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Currently, we have one Netherland VPS Hosting data center available. Our servers are located in Amsterdam which is the capital of Holland. Amsterdam is one of the biggest internet exchanges in the world. Many internet connections from all over the world go through this hub.


Network information

The Netherlands has always been the hub that connects Northern America and Europe. The Amsterdam Internet Exchange is the biggest in the world and expanding its services all over the world. The location in the Netherlands is very central which makes it perfect for a low latency connection to almost all western Europe.

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The Internet exchange in the Netherlands and specifically Amsterdam is redundant. It actually does not have a single point of failure which makes it very reliable. For this reason, many people from all over the world choose to deploy their servers in Holland.



The AMS-IX was founded in 1997 by several internet providers and are continually expanding their network worldwide. The Netherlands has the highest network uptime and therefore the best location to deploy your new server.

With VPS Netherlands, users get the added advantage of a dedicated server at a cheap price. Interestingly, a virtual private server comes in handy with a lot of operating features. It has newly updated features that keep users afloat, and the business in current trends. Hence, if you want to grow your business massively, you should consider purchasing a VPS Netherlands. We have 30 data centers that boast server performance.


Do you live in the Netherlands or its environs, you should buy a VPS server in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is an internet hub and economical location. Nevertheless, either you are hosting your VPS server in the Netherlands or elsewhere, you should consider the following if you want to buy the best VPS server.

  1. Provided access: Make sure you are receiving root access to your purchased VPS Netherlands. Although some companies restrict full access, so inexperienced users do not complicate the server system. However, make sure you have access to your server to a reasonable extent. Meanwhile, a Linux-based server is almost a compulsion for its users, since there is a need for full command control, automation, SSH, and implementing scripts. Root access also goes in handy with simple control panel operation.
  2. Business need: Generally, your business need covers your server requirements and location. For location-based reasons, your business should follow the set rules or regulations in its country, especially about customers' databases. Moreso, you should buy a VPS server in the Netherlands to meet all your business or organization's legal requirements.
  3. Moreover, as your business evolves, your resources and server should scale up as well. However, some users purchase large-scale server resources at first, to avoid future tweaking. Meanwhile, it is wise to consider your current financial ability. To prevent spending more or not having enough, make sure your service provider company is available round the clock.
  4. 24/7 support system: When you have access to your provider's customer support team, you can run your server with little or no challenge. Although zero challenge is inevitable, you can manage what goes on with your server, provided you have the right information. Since every user cannot locate us via datacenter, our customer support team are available to attend to your needs, either via phone call, online chat, or electronic mail.
  5. Storage space: Recently, solid-state disk storage, also known as SSD is mostly used in place of the old hard disk space. Hard disk space is cheaper and large, but most users often misplace it. Also, you can host your solid-state disk on cloud computing, which is more expensive. However, you will be getting your money value. With this, you can store large files size about business or organization data. Moreover, SSD improves your server's booting and file transfer speed. Thus, sharing and collection of files between users are much easier. For web hosting servers, solid-state disk storage is a good option, as it is more resilient against power failure. Also, having a large RAM and CPU can contribute to your fast server speed, as insufficient storage space causes downtime. Thus, to provide an effectively balanced server, make sure all your server operations are allocated adequately.


Moving to a new host and choosing a reliable VPS Netherlands is of great concern to many users. Records showed how users have had their hopes and been disappointed along the way. Hence, new users search for a cheap VPS Netherlands, neglecting its value proposition. Nevertheless, you can get both cheap and reliable VPS Netherlands from us. We offer quite an affordable package, as low as $4,99 monthly. More so, make sure you do a thorough search before signing up for a VPS Netherlands package plan.

Many reputable companies provide several packages plans to potential users. However, watch out if the plans are attainable based on the given prices. Sometimes, users get under services contrary to what they had signed up for initially. Hence, more reason you should check customers reviews, as mentioned earlier. Although good things don't come cheap, we offer a free trial to our prospective customers. With our 1/7 day free trial, you can know the best plan for your business, how the VPS Netherlands works. Moreover, we do not charge customers on a contract or long-term basis. Hence, it allows you to back out or update to another VPS plan when needed.


Finding a trusted and high-quality VPS Netherlands is achievable, with the best web hosting services provider. A high-quality VPS ranges from a highly technical solution to simple customer operations. However, in as much as your service provider creates a high-quality server, your useability also plays the main role. Hence, you should also consider if your service provider will be available upon request.

To get a trusted and high-quality VPS Netherlands, here are three things you should look out for:

  • • Provider's website performance: This is the first and fastest way to catch a glimpse of your potential provider's efficiency. Does your provider's website take a longer time to load? If the loading speed is more than one second, then you should opt for another option. However, we are not judging a book by its cover. In internet communication, a developer's efficiency should reflect on all services platforms. Meanwhile, getting a trusted and high-quality VPS Netherlands can be somewhat tricky, so you should be observant from the first contact.
  • • Customers review: You can predict a trusted and high-quality VPS Netherlands through reviews from past and current users. More so, you can engage in online conversation, to get specific answers.
  • • Provider's datacenter: Does your provider has multiple datacenters? More so, how accessible is the data center to your business location? Multiple data centers help developers to keep track records, despite the large number of users hosted on the same physical machine. More so, data are alloted accordingly, and it makes it easier for users to retrieve information.

