CentOS VPS stands for Community enterprise Operating System. It is an Linux distribution which is one of the most used operation systems at this time. The first version of CentOS was released in 2004. There are many versions available, all official released OS’s are available on vpsserver.com. CentOS Server is compatible and based on Red Hat enterprise Linux. CentOS is free to use because it is an open source model.

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Centos VPS

The positive effect of the internet on global sales is caused by Centos VPS's role in website performance. In today's business world, sellers mostly get consumers' attention via online awareness. However, a main problem evolved in rising years, which is the management of overcrowded website visitors. Thus, the evolvement of a virtual private server, also known as VPS.

Virtual private server is a popular physical machine server, alongside two competitors - dedicated server and shared hosting. The physical machine in VPS uses a partition known as a hypervisor to separate the servers hosted on the same machine. These servers share different resources, including RAM, disk space, CPU, and bandwidth. On the contrary, service providers supply the same resources to servers hosted on a shared platform, while a user has access to a whole physical machine in dedicated hosting. Meanwhile, the level of resource sharing on the three types of server hosting influences performance rate. Instead of this, the virtual private server is the intermediary between shared and dedicated hosting, both in function and quality. Nevertheless, you can get the same service available in dedicated server at a lesser VPS, when you sign up with a reputable service providing company.

As you read further, this article provides information on Centos VPS description, various versions of Centos available, and why you should use a Centos VPS.

What is Centos VPS?

The virtual private server has two major operating systems, known as Linux OS and Windows OS. Linux-based VPS is found among users than Windows VPS, due to its cheap installation. Windows OS requires license fee before installation. Meanwhile, Microsoft safeguard windows system by encrypting its software. Linux OS has several operators for users, including Centos VPS.

Centos VPS is a short form for Community Enterprise Operating System. It is an open-source operating system under the Red Hat Enterprise Linux, also known as RHEEL. Centos is a popular choice of Linux operators among users. It is licensed under a commercial product, RHEEL, equipping it with a  highly secured gateway.

Developers created the first version of CentOS in the year 2004. Since then, developers have initiated many more versions of CentOs. You can get the latest versions on vpsserver.com. Also, many users can access CentOS since it's an open-source model.

Why then should you use Centos VPS?

Although we often recommend Centos VPS for almost every user, there are certain things you should consider. Centos VPS runs on very high performance, so it is preferable for 64bit and 32bit VPS servers. Moreover, you may wonder if to run a Centos on Windows VPS? Altjough it is possible to install this operating system on Windows, it requires plenty resources, which is why many Windows users stay away from it. However, it's easier to set up Centos on Windows than Linux configured system. Linux requires a more technical set up, but you can successfully run your server on lesser resources.

Benefits of Centos

Having understood the concept behind Cent operating system, why then should you use a Centos. Various advantages contribute to the vast usage of Centos than others. This article pays attention to the most influencing factors. Firstly, users have the privilege to operate both KVM and Xen virtualization on Centos, which is an added advantage. Moreover, Centos is mostly available on VPS, cloud, and dedicated servers. In recent years, Centos has gained popularity, such that many users set up multiple servers, e-commerce subjects, multimedia, and informative blogs on their websites.

  • 1. Easy scalability

A great benefit available in Centos VPS is the ability to scale up server resources. Change is constant and inevitable in almost every business. However, change can either tends upward or downward. Hence, Centos provides the chance to either scale upward or downward. For every successful business, growth will lead to an increase in the number of resources it needs. Running your server on insufficient resources is a threat to server performance. It could hinder fast web loading pages, which will cause a bad experience for the website visitors. Thus, every business owner should be concerned about the impression the website projects, especially to first-time visitors.

As time passes, a business owner will increase resources to meet customers' needs. Our Centos VPS allows you to upgrade to a bigger plan without having to reboot or switch off.

  • 2. Root Access

Another benefit of Centos is the provision of root access. Some providers restrict user's root access. Moreso, when purchasing your server, confirm if you will be provided with Cento's root. This root access gives users the permission to tweak or make changes to the control panel and system settings. It also allows you to fully manage your server account, configure your system, and install your preferred software and applications.

  • 3. Maximum security

Security is one of the concerns of users today. Cybercrimes are rapidly increasing than ever. Hence, you need an operating system that guarantees optimum protection. Much more, a reputable service providing company. Centos has built-in features that will protect your server from external attack. Since Centos VPS is partitioned by the hypervisor, it improves the security system. That is, whenever a server security system breaches, it doesn't affect the other servers present. More so, when a server runs out of resources, you are less bothered about not running your server. Likewise, you have your server running on dedicated resources, including CPU, bandwidth, and RAM. Instead of this, many reputable companies provide unlimited bandwidth. The unlimited bandwidth is usually available for a stipulated time frame.

Security-Enhanced Linux is another security feature available on Centos. It allows you to set up rules on accessing and downloading files on your server. Whenever access compromises a security process, the set policy prevents the attacker from accessing advanced features.

  • 4. Support multiple languages

Centos is known for supporting most coding languages, including PHP, Perl, Python, and an interface. With this, you can create multiple applications on your server. Moreover, Centos provides stability and excellent functions for web hosting. Also, Centos provides great support for web host manager (WHM), and control panel installation. That is, you can easily install and upgrade your control panel with Centos. Meanwhile, Cpanel and WHM is the two popular control panel many operators utilize. Hence, if you are either using WHM or Cpanel, you should consider using a Centos.

