Frequently asked questions


How do I backup my data and configuration?

Use the control panel to back up your data. You can also schedule backups to run at set times ($0,10 per GB).

Will I be charged for backups?

Yes, you will be charged for backups ($0,10 per GB) based on actual usage at the end of the month. However, if backups don't exceed the resources you’re already subscribed to, you won’t be charged. Contact us to find out more.

Can I download my backup?

No, you can’t download backups. You can, however, restore a VPS to an earlier state using standard backups from the control panel.

Can I re-deploy my server?

No, you can’t re-deploy a server. The only available option is to terminate the server and set it up again. Deploying a server takes no more than 60 seconds, which makes it the easiest option.

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