A Frankfurt VPS Hosting Provider Experience

Our state-of-the-art VPS servers are deployed within one of the largest data centers in Europe in Frankfurt, Germany. With our connection to the gateway city of Frankfurt, you will experience high-quality performance from the hub of major European internet carriers. With high-speed exchange connections, our VPS servers are ideal for connecting to one of the world's most prominent internet exchange locations.

We ensure that you will witness top-notch performance and our high-end security to prevent attacks, keeping your web server healthy and safe within our hosting environment protocols. In addition, we manage to make it ideal for deploying your Germany VPS with our simple, worry-free hosting plans.

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Frankfurt for fast connection | Close to Central Europe | 24/7/365 support

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Frankfurt Data Center Features & Benefits

A data center is essential for providing cloud hosting services for optimized security and performance for your VPS hosting plan. In Frankfurt, having a space in their data center hubs qualifies you to have access to one of the largest internet hubs in Europe. From servers to storage systems to networking components, Frankfurt offers your business to outsource the management and maintenance of your computing infrastructure to a third party.

Some of the great benefits of owning a virtual server in Frankfurt would include the following:

  • High-speed network connections with access to multiple networks within the European region.

  • Reliable network hardware for qualifying processing power and cooling systems.

  • 24/7/365 website monitoring and support

  • Physical network security measures to protect the servers from unauthorized access.

  • Scalable options to allow your business to grow and multiply

  • Cost-effective solutions due to shared infrastructure.

  • Flexible customization for hardware and software configurations to fit your website needs.

  • Access to multiple resources and services, such as managed VPS hosting and cloud computing.

Frankfurt Superior Connectivity & Network Performance

As a central internet hub connecting the world to Europe, Frankfurt provides perfect network transits. Therefore, you will get excellent Network performance and connectivity on your Virtual Private Server. Be sure to test our network performance with the available network tool for Frankfurt.

IP Adresses

Take a glance at our available IP addresses to test our infrastructure in Frankfurt:

IPv4 Frankfurt

IPv6 Frankfurt


Download test files

Testing our performance is a breeze with our test files, here is what we have prepared for you:

Highest Security

Largest Internet Hubs

Data Centers

Data Centers with Highest Security Locations

Highest Security Locations

European Data Centers have been known to be some of the most secure locations for protecting identity from DDoS attacks. You are choosing to host your VPS through the Frankfurt location, whether Linux VPS or Windows VPS, which is an optimal choice to boost your security with an efficient connection. Our cloud hosting solutions in Frankfurt offer all of the security measures needed to give you peace of mind from future attacks.

Why Choose to Have a VPS Server near a Highly Secured Region

Having a VPS server in a safe region allows you to focus on what matters in your website, to enhance content and aim to please your customers. With the technology to give excellent security, our servers offer optimization for any dedicated servers' needs including RAM, storage or CPU. Choosing the suitable template will improve the overall efficiency of your websites. With a highly secured server with performance-optimized template, we guarantee you will feel the difference in website growth.

One of the World's Largest Internet Hubs

Largest Internet Hubs

Along, with many other dedicated hosting locations like New York City and Singapore, Frankfurt is known to be one of the largest internet hubs in the world, followed by being a substantial financial capital and technology hub for Germany and nearby European countries. Moreover, Frankfurt is a prosperous city full of fiber to provide optimal dedicated server environments through its advanced operating system hosting solutions.

Advantages of a Frankfurt Hosting Environment

A Frankfurt hosting environment has many significant advantages, including security. Here are some other great reasons to have a Frankfurt cloud-hosting server:

  • Lower costs, due to location.

  • Scalability allows your business to scale your VPS server.

  • Identifying incoming traffic, to be aware of any possible incoming DDoS attacks.

Germany VPS options such as Frankfurt are also great locations to connect to the financial capital through central Europe. With the tech hub and financial capital at your fingertips, your access is limitless.

Data Centers in Frankfurt Germany for VPS

Data Centers in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is a major hub for data centers and offers a wide variety of Windows server options for businesses in the area. Here, you can experience risk-free remote access to your server at an affordable price due to location and dedicated server features. A VPS provider in Germany is ideal for secure and affordable server rates for high-traffic websites.

Frankfurt Data Center Market

Frankfurt is rising to be a vast internet hub as the running up behind New York City and Tokyo. With our reliable and secure environment approach to providing excellent cloud hosting, Frankfurt is by far one of the best offers on the market for data centers. Many large businesses take advantage of the Frankfurt location for ease of access to the Financial capital with security in having a high-end digital virtual private server.

Remote Frankfurt Data Server Access

With our remote desktop protocol solutions, all of your data can be reached remotely within highly-secure parameters. Choosing the Frankfurt Data Center is no exception. Not only are you using one of the safest data center locations, this same service also allows you to avoid stress on possible remote work opportunities.

