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Super-fast Canadian datacentre

Our world-class data centre, located in bustling Toronto, is perfect for North American or Canadian users. Found close to the powerful Toronto Internet Exchange, it delivers low latency for fast processing speeds. All the big internet providers have connections to this exchange, making it an ideal choice to deploy your VPS here. Toronto is well-equipped with the best hardware and network connections in Canada. Many businesses make this lively city their home and this makes it a great choice for VPS hosting in the region.

Superior VPS network performance

Our Toronto VPS service gives the fast and agile performance that you need. With a huge 1Gbit port connection, it is also close to the large New York internet exchange. This gives it great coverage not only within Canada itself but also into the Northern and Central parts of the USA. Our Toronto location also gives amazing network security from common attacks like DDoS. With 99.99% uptime guaranteed and outstanding I/O performance, we can help your business thrive from this strategic location in Canada.

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Enjoy the hotspot for developers & digital business

The Toronto region is a real hot-spot for web designers and digital business. This makes it perfect to have your server close to it. The closer you are, the less any commands have to travel and the lower your latency. If you do a lot of business in Canada or Northern/Central USA then it's a smart move. The Toronto Stock Exchange is home to Canada's five largest banks and many multi-national corporations. A leader in the tech, financial services and design sectors, Toronto is ideal for anyone working in these areas.

Fabulous VPS hardware and software

The VPS servers we use are simply the best around. Fully virtualized by KVM, they are secure and totally reliable. SSD is also used on all our Toronto hosting plans for outstanding read/write speeds. Our VPS servers use the latest Intel E5 processors and 3-way storage replication. This keeps your data safe online while ensuring your load speeds are super quick. Back-ups are done live in real-time so no scheduled downtime is required. This is great for not only for saving you time but also not having to remember to do them manually.

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Toronto datacentre based VPS from just $4.99 per month

Operating your business in the Cloud with a VPS server makes sense. Our Toronto cloud VPS shows why - not only is the plan you take out great value for money, but it's scalable so it can grow with you. Fully customisable, our Toronto server virtual hosting option has 100 templates to deploy in seconds. This means that you can set your Toronto server up exactly how you want it for best results. Configuring your server Firewall is also simple and flexible for total protection online. Once in place, your VPS will be able to fend off any unwanted online attention or malicious activity.

Worldwide VPS coverage

We are proud of our Toronto location and it is a great choice for any business in the area. We also have a worldwide network of VPS locations to choose from. From London to Hong Kong, all give the same superior performance and comprehensive cyber-security. With plans starting from as little as $4.99 per month, they are also superb value for money. Our managed VPS packages also gives 24/7 customer support for when you need it most. Just give us a call and we will help get you back on track! Wherever you or your customers are in the world, we can help you connect.

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