How to Get a Free Linux VPS with Root Access

Free Linux VPS with Root Access

Access the true potential of your online endeavours with our exceptional virtual private servers, meticulously designed to cater to your every digital need.

Seamlessly combining the power and flexibility of Linux with the convenience of a virtual environment, our best free VPS services offer unparalleled performance, security, and customization.

Virtual Private Server or VPS hosting is website hosting that deals with sharing multiple websites that share the resources of a single physical server. A VPS hosting is responsible for the growth of a business. Whether you are a small business owner or running a whole company, VPS allows you to store and share your data from a cloud server.

Many VPS hosting providers in the hosting industry offer the best free VPS hosting services on VPS systems and cloud hosting solutions but with certain limitations. Experience hosting reimagined; experience the future of your operating system today.

A specific number of resources are allocated to every website for isolation purposes that other websites cannot access. This is how it works as your private server, termed a "Virtual Private Server."

We are the VPS hosting industry's most reliable and established hosting provider. Our managed control Panel VPS have full root SSH access with WHM admin cPanel access. This way, you will get complete control over your system.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS provide access to different devices through the internet, enabling seamless connectivity and data sharing.

Websites operating at a small scale or more prominent need a scalable, secure, affordable and isolated hosting solution. To cater to their needs, we offer VPS hosting solutions with a free trial offer powered with a money-back guarantee in case you are unsatisfied.

A VPS solution emulates a shared environment by providing better performance and security than shared hosting.

Linux VPS Hosting Providers

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Commence your free hosting competition with our VPS hosting plans, free unmanaged VPS, and managed VPS hosting solutions. Apart from standard shared hosting, VPS hosting offers enhanced SSD storage and dedicated resources, ensuring optimal website performance and quick loading time.

Here are some perks of getting the best free VPS.

Cloud Servers for Free

Introducing Free Hosting Providers: Disclosing the affordability of Hosting services without compromise. As a hosting provider, we offer cloud-based VPS solutions that grant you a taste of dedicated resources minus the cost.

Relish the flexibility of a virtual server with root SSH access, allowing you to customize your environment as you please. Worried about the uptime guarantee? Rest easy with an uptime guarantee that ensures your website remains accessible around the clock.

Dedicated IP Address for Uninterrupted Connectivity

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Say goodbye to the limitations of shared hosting and embrace a dedicated IP address. With our Linux VPS hosting, your website gains unique IP addresses, enhancing connectivity and security. No more sharing resources with other websites, ensuring consistent, high-speed performance even during peak traffic times with unlimited traffic.

Managed Control Panel for Effortless Management

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Navigating the world of hosting doesn't have to be complicated. With a user-friendly control panel, managed VPS hosting becomes a breeze. Whether tech-savvy or a beginner site owner, these panels provide an intuitive hosting environment for tasks like website deployment, resource scaling, and server configuration.

Windows Server Compatibility

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Linux VPS hosting doesn't restrict you to just Linux environments. Windows server compatibility unlocks doors to a broader spectrum of applications and software. Enjoy the best of both worlds by incorporating the power of VPS with the familiarity of a Windows operating system.

We are the only provider that offers a free VPS service with instant activation and no time limit! There are no hidden costs, adverts, or restrictive terms—just a forever-free virtual private server.

What is Full Root Access?

Now, let's understand full root access and its link to VPS services.

Root access is administrator access in Linux or other operating systems. You must be familiar with this term when you use Windows on your system, and it asks for administrator access when you try to move or delete any application. The root is the Linux version of administration access.

One of the key benefits of VPS hosting providers is the availability and access to root. As previously stated, resources are allocated and limited to each website in a VPS hosting environment. Consequently, this architecture allows each website to function as an autonomous server.

Understanding Free VPS Hosting

The web hosting industry is a widely competitive sector where a hosting company permit limited VPS services to grab new users. These VPS trials are perfect for a site owner to test a service before spending money on paid VPS plan.

A free VPS plan may suit your needs well, whether you are a small site owner or running a huge business.

There are no completely free VPS providers in the market to provide you with free services all the time. They offer free services for a limited period offered as a VPS trial period. Always choose wisely while choosing a free VPS plan. They can hack your system or can steal your data.

At VPS Server, we provide the best VPS hosting plan with scalability and shared hosting by isolating your website from others. This is why we are comparatively more affordable than dedicated hosting.