Germany VPS Hosting Plan

In addition to security and scalable options, Frankfurt offers some of the best VPS hosting services. These servers allow web developers and their business owners to create, install and access their own virtual servers within the country (or surrounding counterparts). Furthermore, all of these servers are located in secure, carrier-neutral sites offering customers high reliability and security.

Frankfurt's Operating System

While Germany is one of the largest business hubs and growing, Frankfurt is the largest city in Germany, offerings high-performing technology in its operating systems. This software allows its customers to customization and control of multiple features to fit their needs for their business.

Frankfurt's Perfect Location

Frankfurt offers one of the best locations in Europe, with the increasing demand for hyper-scale services, Germany is one of the first locations to look towards. For most of East and Central Europe, Frankfurt has become the hub for many small businesses, to improve their online presence and experience affordable rates (compared to other countries).

20 worldwide data centers

Frankfurt location worldwide

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs in Frankfurt?

We offer as low as 3.99 a month for our Frankfurt location and our other fantastic VPS locations. Of course, the price will depend on what your package provides and the number of resources you need for your business. We also provide flexible payment options and discounts with our long-term clients. Although, we do offer a contract-free VPS hosting service, so you have no ties to us for longer than you need.

Depending on your company's needs, we have multiple scalable options for your Frankfurt server. As all of your data is on live backup, we will do all of the transferring, so you only need to worry about growing your business. No matter your needs, we customize our help to fit your needs.

What support do you provide in Frankfurt?

Our experienced technical support operators are always online if you need any assistance with your server. We can help with any technical issues and/or changes you may need to make on your VPS server located in Frankfurt. We also offer educational material and resources to help you get the most out of your VPS hosting experience.

Our support is available 24/7/365. Meaning no matter where you are in the world, we make sure you are always attended to for any reason. We understand that your website being at its 100% is essential for success and overall website growth, which is why our technical domain support is not only here to help, but understand what you need with the vision to help your business progress rather than descale.

Can I have a free trial in Frankfurt?

Yes, we offer you a seven-day risk-free trial to begin your services with us. Whether you stay or go, we will always ensure that you are provided with the best experience with testing our platform. We understand that a free trial helps our potential customers get to experience what we have to offer, which is why we take pride in giving our services to you completely free and risk-free.

If, for some reason you decide you are not satisfied with our services, your data will not be lost as we ensure that you and your business are services how and when you want to be.

What are the Advantages of a Frankfurt Data Center?

There are many advantages to owning a server in the Frankfurt data center location. Not only is it the most significant business hub in Central Europe, but it also provides some of the best affordable VPS solutions. Along with this, Frankfurt has scalable and secure VPS hosting. Our plans flow with only the highest technology offered by every location. Regarding Frankfurt, we understand that giving our customers the best services is the key to your success.

Germany is also one of the most significant locations for the Financial Capital of Europe, connecting to all other parts of the world. With your server in Frankfurt, you will have access to thousands of customers with a secure website and a reliable location.

Is the Data Center located in the center of Frankfurt?

Yes, the Frankfurt data center is located extremely close to the center of the city, giving you access to the entire hub for a smooth network connection. However, if you are not convinced, we have provided a test between your IP and our data centers IP for a proper user understanding of your network connection with our Frankfurt Data Center.

How do I know if Frankfurt is right for me?

Frankfurt might be the closest solution depending on the location of your customers and the majority of your website's traffic. Make sure you are aware of where your users are experiencing your website the most and who makes the most use of your business. If your customers, for example, are located in the UK, our London location would give a much higher performance for your users, which will grow your business' success much faster. Although, if your customers are located in Germany, Frankfurt would be the best solution.

How do you virtualize your VPS in Frankfurt?

All of our VPS servers are optimized by high-end KVM technology that gives you the best performance rates with the highest safety measures. With our VPS in Frankfurt, not only will you experience a server from a fantastic location, but you will also experience what our technology provides to its users: Performance and Efficiency. No more shared hosting plans with high uploading times and de-escalation of website optimization. Our VPS servers are here to make your business grow to its fullest potential.

Do you offer other Data Centers in Europe?

Like many other reputable companies, our dedicated resources are not only located in one place. We also offer London and Amsterdam as virtual machine opportunities. Depending on your needed VPS plan, be sure to see where your business will succeed the most. If you need to change locations for any reason, feel free to reach out to our technical support for a fast and professional switch.

Not looking for a European location? We also offer these high-quality locations:

  • North America: Chicago, Dallas, Miami, New York City, Silicon Valley, Toronto, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Seattle.

  • Asia Pacific: Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tokyo.

  • North Australia: Sydney

With these data centers, you are promised fast connection speeds beyond average shared hosting plan experiences. Along with the highest-performing security measures offered for VPS hosting plans. We know that protecting your website is essential, and you should also feel free to choose what is best for your company, without worrying about what is in your pocket.



Frankfurt, Germany, is ideal for those looking to step their feet into Europe's business hub. Not only will you experience the most professional services and data center experiences, but you will also have full control and unique access to your own VPS through our top-notch template options. In addition, this is a perfect location to store your data to keep your business growing and scaling when necessary.