Installation of Docker on Ubuntu 18.04


Start by running Ubuntu updates

  1. sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade
  2. Confirm the download with ‘Y’.
  3. Wait until the update & upgrade has finished.

First we have to install the required packages

  • sudo apt-get install apt-transport-https ca-certificates curl gnupg-agent software-properties-common

Add the Docker GPG key

  • curl -fsSL | sudo apt-key add -

Now we have to install the Docker repository

  • sudo add-apt-repository "deb [arch=amd64] $(lsb_release -cs) stable" Now we are able to install Docker

  • sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install docker-ce docker-ce-cli Docker has been installed. Check if Docker is working

  • sudo docker run hello-world If you get the following message, your Docker installation is working:

Hello from Docker! This message shows that your installation appears to be working correctly.