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In November last year, we significantly increased our presence in Asia with the launch of a new VPS service in Hong Kong. Hot on the heels of this success, we are now thrilled to announce the launch of a new server in another of South East Asia's biggest business hubs - Singapore.

Strategic location with best Asia connection

This will quite simply be the best Asia connection, offering the highest performance in the Singapore metropolis. We look forward to supporting business in this highly important strategic location where East meets West; a key part of both the Asian and Pan Pacific market.

Try our Singapore VPS

In order to celebrate the launch and announce our arrival in the Singapore VPS market, we are offering companies the chance to start a 7-day free trial in order to try the service for themselves - that means only $0,01 verification. We urge you to take advantage of this unmissable offer and order now while there is still availability.

Good connectivity in Asia

The thinking behind our new Singapore server comes down to one thing - customer demand. Since we launched in Hong Kong we have seen a great appreciation for our best performance VPS service in South East Asia, so we decided to continue our mission to provide superb international connectivity in Singapore.

Rely on our quality

You will be able to rely on our new VPS Singapore service to provide the cloud hosting services which are recognised for their reliability, and we will also be using the tried and trusted support model which so many of our global customers approve of.

Global footprint

What does it all mean? Our arrival in Singapore is part of a wider Asian expansion programme, as we further strengthen our profile in the region and allow the global marketplace to benefit from our services. For clients who are looking to build their own presence in Asia, we offer the key to unlock the door by providing a crucial part of an IT infrastructure which can help them enjoy the edge over the competition.

Why Singapore?

We have been tracking customer activity around Asia, and have noticed the spike in visitors heading to Singapore. But it isn't only this increase in demand for our low latency VPS services which convinced us that Singapore was an important hot spot. Singapore has a pro-business government which actively cuts down on 'red tape' to increase opportunities. It also has a low tax rate when compared to many other worldwide destinations, and a labour market which is business savvy, meaning it is easy for companies to recruit the best professionals in their field.

What we offer

Singapore customers of our VPS service can look forward to a service which is noted for its responsiveness. You will be supported by a 24-hour helpdesk which is open seven days a week, to answer your questions and queries whenever you have them. When it comes to security, you can rest assured that your server will have all the protection it needs along with a high capacity level, and you can also rely on us for the most budget-friendly rates. We are determined to deliver real value to our customers, so don't be put off by any perception that Singapore is an expensive location.

We are looking forward to some exciting times, and we invite you to join us in the second chapter of our Asian journey. But that is not the only important news - we are also going to upgrade our location in Silicon Valley soon, so keep reading this blog for all the updates on the new enhanced VPS services which our US customers can expect.

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  • Indian


    Status report from India. Out of the four major ISPs, two have direct routes (Reliance Jio and Airtel). Out of the remaining two, Vodafone traffic finds its way easily to Singapore to NTT. But once with NTT Singapore, it takes close to 200 ms to be actually handed over to you guys. Not sure what's going on.

    The fourth operator, which is in the process of merging with Vodafone, is Idea Cellular. It's sending traffic to your Singapore DC to Marseilles, then from there, it is redirected to Chennai, and from Chennai it goes to Singapore. I guess there's some peering arrangement missing. But if you can fix the NTT-to-your-DC leg, Vodafone and Idea should get fixed in due course due to the merger.

    Traceroute from Vodafone to Spore DC

    traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets 1 * * * 2 ( 43.914 ms 59.257 ms ( 59.691 ms 3 ( 60.576 ms ( 61.586 ms ( 62.005 ms 4 ( 60.056 ms ( 62.346 ms * 5 ( 64.230 ms 62.602 ms 63.752 ms 6 ( 77.465 ms 47.990 ms 53.364 ms 7 ( 87.525 ms 86.590 ms 82.060 ms 8 ( 94.065 ms 90.013 ms 89.252 ms 9 ( 180.393 ms 178.718 ms 181.349 ms 10 ( 97.164 ms 175.598 ms 198.812 ms 11 ( 172.832 ms 83.663 ms 92.322 ms 12 ( 96.909 ms 96.923 ms 119.804 ms 13 ( 228.615 ms 206.241 ms 196.843 ms 14 * * * 15 ( 306.863 ms 310.254 ms 297.683 ms 16 308.711 ms 299.779 ms 292.762 ms

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