Benefits of Free VPS Server with Full Root Access

What free VPS hosting providers offer when you ask for an accessible VPS server with full access to root and administration?

Free VPS offered by free VPS hosting providers allows you to go through their VPS hosting services designed to show you how they can contribute to your business growth. Free VPS services also allow you to test any specific company's services for site owners to test their advanced ideas or applications.

Here are some features that free VPS hosting providers propose.

A Free VPS (Virtual Private Server) with Full Root Access is a game-changer in virtualisation and server hosting. This innovative solution offers many advantages that cater to diverse users, from tech enthusiasts and developers to small businesses and startups.

Let's delve into the compelling benefits of harnessing the power of a Free VPS server equipped with full root access.

Unrestricted Customization:

One of the standout advantages of a Free VPS server is its complete root access. This empowers users with unparalleled control over every aspect of their server environment. Users can customise the server to suit their unique requirements, from operating system selection and software installation to fine-tuning security settings and optimizing performance.

Enhanced Performance:

Unlike shared hosting, where resources are divided among multiple users, a Free VPS server allocates dedicated resources. This translates to consistently high performance and blazing-fast load times for websites and applications. With full root access, users can optimize resource allocation to ensure seamless operations even during traffic spikes.

Advanced Security Measures:

Full root access might raise security concerns for some, but it also enables users to implement advanced security measures tailored to their needs. With complete control over security configurations, users can set up firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and encryption protocols to fortify their servers against potential threats.

Learning and Development Playground:

For tech enthusiasts and aspiring developers, a Free VPS server operates as a valuable learning platform. Experimenting with configurations, deploying applications, and testing new technologies becomes feasible and risk-free. The ability to reset or clone the server allows users to try out new ideas without fear of irreparable damage.


As the name suggests, a server with Free VPS eliminates the upfront hosting costs. This makes it an attractive option for startups and small businesses conscious of their budget. With access to cutting-edge technology without the financial burden, organizations can allocate resources to other critical areas of their operations.

Scalability on Demand:

While a server with Free VPS may have resource limitations compared to paid options, it still offers scalability. As your website or application grows, you can easily upgrade to a more powerful VPS plan without migrating to an entirely new server. This seamless scalability ensures that your digital presence can expand with your success.

How to Get a Free VPS Trial

The best way to get free VPS is to get it through a bonus signup or to get it through a trial offer. Using our trial offer, we offer you a money-back guarantee if we lack anywhere. Our free VPS hosting allows you access to the full features of a cloud platform. You can get our free VPS trial offer here.

Free VPS hosting providers offer free web hosting solutions with free VPS plans and unlimited bandwidth. The trial feature only applies for a limited time, in which services may vary. VPS providers offer limited features, and if you are satisfied, you can choose our paid services from our pricing plans section.

At VPS Server, we offer a money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with our services.

The Best Free VPS Hosting Provider

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As we all know, many things around us are free. But VPS hosting is not. There is a compromise on one feature, price or quality. You have to pay for a good quality free service.

No one on earth is offering you a free VPS hosting service besides us. With our 30 days money-back guarantee, you have a chance to enjoy or free trial with premium services. You can pay later once satisfied with our free VPS server hosting.

We are the best free VPS hosting provider and recommend free VPS hosting offered by us with others to make them grow. Many free VPS hosting companies provide trial versions, but they provide limited services, usually for one day. But we are working to improve our services to help you get the right product for your business.

Our VPS package offers free domain registration, unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, and SSD storage. However, site owners can choose their virtual environment by adding a Windows operating system or Plesk control panel.

So, are you worried about whether your Virtual Private Server and cloud hosting services will fulfil your needs? Do not panic; we help our potential clients power their dreams. Once satisfied with our services, you can move on to our packages.

Reasons to Choose Us

Why us? This question might arise in your mind before choosing us. Here are some key benefits you will get by getting a hosting plan from us.

Unbeatable Pricing Plans for Every Need

A man offering best and affordable pricing plans for VPS hosting services

Finding the perfect balance between quality hosting and budget-friendly solutions has never been easier. Our unbeatable pricing plans make top-notch VPS hosting accessible to all.

Are you searching for a hosting solution that ensures your data's security and keeps your budget intact? Look no further; our VPS Server hosting is designed to meet your needs. Our unbeatable pricing plans make quality hosting accessible to everyone without compromising the features and performance you deserve.

