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Our VPS is a reliable solution for budget-friendly and scalable Docker hosting. We specialize in delivering Virtual Private Servers (VPS) globally, utilizing the latest technology to ensure fast and secure Docker hosting services.

With 20 locations, our Docker hosting platforms are designed to cater to your needs, no matter where you are. With our hosting solutions, you can host Docker containers and Kubernetes clusters.

Our VPS servers guarantee dedicated server resources, which means you get the performance you need without worrying about sharing resources with other users. This ensures faster page load speeds, enhanced security, and overall website performance.

Join us and experience the power of reliable VPS hosting with Container VPS. Get started with a 7-day free trial today!

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Unlock the Power of Virtualization with Container VPS

Virtualization with Container VPSOur VPS solution allows users to deploy and manage containerized programs on a robust and adaptable virtualization infrastructure. The number of features in our VPS solution helps you realize the full potential of containerization technology. Let's explore these features:

Flexible Resource Allocation

Our VPS solution offers rapid provisioning, enabling users to access and use a virtualized environment immediately. Additionally, we offer the customers adaptability and scalability to distribute resources like CPU, RAM, and storage as needed to suit the needs of their applications.

Full Root Access

Our docker hosting solution also offers complete root access, enabling users to install their docker images and personalized apps and tailor the solution to their requirements. Highly efficient SSD storage is also a part of the system, guaranteeing quick and dependable access to information and applications.

Multiple Linux Distributions

Multiple Linux distributions, including Ubuntu, CentOS, and Debian, are supported by our VPS service, giving consumers a variety of alternatives for their virtualized environment. Our solution also comes with technologies for managing containers, such as Docker and Kubernetes, so that customers can orchestrate and control their environment.

Instant Provisioning

with our Container VPS, users can access and operate in a virtualized environment immediately because it can be provisioned instantly. This is a big advantage for developers and companies who must rapidly install and test new apps or scale out their infrastructure to meet demand. Our solution lets the users bypass the wait times and complexity involved in conventional server deployments by using immediate provisioning.

Easy Integration

Source control, continuous integration, delivery (CI/CD), and monitoring are just a few DevOps tools and workflows that our VPS solutions can easily integrate with. As a result, it's the perfect option for developers and businesses who want to easily design, deploy, and grow their applications.

Container Management

Our VPS solution helps users easily organize and manage their containers with various tools and capabilities for container management. Users can install, manage, and scale containers at scale with support for Docker and Kubernetes projects.

SSH access and an intuitive control panel simplify managing VPS, and high-performance servers and quick network connections guarantee efficient operation.

OpenVZ-Based Virtualization

OpenVZ virtualization offers a secure, isolated container solution that allows quick and easy package upgrades while consuming fewer resources. This makes it ideal for those seeking an optimal balance between price and performance.

20 locations worldwide

How Does Container VPS Work?

A virtualized environment called a container virtual private server (VPS) enables users to operate and control numerous containers on a single physical server. An application and its dependencies are in small, portable containers using containerization technologies like Docker. The host system and these containers are isolated, ensuring dependable and consistent application execution.

A container runtime, such as Docker Engine, is used in a Container VPS environment to control container infrastructure's generation, deployment cluster monitoring, and scaling. Utilizing container management solutions like Kubernetes or Docker Swarm, each container is given access to a portion of the host's CPU, RAM, and storage resources.

With tools like auto-scaling, load distribution, and container coordination, container VPS operators provide a framework for operating and controlling containers. This frees customers from managing the underlying infrastructure to concentrate on creating and delivering their apps.

Container VPS is a popular option for developers and businesses using container infrastructure because it offers a versatile, scalable, and affordable solution for running and maintaining containerized applications.

Choosing the Right Docker Hosting Platform

There are several things to take into account while selecting a Docker hosting platform:

  • Container Management

    For deploying, scaling, and monitoring applications, look for a container management platform like Docker Compose and Kubernetes for easy application management. With our collection of top-notch tools, we offer you the ease of container management and monitoring.

  • Scalability

    Check the Docker hosting platforms' capacity to satisfy your application's scaling needs, particularly those for automatic scaling and load balancing. VPSServer fulfills all your business scalability needs and offers tools for scale containerized applications and easy load management.

  • Security

    When choosing the right docker hosting platform, go for the one that offers network security tools like firewalls, intrusion detection, and encryption, as well as the safe separation of one or more containers. We ensure the security of your virtual private network and access management with consistent security updates, DoSS protocols, and other security measures.

