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Title description: Are you looking for how IP checks someone's IP address information? Check out this article to find out how to check someone's IP address information.

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The internet appears safe at first glance; however, the more you spend time on the internet, the safer the site becomes. Our privacy façade is almost nonexistent. Check out this article to find the best methods to locate your own and other people's IP addresses and hide them from unauthorized visitors.

3 Methods - How to find someone's IP Address in 2024

I have listed three efficient ways how to find someone's IP address, below.

1. Use an IP lookup tool

Many IP lookup tools are offered for free online, which will tell you key information about the user's exact location, including the country, city, language, and time zone. Still, they won't provide geolocation information like a street address, area code, phone number, email address, or name of individual device.

The three best IP Address lookup tools you can use to find someone's ip address are mentioned below:

Google's IP Address lookup tool

Google's IP Address lookup tool is one of the most straightforward and free tools for IP checks.

Image showing the extension of Google's IP Address Lookup Tool

You can also find your IP address at the top of the search results by typing "What's my IP address?" into the search box.

Image showing the IP address through Google search is among the most well-known IP lookup tools. You may view your public IP address by just visiting this page.

Image showing the user interface of is a beautiful IP address lookup resource website that includes tools for checking DNS proxies, WHOIS data, blacklists, and performance testing of websites.

Image showing the user interface of

2. How to find someone else's IP address information through email?

Marketing emails are typically those that include identifiable, IP addresses and address information. They provide details on the Sender Policy Framework (SPF).

Image showing the concept of Email communication

To perform an IP check via email, you must look at the email service header information.


Image showing the logo of Gmail

To examine the email's complete header information, including the sender's IP address, take the following steps:

1. Open the incoming email you wish to inspect the header of.

Image showing the selected email

2. Choose Show original from the three dots menu next to Respond.

Image showing the Show Original option

3. The sender's IP address will be on the sixth row next to the SPF heading on the Original Message window.

Image showing the Original Message window

Yahoo! Mail

Image showing the logo of Yahoo Mail

To find out someone's IP address through email headers in Yahoo Mail, take these steps:

1. Open your Yahoo! Mail account.

2. Choose the email address of the person/business whose heading you want to view.

3. Choose View Raw Messages under Click More.

4. A new window will open with the header.

Apple Mail

Image showing the logo of Apple Mail

To find someone's IP address through email headers in Apple iCloud Mail, take these steps:

1. Choose the email you wish to examine in Apple Mail.

2. Choose All Headers from the dropdown menu of View > Message.

Image showing All Headers option in Mac

3. The inbox will appear below the header.

3. How to find someone's IP address using the Command Prompt?

To find the IP address using the Command Prompt, follow the two simple steps below.

Open a command prompt

For Windows Users

Owners of Windows devices need to take the following actions:

  1. Launch the Task Bar.

  2. Open the search bar.

  3. Enter "command prompt" or "cmd"

  4. Run the command prompt

    Image showing the command prompt screen


The command prompt can also be found on the start menu. "cmd" will refer to it.

Image showing the comman prompt from the start menu

For Apple Users

Owners of Mac devices should take the following actions:

  1. Enter "cmd" and "spacebar" to open Search.

  2. select "terminal."

  3. Launch the terminal application.


The terminal app can also be discovered through the utility folder.

Image showing the terminal app in utilities folder

Run IP config

Now that you have opened the command prompt enter "ipconfig" at the terminal or command prompt. You'll observe an output similar to the one shown in the picture below:

Image showing the output of "ipconfig"

The number next to IPv4 Address will be your IP address. Your IP address is also an IPv6 address. However, IPv6 is less popular than IPv4.

Run ping

Let's study how to double-check the IP address for a specific domain now that you know how to locate your own IP address using the command line.

A network request will be sent to a specified address using the "ping" command. In reality, domain names (such as "") are essentially human-readable versions of IP addresses. The domain name "" is converted into the correct IP address by DNS servers.

In your command line, enter "ping" You should observe the following output:

Image showing the output of "ping"

The nearest Google DNS server to you is shown by the IP address in parentheses next to the domain name. Remember that this is only one of the thousands of DNS servers that Google operates globally.

These are a few methods for obtaining someone's IP address. It's important to remember that if they are using a VPN (Nord VPS, you won't be able to trace a person's location because a VPN hides their real IP address and assigns them a fictitious one for security reasons.

Because of this, it is advised that you always use a VPN so that no one can trace your internet traffic or location, even if they manage to obtain your IP address, because it wouldn't be real.

To wrap up, finding an IP address can be helpful for several reasons. Thus, if you need to know several IP addresses to report cybercrime, digital abuse, stalking, or anything of the sort, then use one of our methods above because they will be reliable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to hide your IP address?

A reliable VPN internet service provider is one efficient tool for hiding your true IP address. In a local network, your internet traffic will be routed through a VPN tunnel by a virtual private network (VPN), disguising your IP address.

An excellent example of a secure free VPN and internet service provider that you can rely on to hide your IP address and browse anonymously could be AtlasVPN and Surfshark.

How can I find someone's IP address in a chat room?

You can use a web browser extension to find someone else's IP address while in a chat room. There are a few options in the Google Chrome Web Store for the more well-known chat rooms like Omegle and Chatroulette. Use any browser extension at your discretion, and never provide any personal information.

How to find a website's IP address?

To trace the IP address of a website, type "ping" into the command prompt (or terminal window), followed by a space and the website's address you want to track. Hit Enter (Windows) or Return (Mac) keys on your computer to submit your command.

For example, you may write ping and press enter to find Google's IP address. You can do the same for any website.

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