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Create your very own Web Server with Virtualmin/Webmin, MySQL, Apache

  • Virtualmin
  • Webmin
  • mysql
  • apache

This tutorial covers a fully functional web server and what which tools you require for this purpose are as follows:

  1. Virtualmin
  2. A LAMP stack (Apache, PHP and MySQL) to serve websites and web applications.
  3. BIND (DNS Server).
  4. PostFix (Mail Server).
  5. Configuration of SPF and Dkim (to avoid mail delivery in spam/junk folders)

Please Note: Do Not follow this tutorial on a live production pre-configured Apache, MySql and PHP server as this may cause loss, Use a Newly Created VPS server and transfer your data once you have followed all the configuration steps.


To complete this tutorial you will need:

  • A VPS Server with Newly installed Debian 9 on it.
  • A Fully Qualified Domain Name configured to point your server.
  • Two registered custom nameservers for use with Virtualmin to setup.

Step 1 - Setting the Hostname and FQDN for your VPS Server

First you need to login to your VPS server by SSH, in this tutorial we will be using PuTTY & run this command:

apt-get update

Then upgrade necessary packages by running:

apt-get upgrade

Once upgrade is completed, Write this command to check the current server hostname:


In order to change your current hostname you will need to edit /etc/hostname file to your choice of text editor, here we are using nano.

nano /etc/hostname

Delete the current hostname and replace it with your choice of hostname: your_hostname

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