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Searching for a reliable VPS for your WordPress website ends with our high-end technology offering the best VPS hosting experience. Choose from any of our easy set-up templates with a large variety of Standard, CPU-optimized, or Memory-optimized plans. With our managed WordPress hosting, you can expect instant server activation with the fastest 24/7 technical support to ensure your website is set up securely and quickly. Choose between our Windows or Linux Cloud VPS servers and experience high-quality performance with 24/7 Live backup solutions.

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Choose Among Our Popular Virtual Private Server Resources

Seamless Migration Assistance

Popular Virtual Private ServerVirtual Private Servers are a breeze to choose among our WordPress hosting solution options. Your WordPress site management should be entirely up to your standards, so our server configurations are the most reliable and secure hosting solutions. Feel free to take advantage of our 1-7 day risk-free trial.

Secure & Safe

WordPress websites require many security measures to avoid DDoS attacks, so we prioritize our safety technology. We provide you with the best security in the market to prevent and bring awareness to potential attacks on your website.

Fast Firewall Set-up

With large data workloads, we promise to provide your server resources with a quick firewall set-up. As soon as your server is set up, your firewall is immediately online to protect your virtual server.

Flexible Billing

Experience no contracts and affordable servers. Choose how long you want to keep your server with no strings attached. Hourly, daily, or monthly, we are available for you.

Realtime Server Operation

We provide 24/7/365 physical server operation to deliver high-quality web hosting service with dedicated resources towards high-end cloud computing services. No need to worry about downed site issues. We have your business covered 100% of every day.

Cloud VPS

Choose between any of our Windows or Linux Cloud Servers with high-performance cloud deployment models in just one server or 20 valuable data center locations.

Live Backup Power

Keeping your server's data storage saved in real-time is extremely important. No more worries about downtimes when using your web hosting service. We keep all stored data and your information safe and secure.

20 locations worldwide

Worldwide Coverage for Your Lowest Latency

Data Center Locations in 20 Major Regions

Our data centers span 20 locations worldwide to ensure you are provided with guaranteed resources and speedy website upload. Bring your targeted audience to an optimized WordPress website and choose the best cloud services for your business.

With NvME SSD storage, your WordPress website will operate five times faster than average storage resources. Additionally, your Virtual Private Server scales your bandwidth higher as your site grows. Never will you experience a slow WordPress website ever again with our VPS hosting services.

What We Implement in WordPress VPS Hosting

Our Virtual Private Servers are unmatched through our cloud hosting solution for multiple users worldwide.

  • Reliable Server Resources

    Our operations use a 40Gbit Mellanox network powered by high-end Intel E5 processors, ensuring you never face bottleneck speeds, especially at peak times. Our WordPress website VPS servers are optimized for the fastest-loading website operations. We have also optimized our servers to be accessed remotely anywhere in the world, giving you full root access to your website data and users to operate when and where you need to. Our VPS hosting environment is designed to be customized how you need it with a reliable beyond expectation.

  • Multiple Cloud Hosting Locations

    We offer up to 20 different cloud hosting locations to boost your company's recognition in the regions you need it. We understand that this is essential when t choosing your VPS hosting location. Depending on our desired location, we offer data centers across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and North Australia. Of the most notable locations, especially for those within the financial industry or digital operations, we offer data centers in New York City, Singapore, Tokyo, London, and Amsterdam. Please take advantage of our possible locations for what works best for you and your business.

  • No-Contract Services

    We know that a long-term contract can be frustrating when business plans change. This is why we have made all our VPS hosting plans contract-free. You are the one who can choose how long and how much your server will be, with personalized template options. Rather than other hosting providers who force you to a one-year contract or fool you into three years for a lower price, we offer the perfect opportunities to avoid this situation. Not only are our services affordable, starting at 3.99 a month, but you can choose how long you want it, with no ties to a high price.

  • Data Protection with Live Backups

    One of the biggest fears website owners have is losing all data, which is why we have obtained high-quality KVM virtualization technology to enhance the security of your website. Preventing malicious attacks, our technology ensures your dedicated server hosting solution is the best in its class.

WordPress Websites

Fast Storage

24/7 Support

Take Better Control of Your WordPress Websites

WordPress WebsitesUsing WordPress as your website or running your projects, you will need a managed WordPress hosting service that is quick and easy. WordPress is highly flexible, so we have made our VPS hosting service easy to use and flexible. Our control panel is designed not only to provide an easy-to-use UI experience but also to put the principle of flexibility at the heart of its purpose. From advanced settings to data management or even firewall set-up, you have full root access to everything your VPS hosting dreams could imagine.

Secure 3-Way Storage for Fast Storage

Fast StorageThere are many cheap shared hosting providers out there that offer poor service and old RAID storage operations. Over time, you will feel the effects of poor service and slow website issues. As a managed hosting name provider, we put a lot of thought into wanting our users to experience high-performing storage capabilities at a fair price.

For every service, we offer a KVM SSD storage solution that we implemented so you never face a slow website again. In addition, KVM provides the following to improve your website performance:

  • Improved Overall Performance

  • Enhanced Security

  • Scalability

  • Flexibility

  • Simplicity

In addition to these benefits, KVM is open-source, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer open-source solutions.

24/7 Support for Your WordPress Site

24/7 SupportNo matter how simple our control panel may be or to manage your VPS hosting data, you may need to pop a question or two. For example, maybe you feel like something is not operating correctly, and you need technical support for assistance. This is why we always offer the best technical specialists 24/7 to help you at any time of day or night. Hosting should be done; we are here to ensure you experience worry-free VPS hosting.

