Dedicated Server Hosting is the Cheapest & Secure Option

Dedicated Servers are optimal for the web hosting industry, so we offer the best cheap dedicated server hosting. With live backups, low latency, and 24/7 support, you will experience optimized quality performance through any of our dedicated server templates. In addition, we take pride in our high-quality server protection, which we continuously upgrade to ensure you never experience a harmful attack with our DDoS protection.

Offering the cheapest dedicated server comes easy to us, as you will experience the same security and website speed, if not more, compared to other hosting providers. With unmetered bandwidth and even managed-to-host services, we put the best cheap dedicated server to the next level: experience scalable hosting plans, robust security, and high-end system technology to better your web hosting service.

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Our Relentless Dedicated Server Hosting Cost & Operating Features

Dedicated Server Hosting CostWe offer unbeatable features for our dedicated server plans for web hosting, cloud computing, and more.

Live Data Backup

Back up your server in real-time, and no longer worry about possible downtime. Our web hosting services are always online, 100% of the time.

Affordable Billing

Enjoy the cost-effectiveness of our cheap dedicated server hosting and absolutely no contracts. All of our plans are contract-free, making your experience easy.

Safe & Secure

We take pride in high-quality security performances with your servers to ensure you and your customers experience a safe and reliable web hosting environment.

Fast Setup

Configure your firewall and rule additions. Enjoy an easy and fast setup to manage everything from our configured control panel personalization.

Real-Time Server Activation

When you complete your customization and plan, your server will be available within seconds of activation.

Dedicated Servers

With our VPS hosting, you will experience a hybrid of dedicated servers unmatched by other dedicated server hosting providers. We are proud of our high-performing technology that fuels your business growth.

20 locations worldwide

A Dedicated Server with High-Performance

As a dedicated server hosting provider, you will experience the ultimate control that dedicated hosting has to offer. Dedicated hosting plans are essential if you expect high traffic levels but do not want to share resources with other businesses in a shared hosting environment. Running on a dedicated machine that provides its physical resources allows you to have root access to all of the server's storage space, RAM, and computing hosting power.

A dedicated server can be used for much more than a website, as you can also control cloud computing, machine learning, storage, backups, server clusters, business applications, online game hosting, and website or application hosting. Depending on your needs, we ensure you experience top-notch service from our cheapest dedicated server hosting.

What Have We Implemented in Our Dedicated Servers?

Our physical dedicated servers offer unmatched performance and solutions to complete your VPS hosting needs.

  • Unlimited Bandwidth Worldwide: We offer fantastic locations within 20 locations worldwide, making your business have optimal bandwidth accessibility. Our web-hosting data centers are in some of the most notorious tech-operated cities, including New York City, Tokyo, Singapore, and Frankfurt. With all these locations, it's easy to say our unmetered bandwidth is worthy of us offering the best cheap dedicated server hosting.

  • Flexible Billing & No-Contract Services: Unlike many dedicated servers, we offer a no-contract bind to your preferred hosting plan. This means you can access a private hosted service whenever and wherever possible. In addition, our billing is not meant to put you in debt, as we give you the freedom to operate the server monthly, weekly, or even hourly.

  • Reliable Server Protection: We offer the highest quality protection on our servers to offer the same secure and reliable experience you would with a high-end expensive server experience. Starting a business takes time on a budget, but safety is important to keep your services running healthy, offering a safe place for your users.

  • Popular Operating System Options: We offer server web hosting on some of the most popular operating systems, including Windows and Linux servers. Each of these is provided the best cheap dedicated server experiences depending on where your needs are. We also offer tips and tricks on navigating specific server functions through our blog, which could help you decide which system is best for you.

  • Rewarded Activity: We reward our users through many different actions. We are not your average dedicated server hosting platform, as we reward credits to redeem multiple services for your business. Whether you create a tutorial on public and private clouds or want to teach other members about the importance of a dedicated server compared to a shared hosting provider, we greatly encourage and reward those who mention our VPS services to other business owners.

  • Fully Customizable Servers: As we are one of the cheapest dedicated server hosts, we also take pride in providing fully customizable servers with full root access. Whether you want to focus on CPU optimization, storage space, or RAM-optimized platforms, you can choose how much or where you want your server to excel the most. Along with our scalable solutions, you can be flexible with your dedicated server by changing where your dedicated hosting is optimized.