Advanced VPS Hosting and Cloud Technology

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Our hosting harnesses the power of advanced VPS and cloud technology, elevating your website's performance to unprecedented levels.

SSD Storage and Unlimited Bandwidth

A graphic of devices connected to browse and proccess at faster rate by using unlimited bandwidth and SSD sorage

Leave slow loading times behind and experience seamless browsing with lightning-fast loading speeds and unlimited bandwidth. Our SSD storage ensures optimal performance, even during traffic spikes.

Tailored VPS Hosting Plans and cPanel Access

A graphic of VPS or cloud hosting providing secure hosting plans with conrol panel access

Our VPS hosting plans are tailored to fuel your growth, offering the resources and flexibility you need to succeed.

Manage your virtual server, domains, and configurations effortlessly through our intuitive control panel.

IP Addresses and Free Domain

An image of multiple domain names

Choose from various IP address options to suit your requirements and enhance your online presence.

Every hosting plan comes with a free domain, giving your brand the recognition it deserves without extra costs. You can boost your business with the free domain service offered by our premium packages.

16 Worldwide Server Locations

A graphic of worldwide server locations

When it comes to global reach, our 16 worldwide server locations ensure that your website is just a heartbeat away from your audience, no matter where they are. This server location strategic network enhances loading speeds and boosts your website's overall performance and reliability.

Exceptional Customer Support for a Seamless Experience

A graphic of customer support representative providing assistance through call or message

But what truly sets us apart is our commitment to customer support. We know that even the most advanced technology needs a helping hand occasionally. Our knowledgeable and responsive customer support team is here to assist you at every step of the web host way, ensuring your hosting experience is smooth and hassle-free.

Considerations for Free VPS Hosting: Value and Uptime Guarantee

While we offer free VPS servers, some limitations are still provided with paid services. However, our free trial offer is always here to check our standard services. Our hosting plans provide exceptional value to website owners and come with an uptime guarantee for reliability.

Embark on a Hosting Journey Like No Other

Your Future Begins Here

Explore our VPS hosting plans today and embark on a journey of security, technology, scalability, and unwavering support. Your online success story starts with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does your VPS allow root access?

With VPS hosting, you have complete control over your server and can host two websites simultaneously. Additionally, you can edit or rewrite web pages on one website without affecting the other. This hosting option also provides a speedy connection and easy accessibility.

Is there any website offering free VPS?

We provide new customers FREE entry to high-quality VPS hosting at VPS Server. Elevate your bargain-basement shared hosting to a free cloud server designed for your specifications. With our VPS hosting solutions, you'll retain nearly limitless resources.

Are free VPS safe to use?

Although getting free things is always irresistible, significantly if you can hold hundreds of dollars, there are consistent risks that you ought to think about. You must know the limitations of picking a free VPS hosting solution.

What does the VPS root password mean?

The password serves as the primary certification for the Operating System. In the case of Windows VPS, it will be the password assigned to the "Administrator" account, while for Unix-based VPS, it will be the "root" password.

Can a VPS conceal your IP address?

A VPS is a type of server that does not conceal your location. Although some VPS may provide options to mask your online activities, a VPN can fully secure your connection and make the VPS untraceable.

How can I set a root password in Linux?

Simply type in the command 'passwd' and hit 'Enter'. This will prompt the message 'Changing password for user root'. Proceed to enter your new password when prompted and re-enter it at the 'Retype new password' prompt.

Do you recommend free web hosting for business websites?

It is generally not advisable to use free web hosting for business websites. Such hosting lacks the vital resources, speed, and reliability required to maintain a professional online presence. Thus, investing in a reputable paid hosting solution is highly recommended for businesses. This guarantees better performance, customer support, and scalability.

How does managed VPS differ from unmanaged VPS?

Managed VPS hosting involves active support from the hosting provider, who oversees server management. In contrast, unmanaged VPS requires you to handle all technical aspects yourself, making managed VPS a more convenient option for many.

Can I upgrade from free VPS hosting to a paid plan?

Absolutely. Many free VPS hosting providers offer upgrade options to paid plans with enhanced resources and features. As your project or business grows, upgrading allows you to scale up and access resources, better performance, and additional services tailored to your needs.

Who should consider using a physical server for hosting?

If you have a website that receives a lot of traffic, uses resource-intensive applications, or requires specific customization, you may consider using a physical server. This option is also ideal for people who want extra security and compliance measures.

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