Definition of our cloud services

What is VPS Hosting?

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is like having a small part of a virtual machine yourself. It gives you your space, not shared like in a shared hosting environment, but with guaranteed performance, making it work better. You can also choose and manage your operating system, just like you would with a large, specialized computer.


Picture a cheap VPS hosting service, like sharing, but it works as well and safely in private space as a fully dedicated server. With special access, you can install software, manage resources, and customize operating systems to your preference.

20+ locations around the world

20+ locations worldwide for your application
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20+ locations around the world

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14 /mo
2 GB memory
2 cores processor
50 GB NVMe SSD disk space
5 TB transfer
30 /mo
4 GB memory
4 cores processor
80 GB NVMe SSD disk space
5 TB transfer

Choosing Your Package

Our VPS hosting plans offer affordable, powerful, and flexible options. Ideal for a range of web projects, our system is easily scalable as your site grows. The dedicated hosting provider installs essential software, simplifying the setup process.

Select from 20+ Global Locations.

Our VPS network is strong because we have data centers in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Choosing virtual private servers near your users ensures fast and dependable access to your website, test environments, or SaaS applications.

Experience Peak Performance

Relish the luxury of dedicated hosting designed to deliver peak performance. Experience the benefits of dedicated hosting and VPS management without the high cost of our affordable shared solution.

Our top priority is your website's optimal performance and security, promising an unparalleled user experience. Explore easy cloud performance with our affordable packages designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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Top-Notch Provider

Top-Notch Web Hosting Provider Service

We provide top-notch web hosting with dedicated infrastructure (physical servers) and advanced software for privacy and control. Clients get the benefits of a dedicated physical server at a lower cost.

We provide virtual server choices that blend flexibility with strong performance. Clients can easily use custom software to optimize and personalize their websites according to their requirements.

Selecting the right shared resources for virtual machines is crucial for ensuring your website or app performs at its best.

We carefully choose all parts of our shared system for reliability, security enhancements, and fast VPS performance.

Worldwide locations and server types

We have VPS hosting services in 20 locations worldwide to offer fast and reliable service to clients worldwide. Choose from different virtual server types: Type A (Availability), Type B (General Purpose), Type T (Burstable), and Type D (Dedicated Hosting). With managed hosting, unlike shared hosting, our team takes care of all technical aspects. Shared hosting optimizes performance by sharing resources among multiple hosting websites.

Our fully managed VPS hosting and platform ensure that your website and app load quickly for all visitors. We take pride in efficiently utilizing resources to provide excellent service.

Our team ensures that your website and app load quickly for all visitors. We are proud of efficiently using resources to provide great service. Our support teams can always help with server changes or website and server management anything. They provide reliable assistance every step of the way.

Unlike other shared hosting providers, we stand out for making it easy to switch to our services. Explore our Cloud-managed VPS hosting solutions and hosting plans tailored to your needs.

Different server types
Friendly Cloud Panel

User-Friendly Cloud Management Panel

Maximize your instances with our easy-to-use cloud management control panel for web hosting providers. Navigate efficiently through a VPS Hosting platform that gives you full control over your virtual private server. Your hosting plan comes with web hosting control panels and a user-friendly interface that integrates essential functions for cloud server management.

You can easily restart your virtual private servers system, switch between different operating systems, and improve security measures using tools. Our streamlined cloud management control panel will simplify your experience and unlock the full potential of your VPS instances.

The cloud management control panel makes it easy to manage cloud Instances for shared and virtual dedicated server hosting. It uses advanced virtualization technology to efficiently handle multiple other users and e-commerce websites on one physical server.

Our VPS Hosting cloud management panel simplifies managing cloud Instances for shared and dedicated hosting. It utilizes advanced technology to efficiently handle multiple users and e-commerce websites on one physical server.

The control panels also assist with monitoring health, conducting security audits, and optimizing configurations for self-managed plans.

Operating System Options

Choosing the right operating system is important for your virtual private server or website's performance. The system you choose affects the functionality of your websites and apps and the amount of storage space they use. Ensuring smooth operation is important when installing custom VPS Hosting software in the public cloud industry.

We did a lot of research on different things. We examined how well a public cloud system can work with shared hosting and virtualization solutions and tested how simple it is to manage multiple servers.

