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You can use a VPS for your own reseller purposes. A VPS reseller is actually a virtual server that you can split into hosting packages with special software. It has many benefits like low costs and fully scalable. A virtual server is actually one big server that is virtually cut into smaller pieces. It uses less space and power which automatically costs less in use. The reseller can scale the server itself.

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Standard packages are perfect for the average VPS. They have plenty of power and are well balanced. When you are looking for more CPU power or more Memory you can look at our CPU Optimized and Memory Optimized plans.

Memory Processor Disk Transfer Price
1 GB 1 Core 10 GB 500 GB $ 2,99
1 GB 1 Core 25 GB 1 TB $ 4,99
2 GB 2 Cores 50 GB 2 TB $ 9,99
3 GB 2 Cores 75 GB 3 TB $ 14,99
Popular 4 GB 3 Cores 100 GB 4 TB $ 19,99
6 GB 4 Cores 150 GB 5 TB $ 29,99
8 GB 6 Cores 200 GB 6 TB $ 39,99
16 GB 8 Cores 400 GB 7 TB $ 79,99
24 GB 10 Cores 600 GB 8 TB $ 139,99
32 GB 12 Cores 800 GB 9 TB $ 179,99
64 GB 20 Cores 1600 GB 10 TB $ 319,99
96 GB 24 Cores 2400 GB 11 TB $ 499,99
192 GB 32 Cores 4800 GB 12 TB $ 899,99

Popular plan
4 GB Memory
3 Cores Processor
100 GB Disk
4 TB Transfer
Starting at
$ 19,99

CPU Optimized packages are perfect for servers that need that little extra CPU power. These plans provide more CPU capacity and more stability when using more CPU power.

Memory Processor Disk Transfer Price
1 GB 1 Core 25 GB 1 TB $ 69,99
2 GB 2 Cores 50 GB 2 TB $ 139,99
3 GB 2 Cores 75 GB 3 TB $ 159,99
Popular 4 GB 3 Cores 100 GB 4 TB $ 219,99
6 GB 4 Cores 150 GB 5 TB $ 279,99
8 GB 6 Cores 200 GB 6 TB $ 419,99
16 GB 8 Cores 400 GB 7 TB $ 559,99
24 GB 10 Cores 600 GB 8 TB $ 699,99
32 GB 12 Cores 800 GB 9 TB $ 839,99
64 GB 20 Cores 1600 GB 10 TB $ 1399,99
96 GB 24 Cores 2400 GB 11 TB $ 1679,99
192 GB 32 Cores 4800 GB 12 TB $ 2239,99

Popular plan
4 GB Memory
3 Cores Processor
100 GB Disk
4 TB Transfer
Starting at
$ 219,99

Memory Optimized are perfect for applications that use more memory. These packages provide a healthy dose of memory, which you can utilize without paying for resoures you don't need.

Memory Processor Disk Transfer Price
2 GB 1 Core 25 GB 1 TB $ 7,49
4 GB 2 Cores 50 GB 2 TB $ 14,99
Popular 6 GB 2 Cores 75 GB 3 TB $ 22,49
8 GB 3 Cores 100 GB 4 TB $ 29,99
12 GB 4 Cores 150 GB 5 TB $ 44,99
16 GB 6 Cores 200 GB 6 TB $ 69,99
32 GB 8 Cores 400 GB 7 TB $ 119,99
48 GB 10 Cores 600 GB 8 TB $ 199,99
64 GB 12 Cores 800 GB 9 TB $ 259,99
128 GB 20 Cores 1600 GB 10 TB $ 479,99
192 GB 24 Cores 2400 GB 11 TB $ 739,99
384 GB 32 Cores 4800 GB 12 TB $ 1379,99

Popular plan
6 GB Memory
2 Cores Processor
75 GB Disk
3 TB Transfer
Starting at
$ 29,99

Multiple datacenters

Global datacenters

Our goal is to have a data center in all continents for a Reseller VPS. This will lower the latency depending on the location of the customer.

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If you are interested in using VPS for your business, there are several benefits that you will get. However, there are still a few disadvantages if you are using a VPS server. The following list will explain the advantages and disadvantages of using a VPS server for your business:



Using VPS servers can give you the privilege to access the server admin. You will get full control over the database, digital assets, customer information, and so on.


Different from shared hosting, VPS or Virtual Private Server will give you more resources. You will have bigger SSD Storage up to 200 GB, memory, SSL certificate, and so on.


