Matomo Self-Hosting Guide, Taking Control of Your Data


Matomo leads ethical analytics in a world where privacy and data sovereignty matter.

Matomo's open-source philosophy and customizable features promote data-driven decisions in a transparent, accountable digital environment.


Matomo (formerly Piwik), a top web analytics software, gives users extensive stats on their websites and apps.

Unlike many analytics programs, Matomo's source code is public and open-source. This transparency fosters trust and provides users with full data control.

Website performance, custom reports, marketing analysis, and visitor behaviour search are among Matomo's many features. Business and individual users seeking privacy- and data-controlled analytics solutions prefer it.

Importance of Data Analytics

Importance of Data Analytics

Matomo dominates data analytics because of its commitment to user privacy, openness, and data sovereignty.

Giving customers fine-grained data control and self-hosting options lets companies gain important insights without compromising user privacy.

Matomo's flexible reporting features allow users to track KPIs, identify patterns, and optimize their online presence based on data.

Advantages of Self-Hosting

Advantages of Self-Hosting

The Matomo self-hosting option lets users host the analytics platform on their servers or infrastructure instead of using the cloud.

User control over their data is fully granted, and compliance with data privacy regulations is ensured.

In terms of advantages, self-hosting Matomo offers a few:

Data Ownership

By avoiding data breaches and other forms of unauthorized access, users can reduce their dependence on third-party services and keep ownership of their data through self-hosting.

Ensuring Privacy

By housing sensitive data on their infrastructure and putting it under their direct control, users can stay in compliance with data privacy requirements like GDPR through self-hosting.


Integrating with other systems, adding custom tracking features, and altering the user interface are all ways in which Matomo installations can be tailored to suit unique business needs.

Save Money

Setting up and maintaining a self-hosted Matomo instance may incur some initial costs. Still, it may end up being more economical than paying for Matomo cloud-hosted solutions on an ongoing subscription basis.

Matomo Cloud - The Best Service Provider

Installing the web analytics utility Matomo self-hosting on your servers guarantees that you retain ownership of the data. VPSserver provides cloud-based Virtual Private Servers (VPS) at reasonable prices and with quick connections. VPSserver grants you the ability to tailor your web hosting environment to your specific needs and desires. You may obtain the following advantages:

  • Your data will be under your sole ownership and control.

  • You have greater customization and flexibility alternatives. You determine the optimal operating system, software, and configurations.

  • Your privacy and security are enhanced. Data can be safeguarded against unauthorized access by third parties, hackers, or government agencies.

Integrating Matomo with Other Tools and Platforms

Integrating Matomo with Other Tools

Matomo integrates with many CMS and e-commerce platforms, allowing users to leverage its strong analytics in their present digital ecosystems.

Company data ownership and privacy are well-known.

Whether you run a WordPress website, an e-commerce platform, or anything else, Matomo integration can provide valuable data on user behaviour, campaign effectiveness, and website performance.

Integrating Matomo with Content Management Systems and E-commerce Platforms

Integrating Matomo with Content Management System

The WordPress Platform

The WordPress Platform

WordPress powers millions of websites, so connecting Matomo to it should be easy.

Install the Matomo plugin from the WordPress plugin repository to use Matomo's advanced analytics features from their WordPress dashboard.

This integration lets users track site performance and visitor activity and generate detailed reports without leaving WordPress.

The Magento Platform

The Magento Platform

Matomo allows for thorough tracking of consumer interactions, product performance, and conversion funnels for Magento-built e-commerce websites.

By integrating the Matomo tracking code into their Magento website, users may enhance sales performance, optimize marketing efforts, and obtain insights into client behaviour.

The Shopify Platform

The Shopify Platform

Integrating Matomo with Shopify allows users to take advantage of analytics as well. Using the Matomo tracking code on their Shopify website, users can monitor essential metrics. This data-driven approach helps businesses improve the customer experience and boost sales.

