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Located in Downtown Chicago, Illinois, our data center is one of the best locations with a direct line to the internet exchange for VPS hosting. This is a perfect location in Chicago as it offers excellent access to the Midwest and other major international destinations. All major internet carriers from North America connect to the Chicago internet exchange.

With our VPS in Chicago, Illinois, you can enjoy ultra-low latency and super-fast connection speed coupled with robust hardware infrastructure connecting you to major cities in your region. In addition, the access also extends to the city’s financial and cultural resources and other US locations such as New York City, Dallas, Atlanta, and Los Angeles, among all other locations.

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Experience the Chicago high-performance

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Benefits of Data Centers and VPS

A data center is a facility that houses computer systems in Downtown Chicago and other related components, such as storage systems and communications. Typically, a data center is designed to store, manage, process, and disseminate a large amount of data for various purposes. These include hosting websites, data storage and backup, disaster recovery operations, running applications, and providing cloud computing services. The advantages of having a VPS server situated in a data center at 427 South Lasalle St, Chicago, USA, encompass the following:

  • High-Quality VPS Performance with access to ultra-low latency, efficiency, and robust network infrastructure. 

  • 24/7/365 access to support services 

  • Enhanced safety and security to help prevent malicious attacks. 

  • Flexibility to provide enterprises with the much-needed support for several other operating systems. 

  • Reduced cost due to minimal configuration and managed services

  • Excellent cloud services

  • Attractive deployment options

  • Disaster recovery operations

Chicago Network Performance & High-Speed Connectivity

Chicago boasts a direct network connection with prominent internet service providers. Your VPS is assured of top-notch connectivity and performance by offering memory and CPU-enhanced plans. Evaluate our network efficiency using the provided network instrument for Chicago-based data centers.

IP Adresses

The following IP addresses can be utilized to evaluate our Chicago infrastructure, ensuring that your website will never experience downtime or disappointment.

IPv4 Chicago

IPv6 Chicago


Download Chicago test files

If you want to test our performance with test files, we've prepared them below.

Coresite datacenter

Datacenter services

Using the Coresite Data Center

Why this locationThe Chicago data center market is strategically positioned as one of America's top 5 data center markets. It is popular as the most optimal location based on high demands for services such as fiber connectivity, disaster risk factors, infrastructures, cloud availability, and more.

With a data center like Coresite strategically located in downtown Chicago, customers are guaranteed ample capacity and exceptionally ultra-low latency to trade round the clock.

The Coresite CH1 data center is a carrier-neutral facility providing access to interconnection with multiple servers for high-speed and super-fast connectivity. Several companies, businesses, and organizations also use it to host websites, run applications, store and backup data, and provide cloud services, among other purposes.

Benefits of Chicago VPS Hosting

A VPS server hosted near Chicago offers many advantages. These include low latency and fast connection speed to major regional cities and access to the city's financial and cultural resources. 

The hosting company also offers easy connectivity, scalability in upgrade and expansion, affordability, and total access and control to your domain to boost safety and security. 

You can enjoy reliable, fast, and industry-leading services from our service providers. Our networks are powered by fast processors built on fast and redundant network connections. 

Data Centers in Chicago

The Chicago area in Illinois, USA, remains a major hub for data centers due to its central location in the United States. As mentioned earlier, Chicago has excellent connectivity to major cities on the east and west coasts. Equipped with the state of the art technology and security systems, the Chicago data centers offer various services, including disaster recovery operations, cloud hosting, and colocation, to name a few.

With excellent internet exchanges, financial and cultural services, and cloud service providers, Chicago is a perfect spot for data centers.

Chicago Data Center Markets

The Chicago Data center market is also one of the largest in the United States. A perfect mix of enterprise data centers, colocation facilities, and cloud service providers characterizes the data center market. The data centers market also has a growing number of hyperscale data centers facilities under development as well as attractive cloud deployment options

The centrality of the location and the robust fiber infrastructure makes it attractive for businesses that require low latency connectivity, low risk of natural disasters, and increased security to major population centers in the eastern and central regions of the United States.

Data center

Chicago Data Centers

Chicago data centers are home to many facilities. These include enterprise data centers, colocation, facilities, and cloud service providers. Some notable data center providers in the downtown Chicago region besides Digital Realty include Equinix, CyprusOne, Iron Mountain, coresite's Chicago data center, and more. The Chicago board options exchange relies heavily on the high-speed, low-latency connectivity these data centers provide to support its trading operations.

With its vital infrastructure services, central location, and growing demand for digital services, the downtown Chicago data center market is expected to grow tremendously in the coming years. More importantly, the data center also has an influx of data center customers.

Chicago’s VPS Hosting 

Chicago offers customers a flexible and scalable solution. This allows customers to host their websites, applications, and other digital services on a virtual private server. Compared to shared hosting, the virtual private server operates independently of other servers on the same system, allowing customers to gain increased control, customization options, and security. 

With VPS hosting, customers can choose the number of resources needed, including CPU, RAM, and storage, to scale up or down based on changes in their needs. For instance, the financial industry involving the Chicago board options exchange, Chicago stock exchange, and the Chicago mercantile exchange all need data centers to support their high-speed trading and data processing, which helps to improve their business continuity in the long run.

Chicago Collocation Services

Digital Reality is one of the most popular collocation services in the Chicago area. This service allows businesses to rent space, power, and connectivity to connect to the internet and other networks.

With scalable collocation services, companies can also have a physical presence with proximity to their users. This is an excellent way to reduce latency and increase data transfer speeds. The facility's central location makes it perfect for businesses with access to reliable power, cooling infrastructure, and excellent connectivity.

Chicago’s Data Centers

Equinix is another major data center in Chicago. The facility operates multiple data centers in Chicago, providing services such as low latency and high-performance connectivity to companies, enterprises, and businesses. In addition, the facility also features advanced security and power infrastructure, 24/7 on-site support, and remote management capabilities to ensure maximum uptime and reliability for its customers.

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Downtown a Chicago datacenter location

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Your Chicago Data Center located?

Our hardware and software are equipped on the Digital Reality location in Chicago with the address: 427 South Lasalle St, Chicago, USA.

What are the costs in Chicago?

Our Chicago VPS plans are offered at a trial rate of 45.99 (feel free to opt for the trial at 31.99 and save up to 33%). Our pricing largely depends on the number of packages and resources you need. In addition to our affordable plans, we also operate flexible payment options where you would be offered discounts for long-term contracts.

What support do you provide in Chicago?

Our customer service and support are available to provide any technical support you require 24/7. From upgrades to changes on your VPS server, count on us to provide any technical issues you might encounter on your system in Chicago. We also provide educational materials to help you understand the nitty-gritty of your system and make the most of it. 

What are the benefits of a data center in Chicago?

The benefits of a data center space in Chicago for a VPS server include a super-fast network connection with access to multiple other networks across the region, advanced security, reliable power, cooling systems, and 24/7 technical and support services. Other benefits include scalability, ultra-low latency, increased safety and security, flexibility, scalability, access to various services, and incredible network performance.