VPSServer.com subscription models work on the basis of pre-payment or subscription to services on a monthly basis. Users who do not pay for their subscription will be sent a notice informing them to make the payment on time. This happens if the credit card or PayPal account does not have sufficient funds.

The notice will remind the user that the date of payment is either close or has passed. After a set number of reminder notices (depending on the plan you choose), the VPS will be terminated automatically and all data (config and user uploaded) will be lost.


Takedown is what happens when a user fails to pay on time, or requests VPSServer to eliminate all the available data on VPSServer’s storage. Manually terminating a VPS erases all data stored on it.

Account suspension does not mean a Takedown has taken place. Selected subscribers are given a standard grace period during which they can make the payment and continue using our services.


A VPS is disqualified when one or more of the following scenarios occur:

  • When, for some reason, an account cannot be billed
  • When a VPS violates the content and hosting rules laid out in the Terms and Conditions

Disqualification may also occur when VPSServer or regulatory bodies identify issues related to account/official information shared by the user. Contact us to find out more.

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