New launch Beta of provides virtual private servers to its customers at affordable prices. Aimed at helping the web community to leverage on the capabilities of the cloud, offers flexible usage plans. “Our plans are so flexible and dynamic that they would suit a newbie to the industry trying to experiment or a big enterprise looking to extend their private cloud environment”.

Pre-paid model with subscription plans provides virtual private servers both on a subscription basis and on a pre-paid model with instant VPS activation. The subscription plan starts at $5 per month. Users are allowed to subscribe to servers and choose to be charged based on hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis. Customers will also gain access to a user-friendly dashboard from where they can manage their virtual private servers and their accounts.

Focus on the community

The company also has a community of members and users on its website that helps the users share questions/answers and tutorials. looks at expanding its user base through rewards. On those lines, the company provides credits to its customers and members for virtually all tasks performed on the website.

Affiliate program and referrals also has an affiliate program and invites partners to join them in this revolutionary business model. Speaking about the programs and its business roadmap, “This affiliate program is very unique and lets the affiliates choose the type of plan they want to enroll with. By becoming an affiliate, a member can choose if s/he wants to get a one-time payment or monthly commissions or a combination of both”. Rewarded through credits that can be redeemed against subscription fees, programs such as this and its referral program shows its future to be bright.

Future developments currently uses datacenters in the USA (Miami VPS), United Kingdom (London, coming soon) and plans on expanding its datacenter base further in the next financial year. Post the beta launch, there will be an official, full-fledged launch in the second quarter of 2016.