Our findings aim to assist users in making good choices when selecting a virtual private host provider. We researched various aspects of VPS management and server monitoring, including how cloud systems work with a shared hosting solution and virtualization. We also examined server management ease.

Ensure their apps run smoothly with the correct operating system. Advanced technology efficiently uses resources to provide top performance for all users on the VPS host.

Operating system options
Managed Services

Ease Your Management Tasks with Managed Services

When looking for virtual machines (VM), it is of the utmost importance that you decide between self-managed and unmanaged VPS hosting providers. Managed virtual machine hosting involves installing your operating system and updating other software. It also includes fixing security issues and proactive response to monitoring server health. Additionally, managing involves managing firewalls and optimizing server settings.

It also includes troubleshooting host server errors, a common issue other users face in the same virtual environment. It is a great choice if you don't have the skills or time to learn about system administration details. It helps you concentrate on your websites and apps, even on a shared server environment, ensuring they work well with others.

Unmanaged VPS hosting requires you to manage the virtual private or dedicated server yourself. Experienced users have complete control and flexibility over their virtual private server. This option is like having your part of a platform with its computing processing power. It ensures your apps work well without problems.

We aim to guide you as you choose an instance, ensuring a smooth and stress-free transition to our platform with a proactive response.

Crafting Your Customized Digital Space

After choosing the right web hosting service plan from a trustworthy provider, it's time to start developing your website. Choose a scalable virtual server for dedicated resources that can grow with your needs. This is important for VPS hosting e-commerce websites or complex web applications.

Our team is here to help you optimize your virtual private servers and ensure your website runs smoothly.

Quality Hosting That Won’t Break the Bank

We are on hand round-the-clock, every day of the year, to assist with any problems or inquiries, enabling you to focus on how your core business grows:

SSD storage for features

Technical Troubleshooting

Our technicians will find and fix any web hosting solutions problems with your system. We will keep working until everything is working perfectly.

Fast processing power deployment for our plans

Cloud Advice

Are you planning a migration, scale-up, or new cloud deployment? Get advice on architecture design, cost optimization, and project planning from our team of cloud experts.

Affordable plans

Security Audits

Our team can check your VPS management, administration, server management, and public cloud system for possible risks through security audits and scans.

Quick customer support

Performance Tuning

We are available round the clock to guarantee that you maximize your investment and function without interruptions on your virtual servers.

Always Here When You Need Us

We've got your back if any issues with your virtual platform arise. Our experts can help you with any issues and ensure you use your hosting services efficiently. They will help you get back to normal business operations quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Virtual Private Server better than traditional server hosting?

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting offers several advantages over traditional server hosting, particularly shared hosting. VPS hosting offers better performance and reliability than shared hosting. Shared hosting can affect your website's performance if other sites on the server have high traffic or technical issues. This can result in slower loading times and potential downtime for your website.

VPS hosting dedicates resources exclusively to each website on the VPS solutions without sharing them with others. Other websites do not impact the smooth operation of your website, ensuring a reliable and consistent experience for your visitors.

VPS hosting provides enhanced personalization and management options for hosting websites. You can optimize performance and security settings to meet your website's specific needs better.

Traditional server hosting is good for small websites with low traffic. However, VPS server hosting is better for websites that require more memory, higher performance, and higher reliability.

Do upgrades in CPU and Memory make a difference?

Upgrading your VPS solutions: Hosting CPU and memory can significantly improve its performance and capabilities. The CPU executes instructions and processes data. The memory, also known as RAM, stores temporary data and enables quick access to information. By improving these parts, you can make your app or website run faster and handle more visitors simultaneously.

A faster CPU can perform harder tasks and calculations, making things work faster and better. Increasing memory can help your app or website store and access more data simultaneously, leading to faster loading times and a better user experience.

You can upgrade the CPU and memory of your VPS Server or hosting server to handle growing demands, helping maintain efficiency and responsiveness for users.

Businesses should invest in improving their online presence and making the website easier for visitors to navigate. Attract more customers and increase sales. A user-friendly website can also improve the overall customer experience.

Can I control everything on my Virtual Server?

