How to add your SSH key to your servicepage


This tutorial will explain how you can add your SSH key to your servicepage. This way you can easily add them to your server when creating a new server. The SSH key can also be added to existing servers this way.

Copying your SSH key

To copy the key you'll need to go to the locations it is saved at. This can be different for you and it also depends on the operating system you are running. Please open the file and copy the contents of your public key. Content should look something like this.

ssh-rsa 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 <username>@localhost

After you copied your key, go to the servicepage[1]. Go to your profile. And select SSH KEYS. Click Add SSH Key

Profile Page

Now you can create a label for your key. Below SSH KEY you can paste the key we copied before. After pasting in the key, click on ADD KEY Your key has now been saved Now your key should be visible on your profile page under SSH KEYS.