Hong Kong VPS location online!

We have now launched our server in a new location: Hong Kong. This is to answer high customer demand. This is our first server within the continent of Asia. It will provide excellent international connectivity. It will also provide reliable cloud hosting services. This new VPS service is based on our trusted support model. This is a system that many global customers rely on. Our new service in Asia is a crucial part of our expansion programme. It brings our services to a larger global marketplace. It also provides new possibilities for clients who need a foothold in Asia.

Hong Kong VPS

Hong Kong VPS the first in Asia

The plan is to offer data centres around the world. Clients can choose the VPS location they want. Hong Kong is an ideal base for this new VPS service in Asia. It has one of the world's biggest Internet exchanges. It has 50 data centres. The choice of Asia as a base for our new low latency VPS services is also due to customer activity. We noticed increasing numbers of visitors from throughout the continent. A growing range of companies need us to provide a server here.

Responsive and secure VPS service in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong server provides a responsive and versatile service. As all our locations do. This includes a 24-hour help desk. The help desk will be available every day of the week. It also includes live support to answer queries in real time. The server will include other high-performance features. Such as a high standard of security and protection. These are the sort of advantages that clients expect from our trusted VPS services. There is more good news too. Costs for running a server in Hong Kong are higher than our other locations. But, we won’t pass that on to you! Using our Hong Kong server will cost the same as all our other locations. This will not mean compromising on efficiency or protection. The new Hong Kong location will have a high capacity level. It will also offer outstanding performance. The sort of advantages you would expect from VPS Servers’ support.

Templates for VPS at the Hong Kong location

The new server in Hong Kong gives clients a wide range of options for site hosting. This includes using the most common tried and trusted operating systems. We are a supported distributor for the best performing templates. You could have your VPS up and running in seconds, hosted at our new Hong Kong server. Each of the operating systems we offer provide added benefits. This includes the potential to connect your private network with your VPS. You can do backups while the VPS is running. This means there is no interruption to business operations. Our templates also offer quick and easy firewall set up. You can have flexible billing and the option of IPv4 and IPv6 support.

Asia VPS services that grow with your business

Listening to our clients enables us to stay one step ahead of their low latency VPS requirements. We have built this new VPS service in Hong Kong to support the future growth of clients. This includes providing Cloud based business connectivity and communications. Whether your marketplace is Asia or worldwide.

From what our clients tell us, we have got a winning formula at VPS Server. This is what we have replicated at our new Hong Kong location. It will provide our customers with new ways to grow their business across Asia and beyond.

Client testimonials to support Hong Kong VPS service

Are you thinking of using our new VPS service in Hong Kong? We have feedback from happy customers to share with you.

For example, one client said our templates are: “Simple, fast and easy to set up.”

Feedback refers to our 24-hour help service. One client said: “VPS Server is great to work with. Answered all my questions happily and are very easy to work with support wise. Highly recommend them to anyone who is on a budget and needs a solid VPS platform.”

We have many comments that show that client satisfaction is important to us.

Contact us today. We can then discuss how you can use our versatile VPS services for Asia-based businesses. Or any of our data centres worldwide.

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