Choosing the Best Pixelmon Server: Your Gateway to Pokemon Excellence

Best Pixelmon Server

Pixelmon Server, a popular mod for Minecraft, has garnered attention among the hearts of gamers and Pokemon enthusiasts. The Pixelmon mod seamlessly merges within the world of Pokemon and the blocky realms of Minecraft.

If you are a die-hard Pokémon fan or a Minecraft enthusiast, the right Minecraft Pixelmon Server can unlock an enhanced gaming experience with endless opportunities. The choice of selecting the Minecraft Modded Pixelmon Server significantly influences overall gaming adventure.

In this article, we'll walk you through the intricate details of Pixelmon servers to help you find a perfect gateway to Pokémon excellence.

Understanding Pixelmon: A Fusion of Minecraft and Pokemon

Pixelmon is a gameplay overhaul mod for Minecraft Server. It is the most popular gameplay overhaul mod among video games that allows gamers to battle Pokemon within the worlds of Minecraft. Pixelmon Minecraft, with its own set of attributes, habits, damage, armor, aggression, and training, presents a large number of mob entities from the Pokemon games.

The mod is well-designed and offers an incredible multiplayer experience. The Survival Pixelmon Server Dedicated feature introduces survival elements into the gameplay despite various modding restrictions. It brings the best of Pixelmon and Minecraft together, such as drop parties and metronome Togepi tournaments, enabling pure luck to decide the winner.

To start playing Pixelmon on Minecraft Server

  • Install Minecraft on a Mac or PC

  • Load Minecraft, and Click on the "Add Server" Button

  • Select the Preferred Minecraft Pixelmon Server

  • Add Server IP to Get Started

Top Pixelmon Servers

MC Complex


MC Complex is the most popular Pixelmon Server among Minecraft and Pokemon fans. The server offersgym badges, trainers, and wild Pokemon, which replicate the authentic experience of the anime series and deliver an exceptional and authentic gaming experience. The Server address for MC Complex is

Pixelmon Realms


Pixelmon Realms is among thebest Minecraft Pixelmon Servers that run on Pixelmon reforged and boast grief protection, EV training, and a wonder trade system. If you want to take the grind out of Pixelmon, the server makes a great choice. The Server address for Pixelmon Realms is



It is among the most popular and best Minecraft Pixelmon Servers, offering a custom-made map and custom questline with diverse achievements. The hand made custom features and Pixelmon classics enable users to compete in competitive weekly tournaments and collect custom auras for a unique pixelmon experience. It hosts a plethora of fun game modes, such as Pixelmon, Skyblock, and Survival. The Server address for Pokecentral is



Pokeland, among the top Minecraft Pixelmon servers, enables players to interact, explore, and find Pokemon. The creators offer several purchasable upgrades, offering players a bunch of exciting offers. Apart from this, Pokeland, holding back the monthly tournaments, comes with a limited number of active players. The Server address for Pokeland is

Fruit Network


Fruit Network comes with various game modes, such as Pixelmon, survival, and Skyblock. The server accommodates every kind of Minecraft player, whether it is Survival or Pixelmon. It mixes the traditional model and survival gameplay, enabling users to enjoy tournaments and special Pokedex rewards. The Server address for Fruit Network is

Blaze Gaming

Blaze Gaming is a Minecraft network that hosts various game modes such as Skyblock, Survival SMP, and more. The Survival SMP is a newly refreshed mode that offers custom models and items for battling against each other, giving players online an all-new experience.

Changing Game Versions

  • The server runs on Minecraft Java's version. To change the game version, first launch the Minecraft game launcher.

  • In the Java Section, Select Installations from the top navigation bar.

  • Click on the New Installation button, add the server name, and select the release from the drop-down menu.

  • Once the new version of Pixelmon is ready, play Pixelmon and enjoy weekly events.

Hosting Pixelmon on a VPS Server

If the players want to play Pixelmon privately, VPS Server, unlike shared hosting services, provides dedicated resources for optimal performance and a better gaming experience. The players need a server configured with Pixelmon Minecraft. The VPS Servers are available in almost the worlds 16 cloud locations.

Wrapping Up

The Pixelmon Servers unlock a world of Pokemon excellence within the enchanting realm of Minecraft. There's no question of feeling bored while waiting around to catch Pokemon, as the server makes a great choice.

Download the latest version to play games on Pixelmon. Downloading the best Pixelmon Minecraft servers with unique attributes provides an unparalleled gaming experience with its mods and versions.

Apart from this, the servers come with a survival area where Bedrock players can easily join without being able to bag adventures, as there are various modding restrictions. You can host the Pixelmon on the VPS Server. The server is integrated with the latest technology and offers the best performance and scalability to impress other players.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pixelmon Server?

A Pixelmon Server is among the most popular overhaul mods, providing the best gameplay experience to gamers. The Pixelmon Server comes with exciting features and is a perfect choice for Pokémon enthusiasts and Minecraft players. The optimized and adventure-based features give gamers a unique and exciting multiplayer adventure.

Why is Pixelmon Popular?

Pixelmon is popular as the mod is well-designed. The rich content offers an incredible experience to the multiplayer.

How to find the right Pixelmon Server?

To find the right Pixelmon Server:

  • Know your preference and find the type of Pixelmon experience you want.

  • Research Pixelmon Servers online on popular platforms

  • Review gameplay features and unique offerings that set the server apart.

  • Test the server's performance and gameplay mechanics.

  • Once the reviews and research about the server seem promising, get the right Pixelmon Server.

What is Minecraft Pixelmon Server?

Minecraft Pixelmon Server hosts gameplay based on the Pixelmon mod. It combines the world of Minecraft with the Pokémon franchise. In a Minecraft Pixelmon Server, players can catch Pokemon with unique attributes and embark on a journey filled with adventure and excitement.

Can Pixelmon be Self-hosted?

Yes, Pixelmon can be self-hosted as it offers greater control over the multiplayer gaming experience. Before self-hosting, ensure the server is configured with Pixelmon Minecraft and meets the RAM criteria for the Minecraft server.

What is Pixelmon Reforged?

Pixelmon Reforged is a modified version of the original Pixelmon mod for Minecraft. It is considered a fork of the original mod, which was discontinued in 2017. Pixelmon Reforged retains the core gameplay and features of the original mod and is in active development.

What is the Best Pixelmon Reforged Server?

The MC Complex, Pixelmon Realms, Pokeland, and Fruit Network are the best Pixelmon reforged servers.

What are the key Benefits of VPS Server Hosting for Gamers?

The significant benefits of the VPS Server hosting are:

  • Dedicated resources provide consistent performance and stability.

  • Low-latency networks offer the best experience of online multiplayer gaming.

  • Easy configurations enable gamers to adjust specific gaming requirements in server settings.

  • Reduced risk of security breaches.

  • Allows hosting multiple game servers for different games.

Is VPS Private?

Yes, VPS is private as the servers have their own dedicated space and resources to run websites and online applications.

Are there in-game events on Pixelmon Servers?

Yes, Pixelmon Servers host in-game events, such as tournaments, with various rewards for gamers.

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