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$5.99 Save 30%
$ 3,99 /mo
1 GB memory
1 core processor
20 GB SSD disk
500 GB transfer
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8 GB memory
8 cores processor
160 GB SSD disk
4 TB transfer
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$ 15,99 /mo
4 GB memory
4 cores processor
80 GB SSD disk
2 TB transfer

Super-fast speeds guaranteed

Our Canada data centres offer fast processing speeds and low latency to businesses and internet users. Whether you're looking for a VPS for Windows or for Linux, you're in luck: here at VPS Server, we boast a number of VPS locations, including in Canada. Powered by KVM virtualisation, you'll get access to the fastest SSD VPS available on the internet.

The best VPS network performance on the market

If you're looking for speedy performance that constantly delivers, as well as security features such as protection from DDoS attacks, you'll be happy to know that our Canada servers meet your expectations in these areas. Our Canada hosting offering enjoys an impressive 1Gbit port connection, so it boasts high quality, fast connections with other exchanges across North America, such as those in the United States. 99.99% uptime is guaranteed and outstanding I/O performance is secured. If you're looking to grow your business, our Canada VPS gives you the room to do so!

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IPv6 2604:bc0:4::2
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Canada VPS Hosting

VPS hardware and software: only the best

When it comes to hosting in Canada, our platform offers the best software and hardware that money can buy. Best of all, the interface is so easy to use – you can pick it up right away, without any extra training! Ask us today for a demonstration and we'll show you how you can set yourself up.

$4.99 per month – a bargain price

If you're looking for a quality, fast and reliable Canada hosting solution at a great price, look no further. We can customise our plans to suit you, but our most basic options start from just $4.99 a month. So, if you're not sure if our services with you, you don't have to fork out a large amount of cash straight away! What do you get for that $4.99+ per month? Unmatched performance, guaranteed security and minimum downtime! To try before you buy, get in touch and we'll get you started with a seven-day trial.

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VPS coverage globally

Don't just presume that our VPS coverage only extends to Canada – we actually offer more then 10 server locations right across the world, from the United States of America to Singapore. Wherever you want to set up your server, know that you can benefit from an easy-to-use platform, low latency speeds, rock-solid security and – most importantly – a totally reasonable price.

Further location information

Canada boasts a variety of internet exchanges and data centres, so our VPS can provide your web users with a superior user experience by virtue of speedy loading times, security features and more. When you use our VPS hosting in Canada, you benefit from low latency – this means that your server is located close to major internet exchanges (just like many of the most well-known and popular internet providers) which allow us to offer you lightning-fast speeds and reliability. Want to set up a web presence in North America? Investing in a Canada data centre is a sensible decision to make.

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