Frequently asked questions


Are there any plans that provides management support from team?

No, there are currently no plans managed by the team. Users are welcome to approach our active community for help and support. However, when deploying large environments, you can contact us via the contact form and we will do our very best to assist you.

Is there a minimum Service Level Agreement?

No, there isn’t. Services are unmanaged and there are no service contracts. On purchase, we only provide the environment. It’s up to you to configure your own virtual private server.

Where are’s datacenters?

We have a datacenter in Gibraltar (on request) and in the USA currently active. And we will soon have one in the Netherlands.

Are TOR exit nodes allowed?

No. TOR exit nodes are not allowed.

Is it possible to host an IRC server?

No, IRC servers are currently not allowed on our network.

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