Our standard package offers 1 GB RAM, 1 CPU core, 25 GB SSD/disk space/bandwidth, and 1 TB data transfer. If you like, you can upgrade to a 4 GB Ram.


This package starts with 1 GB RAM, 1 CPU core, 25 GB SSD/disk/bandwidth, and 1 TB data transfer — similar to the standard package. However, higher plans offer up to 4 GB RAM and 32 GB SSD.


Our premium plan begins with 2 GB RAM, 1 CPU core, 25 GB SSD/disk space/bandwidth, and 1 TB transfer. You can get up to 8 GB RAM and other high-end resources.

20 worldwide data centers

Frequently Asked Questions

Is VPS Private?

VPS servers are private because users are allocated their virtual server environment. This server environment is isolated from other users on the same physical server. This means that resources allocated to a VPS are dedicated to specific users and cannot be accessed or shared by others.

A VPS server can become even more private when extra security measures are taken, like firewall implementation or strong passwords. Such measures protect the entire server environment from unauthorized access.

Which Country Is Best for VPS?

Let’s be honest: There’s no “best” country regarding VPS. Everything depends on facts like the needs of the user, the regulations of the hosting country, as well as the location of the intended audience. What’s important is to consider factors like server reliability, network connectivity, and data privacy laws when selecting a VPS provider. 

What's the Difference Between VPN and VPS?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a secure connection that encrypts your IP address and Internet traffic between a user’s device and a remote server. 

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtual environment hosted on a physical server to host websites or online applications.

Why Are Virtual Private Servers so Expensive?

VPS is expensive because of the cost of the maintenance of the physical server and the data center infrastructure. VPS providers invest in premium software and hardware and implement expensive security measures. VPS pricing also depends on the resources and features provided, like storage, CPU, RAM, bandwidth, and customer support. 

How Safe Is Virtual Private Server?

A VPS server can be extremely safe if appropriate security measures are taken, like using strong and unique passwords, implementing firewalls, and keeping your software updated. Moreover, choosing a reputable Singapore VPS server provider that focuses on privacy and data protection, like ours, ensures the utmost safety of the VPS. So, remember this the next time you're looking for Singapore web hosting.

Three Typical Web Hosting Services in Singapore?

There are three types of web hosts available:

  • Share hosting: It involves hosting multiple sites on a single server.

  • VPS hosting: It provides a virtual private server environment isolated from other users on the same physical server.

  • Dedicated hosting involves renting an entire physical server for exclusive use and offers the most control and resources. However, it’s the most expensive option.

What Are the Best Web Hosting Providers?

There's no "best" web hosting provider or web hosting Singapore service. That said, some of the most well-known web hosting providers with their own data center locations are SiteGround, Bluest, DreamHost, and WP Engine. Each web hosting provider has strengths and weaknesses, so do thorough research and compare them well before making your decision.

If you are just interested in a solid web hosting provider for a free domain or your VPS server, know that we can offer you a dedicated server that is secure and safe and perfect for your web hosting needs. In other words, we're proud to be considered the best hosting provider for WordPress, cloud, or web hosting in Singapore.