Integrating Matomo with Other Tools for Comprehensive Data Analysis

Google Analytics Alternative

With Matomo, users have full authority over their analytics infrastructure, making it a potent competitor to Google Analytics. By connecting Matomo with Google Analytics, users can maintain credentials to web analytics features and reports, allowing them to shift their tracking efforts to automate Testing and Integration Solutions.

Because it is open-source, Matomo can be integrated with many different testing and continuous integration (CI) technologies. This means that users may automate integration tests, system tests, and UI tests to ensure that their Matomo installation is stable and reliable.

Popular CI solutions like Travis CI and Jenkins can automate the deployment of Matomo updates and releases. This helps with software quality assurance and minimizes the chance of security concerns.

Recording Sessions and Creating Heatmaps

By integrating Matomo with session recording and heatmap technologies, users can obtain more profound insights into user behaviour and interaction patterns on their websites.

Integrating third-party tools makes it easy to see how users interact with your site and where improvements are needed.

Matomo self-hosting issues and Troubleshooting

Matomo self-hosting issues and Troubleshooting

Installation Mistakes


Users may have installation problems.


Verify system prerequisites and dependencies. Check installation logs for error notices and fix them.

Tracking Code Integration


The Matomo tracking code may not interact correctly with the website.


Ensure the tracking code is correctly placed on all website pages. Check and fix tracking requests with browser developer tools.

Accuracy of data

Accuracy of data


Users may encounter data discrepancies or errors in analytics.


Look for typical problems like numerous tracking codes on the same page, wrong placement, or browser caching. Check server logs for data collection difficulties.



Matomo's server performance may suffer from excessive traffic or resource-intensive tasks.


Enhance server performance by boosting resources, optimizing queries, and using caching.

Compatible plugins


Matomo plugins may not function properly or conflict with others.


Disable newly installed plugins and test compatibility. For compatibility concerns and fixes, see plugin documentation and community forums.

Backup and Recover Data


Matomo users may experience problems backing up and restoring data.


Regularly backup Matomo's database and configuration files. Periodically test backup and recovery techniques for data integrity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Matomo Analytics?

An open-source analytics platform, Web Analytics (formerly Piwik), provides all the information you need about website traffic and user behaviour.

What sets Matomo apart from Google Analytics?

Matomo prioritizes data ownership and privacy. Google Analytics stores data on the server provided by Google, whereas Matomo can be self-hosted on-premise.

What is the main feature of Matomo On-Premise?

It is the name of the self-hosted Matomo Analytics version. Users have complete data ownership and setup Matomo On-Premise since they may install it on their servers or infrastructure.

I need to know how to install Matomo Analytics?

The installation of Matomo Analytics is simple. From the official website, users can download the Matomo programme and then follow the installation instructions that are supplied. On the other hand, some hosting systems offer one-click install solutions.

What are the features of the Matomo Dashboard?

Matomo dashboard offers impressive features including access to analytics metrics and reports from the Matomo dashboard. Users can also get access to other features that help them get perfect insights.

Who keeps Matomo Analytics data?

Matomo Analytics users have full control over website data. Unlike Google Analytics, Matomo lets users store data on-premise or in their infrastructure.

Is it possible to automate the integration tests in Matomo Analytics?

Matomo Analytics includes automated integration tests so users can be sure that their installation is stable and dependable. Continuous integration servers can automate testing and deployment.

Can you tell me what kinds of analytics Matomo provides?

Matomo provides both simple and advanced analytics features to meet the needs of users with varied degrees of analytical expertise.

Why is Matomo so effective at releasing web analytics?

Matomo gives users complete control over their data and analytics infrastructure, liberating web analytics. Matomo lets consumers self-host the analytics platform and employ powerful analytics tools to protect their data.

Is it possible to install Matomo On-Premise on a continuous integration server?

Matomo On-Premise can be installed on a continuous integration server, allowing users to automate testing and deployment. Because of this, Matomo can be easily integrated into the development workflow, guaranteeing reliable, high-quality software.

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