Operating System

Dedicated Server

Hosting Support

Only the Best Operating System Options

Operating SystemOur pre-configured server templates are all cloud-based, on KVM technology, with only the latest distros and releases. Each of our templates can have a personalized choice of operating system and the version you prefer. Our dedicated hosting plans are either on Windows or Linux-based systems, each offered with the most up-to-date software and operating system expansions.

Linux or Windows operating systems

Depending on which operating system you are pursuing, our pre-configured templates include the latest releases, including Windows Server 2022, CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, and much more! Each operating system serves a purpose that is specific to different needs. For example, they could provide a secure connection, a range of desktop applications, or even ensure a reliable and efficient system. Here are a few popular systems many users find interest in:

Debian: As an open-source Linux software, Debian offers around 59,000 packages and supports many functions. Including editing documents, developing software, connecting to networks, debugging packages, mixing sound, or even playing games, Debian is a jack of all trades.

Alpine Linux: As one of the most popular Linux distributions, Alpine is designed for firewalls, routers, VPNs, VoIP boxes, servers, and containers. Alpines' primary purpose is to provide security to the website with innovative features such as PaX and SSP.

Rocky Linux: The Rocky distribution within Linux is another extremely popular system designed after CentOS. Rocky's notable features are binary compatibility, downstream, and consistent scalability of software upgrades.

Windows Server 2022: As the latest Windows server operation, you will receive the most recent and fastest performance on the market regarding Windows. Although a bit pricier than Linux, Windows offers many already managed services, so you do not need to worry about extra coding or researching how to operate the system. Windows are created to make your job easier.

If you want to know more about what distributions and operating systems we offer, feel free to check out our Linux and Technology pages to learn more.

Cost-Effective Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated ServerAlong with our virtual private server hosting, our dedicated server templates are created to fit within your budget, so you do not need to worry about potential budget threats along the way. We also ensure to provide fantastic features without worrying about what a cheap price tag may offer. We promise full root access to all your dedicated hosting plans regardless of whether you choose the most affordable dedicated server plan. We make dedicated server hosting easy.

Full Root Access with Control Panel

Our control panel features many great solutions to make your server fully managed only by you. Here are a few features included in full root access with control panel functionality:

  • Server Applications: Whether using Ubuntu or Windows Server 2022, you will have access to your server's applications, including those implemented by the system or what you have implemented for customization.

  • Files & Data: All of your server's files and data are entirely managed and controlled by you. From deletion to upload, everything is at your fingertips regarding your business' data and files.

  • Network Resources: Your network resources are entirely open for your use; with complete safety, you can freely manage the resources our network providers provide.

  • Add or Remove Users: Who can control the business with you is entirely up to you. All user access is 100% controlled and managed by the owner of the dedicated server.

  • RDP Management: We offer fantastic Remote Desktop Protocol operations to ensure your server can be accessed by you anywhere at any time with a completely secure connection.

  • Security & Firewalls: Our high-quality technology offers the most up-to-date security and firewall protection to ensure your dedicated hosting experience is completely stress-free.

24/7 Dedicated Hosting Support

Hosting SupportTechnical support is essential, whether using the most expensive or cheap dedicated server hosting. That's why we want to be here 24/7/365 to ensure your dedicated server has the support it deserves, whether you are awake in the middle of the night or three in the afternoon. Having the cheapest dedicated server does not mean your dedicated hosting plan is unworthy of assistance. We want to see your business scale to its fullest potential. With this, we offer our help not because we must but because we encourage business success.

Remote or Desktop, We Are Here

Along with our fantastic customer support, we travel with you, too. In our RDP feature, our services do not disappear simply because you went on vacation. Our dedicated server operations are fully accessible for any emergency or quick fix while you are away. Our RDP also includes so many other features.

  • Secure Connection and Full Access: Our dedicated hosting services ensure that all our cloud servers are available 24/7, so you have complete RDP management, no matter what time of day, provided with a high-quality connection.

  • Scalable Plans: All our servers are designed to scale and are pre-packaged to make your choices easier. Whether you choose to optimize or need to downgrade, RDP will always be available for your leisure.