Your visitors will not leave your website if your loading speed is fast and this can affect your traffic as well.

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You will able to increase your resources as often as you want easily.


Other amazing benefits include the following:

  • Better capabilities to handle additional websites
  • Unaffected by traffic and security of other sites
  • Control panel and full root access to your server
  • Lower cost than hardware and management of physical servers

A possible reason not to use a VPS hosting provider is that it costs a bit more than shared hosting (but far less costly than physical servers). But the costs aren’t much higher, and if you’ve outgrown your shared account, or want the value of the advantages listed above, then it’s time to upgrade.

Another reason might be a lack of technical knowledge, making VPS servers harder to set up, manage, and secure. But that’s why managed VPS hosting is such a good choice.

Deploy your scalable and Managed VPS within 55 seconds on our cloud infrastructure platform. Below is a list of all the amazing features that our VPS solutions will offer you.


High server performance and security with hosting redundancy. Light speed VPS hosting services with native SSD NVMe. GB SSD NVMe is 5 times faster than regular SSD hosting.


Fast, reliable 40 Gb SSD network with elite-level Intel Gold hardware processors. No more bottlenecks. No downtime. Guaranteed nonstop dedicated server availability on cloud technology VPS Feature-rich


Control panel features include viewing your console, reboot, restart, full root access to the web hosting control panels as the server admin, change your OS, firewall, and more. Easily launch your VPS hosting plans now.


Over 100 templates supporting Ubuntu, Debian, Arch Linux, CentOS 7, and several more, with a huge amount of resources from the VPSserver community for almost every operating system.

Each business needs the fast and perfect VPS to thrive their rankings on search engine results. You can try to find it up on the entire internet, but you need to consider many aspects to decide on among the VPS providers out there. We at understand that speed means anything to win the race on the global digital market, and to help you out of low hosting services is our priority in the first place. We provide the measures in several areas to ensure the protection of your fast VPS. One of its features is built-in-caching that we install on our client’s website. To perform a fast VPS server, you need to consider that your providers prioritize these three aspects: Professionals IT, prime website performance, and the locations of their data center.

Professional IT: provides the finest support team that contains high-skilled technicians capable of technical server fields from troubleshooting up to configuration. Monitoring is a must, so we always monitor our fast VPS hosting to ensure that our clients are secured 24/7. WordPress users are increasing rapidly nowadays, so we dedicate personalized servers to perfect suitable service based on their desire and characters. Whenever you need any advice and troubleshooting, our customer support team is always on the line to help you.

Prime website performance: One of the critical aspects that you should consider is loading speed, so you need to pay attention to the provider’s website load-page duration, and if you find their site is slow, how do they will correctly handle yours? You better cross them from the list. At, we provide the fastest and most reliable services for you. Most of the case, the developing business website will experience the flood of traffic and started to run out the resource. The customers who partner and choose the fully managed fast VPS hosting from us never find that much trouble that leads their website to overload. You don’t have to search anymore because you already see the best service provider here.

Locations of the data center: The data center site is also an essential thing for you to consider. Are your provider's company can build or have multiple data centers? If the answer is no, that means that their server is not as fast as they claimed. has 15 data centers in many places. We are trying so hard and prove our dedication to providing the fastest fast VPS service to our customers. We are developing multiple data centers to push the downtime as minimum as possible. Besides, we believe that the closer the better performance.


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Offer fast VPS Server deployments in 24 locations across five continents.


Create a new revenue stream by reselling our industry leading  cloud services under your own brand.


We have ready-built modules that will allow you to completely automate your billing process.



  • Start reselling. Discounts apply at $200 of sales per month.


  • Resell cloud servers at a discounted rate
  • Save time and money with automation
  • No monthly service charges
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Free billing software integration
  • Free website review
  • Advanced white label control panel with custom interface branding
  • Offer nearly 200 preconfigured templates and images
  • 24/7/365 support by email and telephone support
  • Create, store and deploy your own customer server templates for your customers


  • Current web hosting provider/resellers who are looking to branch out and offer new services
  • Software Application Providers who offer SaaS based applications looking to deploy cloud solutions quickly
  • VARs - Value Added Resellers who are looking to quickly create and deploy their own PaaS packaged application templates within a cloud infrastructure


  • Removes expensive hardware outlays and concerns
  • Create and deploy your custom applications faster so you can spend more time selling
  • Increase your product range
  • Offer your customers a more tailored solution
  • Can be accessed and controlled by remote access from anywhere you have an internet connection

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