Windows VPS

We recently added Windows licenses to our service portal. It is now possible to order a Windows VPS with a Windows licence. We are an official Microsoft partner which means we can provide all server licenses. The licences we provide are for our VPS servers are Windows 2008 and 2012. All Windows servers license cost $10 per server a month.

Also many brokers use an VPS for 24/7 uptime. Some applications used for trading need uptime guarantee. There are different Windows OS available for VPS servers.

Our available versions:

- Windows 2012 Standard Edition X64 R2 (recently added on January 2017)

- Windows 2012 Standard Edition X64 R2

- Windows 2008 Web Edition X64 R2

- Windows 2008 Standard Edition X64 R2

Windows can be used for Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), but has many other features.

Go to the page and order your server right away.

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