With full control VPS root access, you can change your server settings, add custom software, and make adjustments to fit your needs. You have full root access. This means you can change server settings, add custom software, and make adjustments to fit your needs.

This level of control allows you to make adjustments as needed and fine-tune settings for optimal results. Tailoring your server environment ensures that it operates efficiently.

Being careful when making changes is important, as doing it wrong could mess up your site. Knowing about VPS Server administration and best practices before making any changes to your server is a good idea. This will help prevent any negative effects on performance or security.

Knowing how servers work and how to manage them properly is important. Making changes without this knowledge can lead to problems with your server's performance and security.

It is wise to regularly back up your data and configurations before making any significant alterations. If necessary, you can easily restore them to a previous state.

To fully utilize the full root access given to you, be cautious and understand the possible consequences of your actions. Reduce the chances of VPS Hosting root access causing problems for your site and help minimize the risk of causing issues.

What payment methods do we accept?

We offer various payment options with VPS Server to make it convenient for our customers to complete their transactions. We accept major credit cards like Visa and MasterCard and online payment platforms like PayPal. For those who prefer bank transfers, we also accommodate that payment method.

You can use Coinbase to pay with digital currencies for our VPS products and services. We accept a safe and modern payment method.

If you can't use any of the payment options listed above, our sales team can help. They will find a VPS Hosting solution that fits your needs, help you with different payment options, or answer any questions.

Our main focus is providing excellent customer service. We want to ensure our customers have a seamless and stress-free payment experience.

How does a VPS work?

We are using technology to create a virtual server within a single physical server. This allows multiple virtual servers to run separately on the entire physical server with the same hardware.

Each machine runs on its own operating system, resources, and settings. With most VPS hosting providers, users have the same control and isolation as a dedicated server. When signing up, users get a portion of the dedicated server hosting its resources, such as CPU, RAM, storage, and bandwidth.

Users can set up and adjust their operating system and other software used in their environment. You can change settings, handle security, and add more software.

VPS hosting uses virtualization to distribute resources effectively. Users can easily adjust their resources without switching to physical servers. Businesses and individuals choose VPS hosting for more control than dedicated servers (entire physical server). They prefer it because it is less expensive and less complex.

Why Get a Virtual Private Server over a Physical Server?

Our VPS hosting service allows you to have your own Virtual Private Server on a powerful computer. Our dedicated VPS features give you complete control over your server over shared VPS hosting. You get dedicated resources and can customize your virtual dedicated server to fit your needs.

Companies utilize multipurpose Virtual Private Servers as testing environments for diverse applications and workloads. Dedicated servers grant exclusive access to all the server's resources.

Burstable VPS servers are an excellent option for businesses with fluctuating resource demands. They allow you to utilize additional resources whenever necessary.

Start your voyage to the cloud by selecting a customized server from a VPS hosting provider. This will enable you to leverage the cloud VPS Hosting providers. If you're looking to succeed in the cloud, a VPS hosting provider can offer the resources and support you need.

What are our free trial conditions?

Our 30-day free trial offers full access to a cloud server valued up to $100, including 1 TB of cloud block storage, 1 TB of outgoing internet traffic, and all features on our cloud platform, with the ability to customize your server within the provided budget. The trial is available to new customers, and a valid credit card is required to start, ensuring a smooth transition should you choose to continue after the trial.

You can cancel the subscription at any time during the trial period at no cost and will not be charged if you cancel before the trial expires. If not canceled, the service will automatically continue at our standard rate post-trial.

Enhanced performance with NVMe SSD Storage

Each element of your VPS hosting plan plays a pivotal role. Our system has top-of-the-line NVMe SSDs to ensure your websites and apps, like e-commerce, run quickly on your virtual machine.

Web hosting providers often struggle to maintain consistent performance. Our VPS hosting package lets you use virtual server capabilities to keep your website running smoothly. The platform can also support other websites without affecting your performance. With up to 2TB of storage, your website can easily outperform competitors.

Swift and Smooth Launch with our plans

We are proud to offer high-usage virtual machines and ensure a quick setup of your environment. Here is our approach to achieving a fast configuration:

High performance
Automated Provisioning

Automated Provisioning

Thanks to advanced automation tools, our fully managed VPS hosting provider promptly creates new plans upon ordering. This fully self-managed VPS hosting plan and service eliminates manual setup delays, providing efficient and fast service through our global infrastructure. Experience top-quality, fully self-managed hosting VPS hosting plans and services with the speed and reliability you can count on.