  • Personalized GUI: Our Graphical User Interface is entirely open to your accessibility for all of your dedicated server apps.

  • Fast Storage: We know your vacation time is essential, so we have implemented NVmE SSD to optimize your server's speed so you can get what you need done faster than before—no need to waste your vacation with us.

We make ourselves completely available to you in more ways than chat; make sure to contact us for any questions about our availability for a quick management process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is essentially a web hosting solution that gives the business complete control and completely personalized server performance. Dedicated servers are not shared with other users or companies; they are solely operating for one client to help the client's website performance exceed others.

Is dedicated hosting more expensive?

Typically, yes, dedicated hosting is more expensive than, for example, shared hosting. Shared hosting is typically cheaper because you are given fewer resources and less control over your server's performance. The more clients on one server, the slower that server will operate. Since dedicated hosting provides more resources and higher performance packing, it sits at a higher price range and requires a larger budget.

Although dedicated hosting can be expensive, we offer some of the market's most affordable dedicated hosting plans. We are confident you will not need to expand your budget much more than you would for shared hosting. Our dedicated hosting services are created to grow your business from the bottom up.

If you have doubts about our dedicated hosting environment, consider our 7-day risk-free trial to determine what is right for you. We have plenty of templates to personalize to fit your budget and your company's needs. If you are still uncertain, our support is available 24/7 to assist you with further questions regarding our dedicated server plans.

Whether managed hosting services with a free domain or unmanaged dedicated servers, we offer the lowest dedicated server prices and the best technical support to launch your business quickly and efficiently without a large budget.

How do I manage my dedicated server?

Our servers are fully operational through dedicated control panel access for all your server's resources. We offer more than just a simple server hosting plan; all of our templates have access to fully controllable server management, including RDP features. As a web hosting company, our expertise is to know what you and your business need to thrive.

Through our RDP services, you can manage your dedicated server with full administrator access allows you to install custom software as needed. In addition, connecting our RDP to your server allows you also to perform many tasks, including:

  • Configuring Settings

  • Managing Files

  • Installing Applications

While our intuitive control panel features a range of management tools:

  • Server Reboots

  • Backups

  • Resource Monitoring

We also offer managed dedicated server solutions for those needing more server management assistance. Our managed dedicated servers allow you to focus on what is important; running your business. We want to let you focus on how to grow, not how to make a dedicated server survive. Our high-quality technology already performs high-end security scans and setup firewall protection immediately after activation.

What operating system do you offer dedicated servers through?

We offer many options regarding systems of operation and their distributions. Our main systems are Linux and Windows, including the highly notable distributions including:

  • Fedora: The Fedora Project (Red Hat-sponsored) developed the Fedora Linux distribution as a stable and reliable OS with several graphical tools. Instead of a desktop environment, Fedora uses 'upstream' software. This flexible and powerful OS is compatible with desktops, servers, laptops, and other IoT ecosystems.

  • Ubuntu: A Debian-based Linux distribution, Ubuntu was developed by Canonical and other developers with three editions - Server, Core, and Desktop. Ubuntu is one of the most popular Linux OS versions, designed for new Linux users with a user-friendly interface, free software, and pre-installed apps.

  • Debian: A renowned mother of popular Linux distributions, Debian as an OS has provided stable and solid performance offering an unparalleled user experience. Debian Project offers over 59,000 software packages and supports an array of desktops and system architectures.

  • Gentoo: Gentoo, although created mainly for developers and professionals, is a fast, secure, versatile, and free Linux distribution. Being an advanced Linux distribution, Gentoo is not ideal for beginners but for those with profound knowledge of Linux OS ins and outs.

  • Windows Server 2022: As the latest version of Windows, we offer all of the Windows servers, including the most recent, so that you can experience the premium version of each server. Although Windows tends to lean towards the pricier side, Windows offers many great, superb features for those first launching their business.

What are the key features of a dedicated server web hosting plan?

Our dedicated hosting includes every resource you need to function your private server fully. In addition, our dedicated server hosting includes a reliable, secure, high-performance environment for your applications and websites. Here are some key features:

  • Instant Setup: Your dedicated server is immediately set up upon completion of your order, giving you the ability and access to your new server immediately to make your first additions.