Hosting your server on a nearby datacenter also provides information about the physical machine hosting your server. More so, you are sure if your server is protected from threats or otherwise.


If you are running a large business scale, you can try hosting VPS Netherlands. VPS Netherlands provides several benefits to its users when operated with managed VPS Netherland. In managed VPS Netherland, you are less concerned about server related problems, such as insufficient bandwidth and CPU. You can try hosting your VPS in the Netherlands to enjoy the following:

  1. Improved server performance: The main intention behind data centers is to improve servers' performance. Therefore, before signing up with a service provider, make sure the companies have data centers in several locations. We have built 30 datacenters and still moving on. It ensures customers enjoy maximum server performance than ever. For instance, ensured an interminable power supply, and users able to enjoy an added benefit if they host servers in the same locations. It also applies to other locations like Tokyo, Hong Kong, and the UK.
  2. More so, you find the fastest VPS hosting you ever needed. With this, your server will quickly transmit responses from users to its physical machine. In less than one minute, your visitors enjoy the best internet experience. Moreso, you are guaranteed uptime of at least 99.99%. Likewise, it causes your business to grow, as your potential customers aren't frustrated anytime they visit. Research shows that many customers who do not enjoy a great experience on the first site visit, hardly visit again.
  3. Loading speed: As your website's visitors increase, it tends to slow down your server's loading page. However, this is one of the many problems, hosting your VPS in Netherland solves. With proximity to our data center, your visitors experience no delay in loading the server's web page.
  4. Easy-to-operate Cpanel: There are several Cpanel operators in the servers world, with the control panel being the most popular. Hosting your VPS in Netherland provides an added advantage such as an easy-to-operate panel. Netherland is one of our new datacenters. These data centers are built, bearing in mind the rising needs of users. Thus, the utmost desire of users is the ability to operate the control panel with little or no stress. Now, you can quickly navigate your Cpanel by pressing the right keys and buttons. Amazingly, these keys and buttons are directional, so you have it figured out. However, our customers are free to contact us for inquiries. We have a support team that is available round the clock to clarify the customer's grey area.
  5. Unlimited Bandwidth: Hosting your VPS in the Netherlands gives you access to an unlimited bandwidth offer. When you subscribe to any of our plans, you can enjoy your bonus offer at any given phase. Although many companies will present unlimited bandwidth solutions during your search, bearing in mind your needs of utmost importance. Moreover, bandwidth meaning the amount of data transferred whenever a visitor loads your webpage doesn't mean your service provider cannot secure a solution that reduces cost as much as possible. Hence, partake of this benefit when you sign up to VPS Netherlands. However, some unlimited bandwidth options are ridiculous, so try to avoid them as much as possible. The term "unlimited" doesn't imply eternally free bandwidth, as some would think.
  6. RAM & CPU: It's vital to have robust RAM and CPU VPS Netherlands running on your server. Nevertheless, it is well utilized, when run with other standard operators such as PowerShell. However, a VPS Netherlands running a large media-based project would require excess RAM, and as for regular web servers, you can run your server effectively with 4GB RAM.
    CPU is essential in allocating resources and carrying out various tasks on your server. Hence, you can get a multi-core server like E7 Xeon servers, and Intel's E5, for optimum performance.
  7. Type of server: Having mentioned the importance of adequate resources, the server type you are hosting also plays the main role. If you are hosting multiple users on a single server, then your server would generate high traffic. Hence, you need a techy-savvy team to manage traffic congestion. We recommend you subscribe to the managed VPS Netherlands, which is discussed as you read further. Moreover, some providing companies don't support multiple servers on the same physical machine. Hence, confirm if your server is capable of running several users at a time.
  8. In time past, the inability to operate multiple users at the same time was a setback. The evolvement of Linux based operating system can run multiple servers without switching off or rebooting. However, some versions and packages are limited in this performance, while your provider's efficiency also contributes to the server's work performance.
  9. Managed VPS Netherlands: When you sign up for our VPS hosting packages, you can enjoy the managed VPS offer. What does this mean? Generally, your service provider is responsible for your overall server management and regular updates. Meanwhile, a managed VPS gives full access to your service provider, including application and system updates. The managed plan is most beneficial to IT ignorant users, as it relieves them of physical and mental stress. Nevertheless, unmanaged VPS can be time-consuming and brainy. More so, you can subscribe to the managed VPS Netherlands to save time and stress, despite being IT literate.


VPS Netherlands is the right plug for every business located in its environs. Hopefully, the guidelines above have helped you realize why you should buy a VPS server in the Netherlands, and more importantly, how to find a cheap and trusted VPS Netherlands. At, we have several payment methods when you buy a VPS plan, from Bitcoin to a conventional bank transfer. We have it all for you our esteemed customers.

Before wrapping up, we would like to point out that, a good relationship is a good base for getting the best service from your service provider. Therefore, you shouldn't hold back when you need further information. Meanwhile, you should leave no stone unturned, about your server performance.

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