  • 5. Technical support and stability

In most cases, applications require a long-term update. Hence, the operating system you run on your server should have a long-lasting updating time frame. Centos has many versions underneath, with many requiring a minimum of 10 years update. Hence, you can be sure your server wouldn't run on slow performance for a long time.

CentOS VPS Hosting Features

There are various CentOS VPS hosting features available, which contributes to its wide acceptability among users. CentOS VPS is equipped with features that improves its performance rate. Some of the features you get to enjoy include the following:

  • • Multiple management support

CentOS VPS provides support in carrying out several management options. Generally, the virtual private servers can either be managed or unmanaged. Managed VPS implies that your service provider is responsible for carrying out several tasks, including updating and installing software on your server. Meanwhile, some techy-savvy users opt for the unmanaged VPS plan. In an unmanaged VPS plan, the user is solely responsible for handling technical tasks. The service provider does regular website maintenance.

Managing the VPS server can be tricky. Hence we recommend CentOS VPS for easy operation. As mentioned earlier, Cent operating system supports multiple management programs. These programs include cPanel, Webmin, Plesk, InterWorx, DirectAdmin, CWP, Virtualmin, and Spacewalk. These platforms permit users to host multiple websites and keep a record of server activities. Also, you can run a mail server, game server, and web hosting at the same time.

  • • Standard hardware

Another premium CentOS VPS hosting feature we provide is the standard hardware options available. These, including SSD, and Intel Xeon CPUs, provide maximum uptime, and faster download and loading speed for users. Also, it increases the capacity level of your server.

  • • Uptight security

We have uptight security measures put in place, including the DDoS attack protection system. It prevents your server from sudden performance failure. Also, we have firewalls, which ensure that your server is protected from even dangerous DDoS attacks. Our policy enforcement ensures unsupported agents do not access your data or information. Hence, our 3-way storage system stores up and restores data in case of any loss.

Choose Your Perfect CentOS Virtual Private Server Packages

Another thing you should consider is how to choose your perfect CentOS virtual private server packages. In VPS world, you cannot imitate the server set up of a close user or friend. Many reputable companies will customize your server based on what your website needs. Hence, when choosing the CentOS version or requirements, consider the virtual private server package tailored to your needs. For instance, a web hosting server would require a minimum of 4GB RAM, while a multi-purpose server would require up to 16GB RAM to run effectively. Therefore, it gives enough room to make needed adjustments in the nearest future.

Your target audience also determines how you run your CentOS VPS. If your website takes many visitors daily, you need a large disk space to avoid crashing down. Likewise, there are two popular types of CentOS, known as 32bits and 64bits CentOS. Each bit describes the available space on the CentOS operators.

Buy Cheap CentOS VPS Server

Looking to buy a cheap CentOS VPS server? You are at the right place. It's no doubt you will come across many VPS offers during your online search. However, the important thing is to get the right value at a lesser price. Hence, avoid falling into the traps of undervalued services or exaggerated offers. Some almost right offer you may come across include unlimited bandwidth. As mentioned earlier, you can indeed get an unlimited bandwidth offer, but it's only available for the given time frame. You may want to ask, how do you get a cheap and quality CentOS VPS server?

During your search, pay attention to the visiting website's standard. If the company has a standard operational website, you can get the best services from it. Also, you can look into reviews or join the online forum. By so doing, you can predict the service quality delivered to past customers.

Although there are cheap CentOS VPS servers, the prices vary from one another. Some prices are cheap, while others are just affordable, which is often based on the package or plans included. We have a 7-days free trial that provides our customers a practical approach before purchasing a CentOS VPS. With our free trial, you can rest assured to get top-notch service in the nearest future.


We have various versions of Centos VPS available. With this, you can choose the preferred choice you want to develop with your server. Moreover, you can reload and update your Centos VPS, incase you don't need an existing version. With our providing company, you can easily upgrade, and at a lesser cost. We have affordable upgrade plans available to every one of our customers. You can subscribe or unsubscribe from a package plan at will.

If you need help in setting up your own CentOS VPS, you can reach out to our customer support team. We have well-trained staffs that are available 24/7. You can reach out, while we give answers to your questions appropriately. Moreover, Do you have limited time and need a managed CentOS VPS, we are the right plug for your business. You can reach us via online chat or email.

If you are looking for an average VPS, you get to purchase the standard packages from us. The packages in this category have well-balanced features and power. Also, we have the CPU optimized and memory-optimized plans, which provide extra CPU power and memory.

Other benefits available with us include:

  • • CentOS Operating system
  • • CentOS server versions, including new and older templates.
  • • Live VPS back-ups

During backups, your server keeps running, without having to switch off or reboot.

  • • Flexible VPS billing, which can be hourly, daily, or monthly. Moreover, our charges aren't contract-based, which allows you to change your plan at will.
  • • Private networking VPS
  • • 24/7 online - Your CentOS VPS Hosting is 24/7 online, with no downtime, and users can access it across the world.
  • • Managed VPS Firewall/Easy and fast firewall setup

You can set your firewalls and manage your control panel effortlessly.

Secured VPS - Our VPS servers provide the best available Virtual Server on the market.

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