Pre-Installed Software

Pre-Installed Software

We install and configure essential software on your Virtual Application Server to ensure a successful launch. Including LAMP/LEMP stacks, Docker, security tools, and more VPS Hosting features. Our goal is to set up everything necessary for a smooth deployment.

Simplified panel

Simplified Control Panel

Using our user-friendly virtual private servers control panel, you can easily manage resources, software, security, and more with just a few clicks. A simple VPS interface helps you start using your secure environment faster.

Advanced technology

Advanced Technologies

We use fast NVMe SSDs in our own VPS Servers and hosting to make data flow faster and more efficient. We can reduce delays and latency using NVMe SSDs, resulting in a smoother and more responsive user experience.

NVMe SSDs are popular because they are fast and have minimal delay. They are perfect for hosting environments that need speed. Our VPS Servers have NVMe SSDs that enable lightning-fast data access and transfer. Websites and applications load quickly and operate seamlessly.

As a web hosting provider, we use NVMe SSD technology to provide customers with a hosting solution that meets their performance needs. We aim to exceed expectations in speed, reliability, and user experience.

Our managed VPS Server and hosting solution is cheap and quick. It uses strong Intel Xeon Skylake processors and NvME SSDs for speed and storage. Our managed VPS hosting servers are suitable for various web projects and easily scalable to accommodate your application growth. Embrace affordable, high-efficiency cloud computing with our offerings.

We have different types for different purposes. Our options include Availability, General Purpose, Burstable, and Dedicated instances. They all have fast CPUs and modern technology to work effectively.

NVMe SSD-Powered Cloud

Choose our services for faster website, app, and other production workloads performance with NVMe SSD-powered machines. The advanced machines offer fast speeds and better performance, guaranteeing that your online presence runs smoothly.

But our commitment to VPS Hosting goes beyond just providing a fast and reliable solution. We work hard to create a customized Cloud Hosting Environment that meets and surpasses each client's storage requirements. We collaborate with you to improve your hosting environment based on your specific requirements. This could have many advantages, including increasing storage space, enhancing security measures and other security enhancements, or setting up multiple servers with specialized configurations.

With our personalized cloud hosting services, we ensure that your data is secure, your websites function properly, and your work is managed efficiently. Trust us to provide you with a VPS Hosting solution that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

NVMe storage
One Click Apps

One-Click Apps

We have a variety of container VPS hosting operating systems to suit your needs. You can choose from AlmaLinux, CentOS, Debian, FreeBSD, Rocky Linux, Ubuntu, and Windows Server. Windows Desktop 8.1 and 10 are also available for a complete desktop experience and can easily be activated with our server management.

We provide various service images such as Ansible, Caddy, ClickHouse, and Docker. Additionally, we offer images like Elasticsearch, FortiGate VM, and FreeNAS. Other options include HAProxy, Kubernetes, LAMP, LEMP, Laravel, and many more.

We also have images for NGINX, OpenVPN, PHP, and PostgreSQL. Furthermore, we have images for RabbitMQ, Rancher, Redis, and RubyOnRails. Lastly, we offer service images for Tomcat, UTunnel VPN, MySQL, node.js, and pfSense.

Our own managed VPS hosting and platform offers one-click apps, including cPanel, CloudRon, ClusterControl, CyberPanel, Directus, Django, and Dokku. Other applications offered are DokuWiki, Drupal, Grafana, ISPConfig, Jenkins, Jitsi, and Joomla.

We offer various other VPS solutions and services, including LiteSpeed, Magento, Matomo, Mattermost, and Minecraft. You can also use Moodle, NextCloud, Odoo, OpenProject, PassBolt, Plesk, and Prometheus. Additionally, we provide PureFTPd, Python, Redmine, RocketChat, UpTime-Kuma, Vesta, and Webmin. Our platform also includes access to WordPress, Zabbix, Zentyal, Zulip, phpBB, and phpMyAdmin.

They ensure your VPS Hosting works well and have the tools for safe connections between web developers, website hosts, and desktop apps.