Our experts are always one message away when you need them and are fully equipped to handle many queries about our service. Whether you are trying to hit a deadline late at night or need to ask a simple question on the go, we can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between shared hosting and VPS hosting?

Shared hosting and VPS hosting both serve entirely different purposes. A shared hosting plan is a better option for those who do not want to deal with server configuration and administration issues. Typically, these can be blogs or informational websites.

If you require a dedicated resources plan for running an operating system with full access to managing the website, virtual private server hosting is the best option to work with. With full root access and configures to the website, this fits your needs to the highest potential.

Do you offer WordPress VPS hosting with root access?

Our VPS hosting options for WordPress can give you full root access to your server's configurations and management. This enables all of our customers complete control over the server. In addition, root access is crucial for managing various server aspects, including data management, file access, and much more.

Although it is essential to know that with full root access same physical server, you can make changes that could put your website at risk and can ultimately negatively affect your website's performance, this is why we also offer a managed WordPress hosting solution that can help you focus on other areas of your website besides the backend. Choosing a suitable template for you is extremely important, and we are here 24/7 for any questions you may have during the set-up process.

What Types of VPS hosting do you provide?

We provide many different templates from Windows to Linux web hosting services. These are the most popular operating systems for VPS hosting to date. We offer many other plans within Linux as well as in Windows. A few of our Linux operations are:

  • Debian: An open-source Linux software offering 59,000 packages and supports various functions, including editing documents, developing software, connecting to networks, debugging packages, mixing sound, or even playing games.

  • Alpine Linux: An overall Linus operating system designed for firewalls, VPNs, VoIP boxes, servers, and containers.

  • Rocky Linux: Another popular operating system through Linux, designed after CentOS was discontinued. Notable for binary compatibility, downstream, and consistent software upgrades.

We also provide Cloud Linux, Open Suse, and Alma Linux. As for our Windows operating systems, we provide the latest Windows Server, known as Windows Server 2022, released in August 2021. This version enhances security with hybrid capabilities with Azure and supports modern workloads.

Overall, hosting on Linux or Windows allows you to enjoy some of these key features:

  • Instant Set-up: Instant Windows VPS set up with your WordPress websites.

  • Full Administrator Access: You gain complete control over your VPS hosting service, allowing you to manage and install custom software as needed.

  • Scalable Resources: All of our VPS hosting plans are easily scalable. This enables you to upgrade or downgrade your server resources between CPU, RAM, and Storage according to your business needs.

  • 24/7 Customer Support: Our experts are available 24/7 to help assist you with any questions or issues you may encounter during your set-up and running server.

Is Linux or Windows better for WordPress Hosting?

For VPS hosting on WordPress, Linux is much better than Windows OS. WordPress runs on PHP, which takes up a vast amount of time for configuration compared to Windows. The Microsoft Access database could also slow down your website as it is not as strong as MySQL. Linux requires no licensing, along with being much more affordable than Windows. Like WordPress, Linux is also an open-source platform where developers can contribute to make it a secure platform with the ability for flexibility, development, and custom code.

Can the user customize their VPS hosting offer?

The user can customize the right hosting solution for their offer using our custom-build plans. According to your needs, you can contact our tech team today and tell us everything you require to provide you with a fully custom offer. We will devise an affordable plan for all your WordPress website needs. With access to many operating systems, you will not need to worry about finding an extremely reliable and affordable VPS server again.

Can I share my WordPress VPS with others?

It is possible to share your WordPress through our Linux and Windows operations. Although it is advised that you are cautious to ensure your server remains highly secured. Keeping your private credentials to yourself is highly recommended, even if you trust the other individual. This can expose your website to several security threats.

Do I need knowledge of Linux before using it for my WordPress site?

Having a basic knowledge of Linux operating systems is highly advised before entering into a new Linux server with no knowledge at all. On the other hand, if you have ample knowledge, you will have no issues working through the technical aspects of our operating systems, which is highly advised when considering Linux as your virtual server operation.

Considering all of our plans are scalable, you also have access to Windows, which is much easier to manage than Linux. This is typically preferred among those who do not want to worry about back-end development. Although, we encourage all of our users to understand the basics of Linux to experience the best performance for our lowest budget assistance.

What Storage do you provide for your WordPress services?

We know that a fast website is essential to get your business ranking on the first page of Google. Because of that, we provide enhanced technology to ensure you are provided the best 3-way storage for fast storage and live backup for all of your data needs. With our pre-built Linux systems, KVM technology, and high-quality NvME SSD storage, our virtual server experience is unmatched by any other web hosting service. Our dedicated hosting is top-of-the-line for the best hosting provider solutions. Please take advantage of our state of the are VPS WordPress hosting with just a few clicks.

Scalable RAM, CPU, and Storage Options

Storage OptionsOur VPS hosting plans are scalable depending on your WordPress website needs. Along with our managed WordPress hosting, we ensure your scalability is easy and flexible to prioritize your customization options.

Ditch slow website loading times

With the help of our NvME VPS hosting plan, you will never need to worry about slow website loading times ever again. With KVM, storage replication, and pre-built Linux templates, we provide the next-level VPS technology for faster read and write speeds, website performance, and higher search engine rankings.

NvME (Non-Volatile Memory Express) is a highly optimized and scalable security protocol that produces lightning-fast read and write speeds on solid-state drives (SSDs), greatly reducing website load times and improving flash storage's overall performance.