  • Pricing

    Consider the pricing plan, which considers the cost of data transfer, container resources, and other services like monitoring and support. We offer reasonable and flexible VPN plans to suit your specific business needs.

  • Performance

    Verify that the platform can meet your application's performance and uptime requirements, including those for CPU, RAM, and storage resources. VPSServer supports a wide range of hardware and software resources.

  • Support

    Consider the docker hosting platform's level of assistance, which may include technical help channels, community forums, and documentation. We offer amazing customer support throughout the journey.

In addition to our docker hosting services, we provide a comprehensive range of tools and features to make managing your server a breeze. Our free DNS manager, emergency access console, reverse DNS and hostname management, OS installation, and server reboot options allow you to easily and quickly manage your server with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is containerization, and how does it benefit my website or application?

Containerization is a method of packaging and deploying applications or services in a portable and scalable way. Containers are lightweight and efficient, allowing for easy deployment and management of multiple applications on the same server. Also, it provides increased security and isolation, as each container is separate from the others, minimizing the risk of security breaches or performance issues. By using containerization with our Container VPS hosting, you can enjoy the benefits of a cloud-native platform that is highly scalable, reliable, and secure.

What is container VPS?

Container VPS, a container-based virtual private server, is a virtualization technology that allows multiple isolated containers to run on a single physical server. While sharing the host's resources like CPU, memory, and storage with multiple containers, each container has its operating system and is separate from other containers.

What is the difference between VPS and container VPS?

Each virtual private server (VPS) runs its instance of an Operating System (OS) thanks to traditional VPS (Virtual Private Server) architecture.

The host's operating system kernel is shared by numerous containers using containerization technology, which makes container VPS more flexible, lightweight, and effective.

What is container hosting?

In a virtualized environment, users can deploy and manage applications using a hosting service called container hosting. With tools like automatic scaling, load balancing, and container orchestration, Container hosting services provide a framework for operating and controlling containers.

This frees customers from managing the underlying infrastructure to concentrate on creating and delivering their apps.

Do you host container VPS service for free?

No, container VPS is not free, it is a paid hosting service, and its cost depends on the number of resources needed, licensing fees from the chosen hosting provider, and its billing cycle.

Which version of Linux Kernel is available?

The Linux kernel version that can be used for container hosting depends on the virtualization technology being employed or the hosting company. Most hosting companies offer the most recent stable version of the Linux Kernel, while some might also give customers a choice between several Linux releases.

Using its own set of kernel modules and libraries, Docker and other containerization technologies enable all the containers to run on various operating systems.

What is a Docker container?

A Docker container is a small, isolated executable program containing all the code, archives, dependencies, and configuration files required to run an application. Docker containers are lightweight and straightforward to deploy across various contexts because they are segregated from the host operating system and other containers.

Where can I host Docker containers?

We are a hosting provider that offers support for Docker containers. We specialize in providing virtual private servers (VPS) that can be customized to meet your specific needs. With VPSServer, you can easily deploy and manage your Docker for containers running in a secure and reliable live production environment.

Do you offer solutions for hosting containerized applications?

We offer solutions for hosting containerized applications, including managed container hosting, docker container, and Kubernetes cluster.

What operating system options do you offer?

We offer customers a variety of operating system choices for their VPS hosting services, including Windows Server and Linux versions like Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, and Fedora.

A Quick Guide to Getting Started with Our Cloud Platform

Quick Guide to StartedLooking to host cloud-native applications on a cloud VPS server platform? Our VPS hosting services have got you covered.

Step 1: Choose the VPS Plan That Fits Your Needs

We offer a range of budget-friendly VPS plans, each with its resources to meet your specific requirements. Choose the plan that works best for you and your deployed applications.

Step 2: Create Your Account and Start Your 7-Day Free Trial

Creating your account is easy; fill in your details on the signup form and start your VPS journey with us today. Our user-friendly control panel provides API access for easy integration, and our one-click Docker deployment ensures you can get started immediately.

Step 3: Choose Your VPS location

Our quick start guide will help you get your container VPS up and running quickly. Choose the location for your VPS and install the operating system in minutes.

Step 4: Configure Your VPS for Optimal Performance

With access to our data centers worldwide, you can rest assured that your cloud-native applications will run smoothly on our platform. Configure your VPS to meet your specific needs, install software packages, set up your firewall, and configure your network settings.

Step 5: Deploy Containers and Host Your Applications

With our powerful Docker hosting platform, you can deploy containers and host your applications in minutes. Whether you're a developer or a business owner, our platform is built to provide the resources you need to succeed