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Located in one of the largest and most important financial hubs of Texas, Dallas, our state-of-the-art data center promises to deliver fast and secure network connectivity. Based in the central part of the United States and a gateway to Latin America, Dallas is a strategic location for companies that want to serve consumers across the country and Mexico. In addition, almost all major internet providers are in the “Big D,” making it an ideal area to deploy your VPS server and trade for with Forex.

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Benefits of Data Centers and VPS

Data centers offer many benefits to businesses and individuals looking to store, manage, and process their data safely and securely. Below you can find some of the greatest advantages of data centers:

  • Security: Data centers, like our Dallas data center, are designed to provide highly secured environments for processing, managing, and storing data. Our data centers have multiple layers of security measures, like firewalls, biometric authentication, and intrusion detection systems. In other words, with a managed VPS server service, you ensure high-end security and unique website performance.

  • Scalability: Data centers allow businesses to scale up or down their computing resources, depending on their unique needs and requirements. 

  • Affordable: We offer various subscription plants that can be modified according to your budget. On top of this, data centers can cut down power, networking, and hardware costs for businesses. 

  • Accessibility: Quick and reliable access to data from anywhere in the world is also another advantage for businesses using data centers, especially when they need to support remote workers or international customers. 

  • Reliability: Built with strong cooling and networking infrastructure to ensure great uptime and high availability for critical data and applications, data centers seem like a must in the modern world. With data centers, businesses can keep their apps and information accessible and operational.

Dallas Network Performance & Speedy Internet Connection

Dallas and Texas are connected to all major internet providers. Thanks to superior and stable network transits, you ensure low-lately and superior network performance on your VPS server. But don’t take our word for granted: Test our network performance today with this handy network tool.

IP Adresses

These IP addresses are available to test our infrastructure in Dallas and ensure we will never let down your site.

IPv4 Dallas

IPv6 Dallas


Download test files

If you want to test our performance with test files, we've prepared them below.

Why Dallas

Solid hardware

Central America

Why Choose Our Dallas Data Center Hosting

Why this locationDallas and, subsequently, Texas are some of the most important locations in the United States to host a VPS server. For starters, it is located in the central part of the US, making it a strategic location for businesses that operate across the country. At the same time, it is a gateway to Latin America, perfect for companies looking to reach customers based in that region. 

Moreover, Dallas is known for having a robust network infrastructure because numerous internet service providers (IPSs) and data centers, including our own, are located in the city. This means that when a VPS server is hosted in Dallas, it enjoys high-speed and low-latency connectivity to the rest of the world. Also, the hosting company offers reliable performance and uptime, ensuring our services remain online, even during peak times.

Using Our Dallas Data Center

Dallas is considered one of the largest local exchanges in the United States. This is because it is located in the center of the US, where almost all traffic from the East to the West Coast goes through one of Dallas's hubs. Hence, when you deploy your VPS in Dallas, you ensure some of the lowest-latency and safest environments for your data and assets in Texas and North America.

Data center

Solid Hardware and Software

Our data centers, including our Dallas data center, have the best and most solid hardware and software configurations. We use Linux KVM to virtualize our machines for maximum efficiency, performance, and security. On top of that, a KVM virtual server is super reliable and offers scalable performance. Combine that with SSDs and the latest Intel processors, and you have the best private servers on the market.

Central America Server

You can deploy your server in Central America anytime from your home. We are some of the largest data center providers in the US and abroad. Also, Dallas and the state of Texas are among the biggest Internet exchange hubs (i.e., DE-CIX Dallas) when transferring data in the United States. Our data center has an endless power supply and high-end cooling solutions. This means that no power interruption or blackout will impact your work.

Zero Latency — For Real

Our private servers are equipped with high-speed connections and are connected to the Dallas Internet Exchange. This location is perfect for businesses and individuals looking to deploy a secure server covering all their North American needs. Remember that you use our IP tests to check the latency in your area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the location of your Dallas data center?

Our Dallas data center is in Dallas, Texas: Dallas (DAL). TierPoint 3004 Irving Boulevard. Dallas, TX 75247.

What is the VPS hosting cost in Dallas?

Dallas VPS plans begin at 3.99 per month for 1GB and go to 45.99 per month for 8GB (unless you opt for a yearly subscription which brings the price down to 31.99 per month instead of 45.99 a month). On top of that, pricing depends on the package and the number of resources you need.

We provide discounts for long-term contracts and flexible payment options for everyone.

Is there any free trial available?

Yes, we do. Specifically, we offer a trial period of 7 days with any of our VPS Server Dallas plans. While on a free trial, you have access to all of our features and platform so that you won’t miss out on the experience of true private web browsing. 

Could I know about your other data center locations?

Choosing an appropriate VPS location is paramount to ensuring fast connection speeds and reducing latency, which results in a smooth Internet experience. Our data centers, including the United States, Europe, Asia Pacific, and North Australia, are strategically located worldwide. For example, our data centers are in Chicago, New York, Silicon Valley, Toronto, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Seattle, London, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, and Sydney.

When deciding on the VPS location, consider your customer's location (i.e., target audience). When you are targeting people in the United States, choosing a data center in the state you operate seems like a good plan.

Similarly, choosing a data center in Hong Kong or Singapore would be optimal if your customers are based in Asia. 

Furthermore, another important factor to consider is the features offered by each data center. Some seem to provide better hardware, while others offer greater connectivity options. Therefore, researching each data center’s unique features is crucial to find the most suitable option.

Lastly, security measures implemented by the data center must also be considered. DDoS protection, high-end firewalls, and encryption are some of the most basic but important security protocols you should look for. Fortunately, our Dallas data center features them all and more.

Why should I use your Dallas data center?

In all honesty, the benefits of using a private data center in Dallas or anywhere else are almost endless. By subscribing to one of our plans, you can expect high-speed network connections with access to countless regional networks, cooling systems, physical security measures to protect your server from unauthorized access, 24/7 technical support and monitoring, and scalability, among other things. You can also expect reduced costs due to shared infrastructure.

Sounds good? If so, reach out today to kickstart your private web browsing experience!

Do you provide any support in Dallas?

If something’s certain, we are committed to providing 24/7 technical support to our customers. Our team of expert technicians is ready to help you with any technical issues you may encounter and any upgrades you must make to your VPS server. And we also offer numerous educational materials to get the most out of your private server.