  • Full Administrator Access: As all dedicated hosts should, we give our clients complete control over their dedicated server with full administrator access. This allows you to manage your server and install your customized software to modify the server however you see fit to scale your business.

  • Scalable Resources: Our dedicated hosting plans are completely scalable and can allow upgradation or downgrade to your server resources. Whether you need CPU, RAM, or storage optimization, we offer everything you need to succeed.

  • 24/7 Customer Support: Our support is specialized in helping you and your dedicated hosting needs to assist with any questions or issues you may be experiencing. Our support takes every client seriously regarding helping and ensuring their server is running correctly.

  • Fastest Servers with 99.9% Uptime Guarantee: Our dedicated servers are hosted with some of the best high-quality technology to ensure your business is always up to date and extremely fast. We provide servers with a 99.9% uptime guarantee with minimal downtime throughout the year.

Are you only a dedicated hosting provider?

We offer many great options through our dedicated servers, including our staple service, VPS solutions. Although it is highly encouraged to take advantage of our cheap dedicated server plans, we have many great customizable templates to fit your needs, including Virtual Private Servers through our Cloud Server technology. There are many great benefits to running your business through a VPS, offering greater flexibility, control, and security rather than shared hosting.

If your business scales quickly or has any upcoming spikes in sales due to holidays and special events, our dedicated servers are easily scalable for bringing your website up to speed through a simple click. For many, it is extremely important to have access to such scalable utilities for a business to optimize its full potential.

If you start with our basic plans, your site will have little room to grow within the space you chose to provide it. As you add more data, you can upgrade to a plan that gives you more room to grow your site. Our top-tier programs offer up to 16 CPU cores, over 500 GB of disk space, and 30 GB of RAM. Although depending on your needs, we can give up to 2TB of storage capacity. Contact us for a personalized quote.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my hosting plans?

All of our hosting plans have the accessibility to upgrading and downgrading your server based on the needs of your business. Since you have no contract for one server type, you can choose from any program that fits your standards. In addition, all previously stored data will be immediately transferred upon scalability request with nothing to lose.

We provide three dedicated server plans types with very specific optimizations, including:

  • CPU

  • RAM

  • SSD Storage

With these scalable areas, you have an unmetered bandwidth of possibilities for scaling and making your business successful with us. Depending on the type of 'contract' you choose can depend on how often we can better structure your platform.

What do you offer that other cheap dedicated hosting providers don't?

We offer more than the average cheap hosting provider, as many run into issues with scalability, flexible contracts, and a promised secure website. We consider everything when offering our hosting service, including what technologies we use to ensure your site is safe from DDoS attacks with high-quality security and DDoS protection.

Our team is also always available to help you with any issues you may face; as we deal with many developing servers with extremely technical solutions, we know that using a dedicated server requires knowledge and assistance. Therefore, our team is available 24/7/365 to provide you with the best experience with our incredible hosting service.

What is managed vs. unmanaged hosting?

You will notice managed and unmanaged VPS options when provided with a dedicated server. A managed server, unlike unmanaged, refers to the hosting provider handling the cloud environment management, such as server system upgrades. Along with these fantastic management options, we also feature many incredible benefits to a managed VPS server:

  • Time Management: No more wasting time on unnecessary work input. Focus on what matters for the development of your site.

  • Error or Stress-Free: Avoid the risks of complicating your system via costly mistakes. Our managed servers are 100% run by professional developers and tech crews to ensure your server is always at optimal performance.

  • Stay Up to Date: Keeps your system constantly updated at intervals. As a result, the provider is aware of new technology developments.

  • Easy Configuration: Well-programmed configuration from a provider with managed servers help reduce more possible fees.

  • Reduces Risk: Managed servers reduce technical risks when needing a fix, allowing the provider to fully understand and fix any issues correctly rather than possibly jeopardizing the entire system.

  • Generate More Traffic: If you have a complex business plan, having an enhanced background team is essential to generate high traffic in the future.

When it comes to unmanaged options, this allows the more technically advanced users to manage their server systems with little to no assistance. However, this can be potentially more stressful on the user and cause possible delays in production without a proper understanding of back-end operations.

Our vision is to create a stress-free environment, allowing you to concentrate on developing and promoting your website quickly and without possible difficulties. In addition, our technical support is always ready to help when you select the best hosting plan for your business goals.

