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Happy customers are our top priority across every facet of our VPS hosting service. As such, we place a high value on easy and effective communication with customers or prospective customers. We encourage you to contact us with any questions or queries you may have - whatever we can do, we're here to help.

Our customer success agents are friendly and highly-trained and you will always receive a prompt response when you contact us through our inquiry form. We are available round the clock to answer your queries relating to sales, support or anything else you need to know about. We aim to make your VPS journey a smooth one so we will answer questions and solve issues as fast as possible.

Detailed FAQ & Community Sections

Our team is on hand to help where needed, but if you are more inclined towards self-help then we have provided a comprehensive FAQ section for your perusal. You can also seek assistance from our community. Whether you need help from tutorials, answers to questions or a stronger understanding of specific terms or concepts, you can search your queries and explore the information available to find your answers. We recommend checking here before contacting our team, because you may find the solution you are looking for in just a few clicks.

When time is money, it always pays to solve problems faster.

24-7 Support

General inquiries

If you are considering becoming a VPSServer.com customer or you're an existing customer with general questions about our VPS hosting, we are here to give you your answers. Our specialists are dedicated to customer support and will always go all out to help in any way they can. Virtual private hosting can be a complicated concept and there are many VPS companies out there, so let our sales team answer your questions and show you why we are the right choice for your hosting needs.

We have a range of solutions to meet the needs of any customer, and our sales team can help point you in the right direction to find what's best for you.

Reporting hosting issues

While we make every effort to provide a comprehensive knowledgebase and keep our hosting service running as smoothly as possible, customers will occasionally need help with something. If you have encountered an issue with your hosting, or you simply need help with something you don't understand, please don't hesitate to get in touch and take advantage of our support team. With expert knowledge and training in customer service, our specialists will be able to swiftly understand the nature of your issue and find a solution to get you back on track.

There is no problem or query too big or small so please contact us right away and seek help where needed.


Reporting abuse

If you are a victim of any kind of abusive activity online whilst using our service, please contact us immediately. We are opposed to online abuse of all kinds and have stringent measures in place to protect the safety and security of our customers. Never accept abuse of any kind - contact us immediately and let us find a resolution that will ensure you are not victimised again.

We are global

We have an ever-increasing number of datacentres all around the world and can provide support in the languages of every region we have a presence in. We aim to offer the best possible experience for our customers, no matter where they are located. With VPSServer.com, you are a part of a global community and every customer is important to us.