Install Wordpress on cPanel

Wordpress installation on Cpanel


WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP. But in non-geek speak, it's probably the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) in existence today.

Wordpress is used by millions of websites ranging from blogs, businesses, non-profit around the world today with the example of TechCrunch, BBC America, Sony Music, MTV News, Best Buy, Xerox, ESPN Blog, Fortune & Time Inc.


Before we can start wordpress we will need the following:

  • A ready installed cPanel
  • a Database
  • Wordpress files

Downloading Wordpress

We need to go to the wordpress website to download the latest wordpress version. You can go to and download the zip archive which is about 8Mb, save it in your computer for uploading later.

wordpress download page

Uploading and extracting Wordpress Files

From the cPanel File Manager (Files > File Manager), click on the Upload button at the top of the page and you will be taken to another page where you can click Select File. Select the wordpress file you downloaded earlier and wait for it to finish uploading.

uploading wordpress on cpanel

After uploading the file right click on the .zip and select Extract to extract the files. The result would be one folder with the name 'Wordpress'. You may have to move the files inside the 'Wordpress' folder to your public_html.

wordpress files on cPanel

Creating Database and User

We will need a new database for our wordpress installation. To do that, we neww to go back to our cPanel page and click on MySQL® Database Wizard. This is a wizard page for creating our wordpress database and user.

On Step1 we will name our database. For this guide we will name it orders_newdatabasename. Remember that you can only make a database name with 56 characters maximum.

database wizard step 1

On Step2 we will create the database user orders_dbuser and the password. Please note that you can only put a maximum 9 characters for the db user.

add db user page

Step3 is for adding user privileges, for now will will select ALL PRIVILEGES to properly install our wordpress.

wordpress privilege

Step4 completes the task for adding our database and our user.

complete tasks

Installing Wordpress

To install wordpress you will need to open your web browser and enter the link to your wordpress installation folder. For our example our wordpress files are install the folder '/sample' so we will navigate to, you will then be redirected to Wordpress setup page.

From the initial page select the language of your choice then click Continue.

wordpress setup page 1

On the next page you will enter the database details that you created from the database wizard. Enter the details and click on Submit.

enter wordpress  database details

Once wordpress has confirmed communication with the database it will ask you to Run the Install. Click on it to install the wordpress database files.

install wordpress database

on the next page, enter your site name, your administrator username, your password and your valid email then click Install Wordpress.

install wordpress

If all is good and no errors occur you can now login to the Wordpress administration area to add your theme, plugins and more users.

Wordpress Installed

That all it is! You can now work on your blog, business or portfolio website using wordpress.

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  • Esther

    - 5 years ago

    Thanks for the info! I've been following your tutorial and the one you see in this tutorial and the steps of the manual installation are different. Any advice?

    Thank you