UI Experience

Uptime Guarantee


Better UI Experience

UI ExperienceWith dedicated hosting comes better overall UI for website visitors. Rather than using shared hosting, today's consumers have high expectations, making dedicated hosting the quickest server type to offer customers immediate access to your products or services. As a result, your customers will benefit from an appealing website, along with speedy page loading times. This also helps with overall SEO ranking, ultimately bringing more traffic to your business.

Dedicated Servers are the future

Dedicated servers are exclusive, which means reliability and peak performance are guaranteed. As the world demands more security and faster upload times, dedicated servers are essential for any company to excel in SEO rankings. We consider this when choosing the best technology to bring your server to the best security rating and performance. With our dedicated hosting plans, your server hosting is far less likely to crash, and you will have the opportunity to reserve your capital for other areas of your hosting business.

Another significant benefit of dedicated servers, making them the future of web hosting, is their flexibility, with the ability to modify or add existing applications or services as your company grows. You can adjust easily to unexpected market conditions or new opportunities with more backup, storage, and processing power.

With a fantastic UI, futuristic features, fast upload, and more reliability, your visitors will experience the highest quality they have seen on a website. Our services ensure you can make this happen with the cheapest dedicated server templates.

Dedicated IP Addresses with 100% Uptime Guarantee

Uptime GuaranteeYou can access dedicated IP addresses with 100% uptime guaranteed with dedicated hosting. With over 20 locations worldwide, you can choose where to set up your cloud server as we host the highest quality data centers to provide you with the lowest latency.

Experience the Lowest Latency in 20 Different Locations

Our data centers are located in some of the most popular locations for web hosting and financial trade (including Forex trading). Using a high-latency server, it is important not to fall prey to losses due to latency issues (slippage). With this, our dedicated servers are a great solution for those looking into a mix between VPS server performance and more control over their located audience.

As one of the cheapest dedicated server options, we take pride in reliable and international market-worthy server hosting. With unmetered bandwidth possibilities, our data centers are provided in the highest traffic locations, such as Amsterdam, New York, and Singapore, given your business's huge potential for scaling and growth. In addition, we take geo-location seriously. No matter where you are, our dedicated hosting will follow you and still provide high-quality performance, whether at home or in a coffee shop in another country.

Choosing the Correct Location

Where you choose your server location is crucial to your potential for success. Picking the wrong location might affect your performance, SEO rankings, and overall productivity. Be sure to know where most of your audience lies, so you can select the perfect location to give them the lowest latency experience possible.

Based on bandwidth and location, the prices of our locations vary, but we always remain one of the cheapest dedicated server hosts. Be sure to look at our hosted locations to ensure you can customize what works best for you.

High-Performing Technology

High-PerformingWe use extremely high-quality virtual machine operations to ensure you experience the quickest machine-building experience compared to actual machine production. Our unique technique of replicating data with our storage replication technology of replicating data between real storage units and virtual machines keeps your data safe and accessible.

KVM is the answer to a perfect dedicated servers

We use KVM virtualization and ready-to-use Linux & Windows templates to give you top-notch VPS and dedicated hosting experiences. The benefits of KVM virtualization go beyond simple machine building, as the features make your overall dedicated server experience seamless and flexible. A few benefits of KVM virtualization would be:

  • Improved Performance

  • Enhanced Security

  • Scalability

  • Flexibility

  • Simplicity

Secured Data with our Standard Replication

Triple data replication is an extremely effective way to ensure the durability and longevity of your data. It offers high data protection and reduces the risk of data loss due to a single drive failure or data corruption. Triple data replication also increases the redundancy of your data. You have more than one copy of data in case one gets corrupted; you have access to backup and protection against total data loss. A few other benefits of triple data replication would be:

  • Reliability and High Availability

  • End-to-end data integrity

  • Backup and Recovery

  • Scale-out for automatic recovery

  • Real-time data replication

  • Networking Protocols

  • Network Redundancy

Linux and Windows pre-configured plans

Our dedicated hosting plans are offered Linux and Windows pre-configured plans based on KVM technology. Our templates are designed to get you up and running quickly, with rapid virtual machine creation in your desired data center location.

Throughout Linux and Windows, each system serves a particular purpose, and we are here to cover each of those plans as quickly and effectively as possible.