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LAMP Server Ubuntu

LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PhP) is an open source web development platform. By constructing the stack from a set of open source software packages that are already familiar to many developers, a LAMP stack can make it considerably easier to set up a website on a VPS (virtual private server). The resulting server will also be considerably more secure. With businesses across the world becoming increasingly dependent upon software for the most basic of tasks, developers have their work cut out producing user-friendly, reliable software packages.

Businesses are always looking forward, and finding ways to grow and evolve. This means that they need infrastructure that is scalable and can shrink and grow as required. A highly scalable stack like LAMP will go a long way to ensuring that your server makes available as many resources as you need, while also preventing the wasted energy and costs associated with resources that spend most of their time idling. In both cases, businesses are losing out needlessly because of sub-par architecture. A LAMP VPS is much better at handling dynamic loads and scaling its attributes accordingly.


Just as modern businesses need server solutions that are scalable, they also find that they increasingly need to be able to customise their software as well. The advantages of being able to tailor the software to the individual needs of your business are obvious, but many of them are overlooked. In the case of our LAMP VPS packages, the entire stack is built on open source components. This makes customising existing modules, as well as designing new ones, much simpler than it would otherwise be. A LAMP VPS can, therefore, open up new opportunities.

Platform independence

One of the many wonderful things about open source software is that it can be ported between platforms. Not only are LAMP VPSs ideally suited to work with existing operating systems, but their open-source nature means that they are likely to also be compatible with future operating systems, including major new iterations of Windows, Linux, and OSX. With mobile platforms becoming an increasingly powerful force, and an essential component of the enterprise ecosystem, workers who are able to take their work from desktop to mobile without any disruption in service are able to achieve previously unthinkable levels of productivity. Because your LAMP VPS can run on any operating system, you won't have to invest in new hardware to run it on.

Improved development times

Open source software is popular for a number of reasons. In fact, developers who can afford to forego sales money (and even a few who can't) will turn to the open source model for the production of their software. The LAMP stack comprises of individual components that many developers are already familiar with, meaning that there is a minimal learning curve involved in getting to grips with them. Once you factor in the availability of open source modules and libraries to further enhance the capabilities of your stack, it's hard to beat the efficiency of LAMP VPS.


Security is of paramount importance for any organisation. Poor security can end up costing businesses in a number of ways, both financially and otherwise. If your business is responsible for holding on to its customers' money, or other valuable assets, the damage that a security breach can cause to the business' reputation can be just as bad as the value of the stolen assets. Because the source code for open source software is available for anyone to look at, their security is regularly audited and placed under scrutiny. A LAMP server ubuntu is built on a solid foundation of components that are known to be secure, giving you total peace of mind.

Future proof

Open source software components are designed by their very nature to be versatile and adaptable. With their source codes in plain view for anyone to look at, an open source piece of software is constantly being subjected to rigorous security auditing. After all, what business wants to risk their reputation, and potential legal trouble, by failing to adequately secure their systems? Of course, being open source means that there are always going to be people looking to poke holes in the security of a piece of software. But these security holes tend to be plugged just as quickly as they are found. Our LAMP VPS is always protected by the latest security patches and updates to ensure your precious data is kept secure.

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