Adding Hostnames and DNS in VPSServer

DNS and hostname management

Introduction allows you to easily setup your hostnames from the VPSServer Control Panel.


You should have the following ready:

  1. A VPS server from If you dont have one you can register here[1].
  2. A registered domain name. As of this time time you cannot register a domain name through VPSServer so you will have to buy from another source.

The DNS servers for is below:

Verify Ownership of Domain

The first thing you need to do is to go to VPSServer Control Panel, on the left side of the panel click on DNS.

You will see a verification token, this token should be copied and added to your DNS (from where you bought your domain) as a TXT RECORD. make sure that the hostname part is set to empty or @ and paste the verification token in the value field as seen below.

Add domain to VPSServer

When the txt record has propagated you can enter your domain in the domain name field and then press the ADD DOMAIN button afterwards.

If all is ok you will see a notification informing you that "the domain is added to your domains, you can now start adding DNS records".

Managing DNS Records

To manage the DNS records for your domain click on the MANAGE button corresponding to the domain name you would like to edit.

To add DNS record click on the TYPE of the domain you want to add & enter values in the Name and in the Host, ip or text fields.

If all are correct you can click SAVE to save the DNS record.

Deleting a DNS Record

To delete a DNS record click on the DELETE button corresponding to the DNS record you would like to remove. A pop-up box will appear asking for your confirmation of the deletion, click OK to confirm.

Removing the Hostname and DNS

To remove the hostname from the VPSServer Control Panel scroll below the page, in the confirmation field type 'DELETE' and click on REMOVE DOMAIN INCLUDING DNS. A notification message will be shown that "The domain has been deleted from your domains.".


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