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Are you worried whether our Virtual Private Server (VPS) and hosting services will match your needs? Please don't fret; we help our potential customers check, learn, and enjoy our Anonymous VPS Hosting with a Free 30-day free VPS trial.

Enjoy low-latency KVM-powered VPS hosting with high-performance servers to power your dreams. Once satisfied, you can move on to our standard, CPU Optimized, or memory-optimized plans.

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Risk-free servers

Try Any of Our Worldwide Virtual Servers

Choose your journey with access to 20 Cloud hosting locations across the globe (offshore location), including North America (for example California), Europe, Asia Pacific, and North Australia. This will help you find the optimal server for your project. Our servers are located tactically to provide low latency. It also allows you to get better SEO rankings and performance. Also, our servers use enterprise-grade redundancy network design, ensuring 99.99% uptime. It is also designed to provide optimal control, irrespective of your needs.

As a free trial user, you can access 3-way simultaneous storage space, a better solution than a RAID system. Additionally, our servers use NVMe SSD, which provides lightning-fast data access. You can also grow the disk space on your server by adding resources as your site grows.

Deployment models

Full Root Access

The free trial gives you full root access to the cloud VPS. You can use it to create a web hosting company or start a blog. In addition, you can access all features and options from the control panel, giving you complete freedom.

Uptime guarantee

Deploy In Seconds

Access the best security and protection, even when using the free trial. We use world-class technology to protect servers and associated data.

Flexible billing

DDoS Protection

All free VPS servers are protected with state-of-the-art technology, ensuring no malicious actor can harm your Linux or Windows server. It also protects cloud servers against DDoS(Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, keeping services running continuously.

Realtime server activation

Storage replication

Your data is safe with us. We utilize 3-way storage to create backups of your data. This improved redundancy ensures your data is never lost.

Fast memory and technology

Excellent fast NVMe SSD

To make our virtual servers perform the best, we deploy NVMe SSD storage that offers incredible read and write speeds for faster response time. It helps virtual servers to act like dedicated servers, which is way better than shared hosting.

24/7 online

Pre-configure templates

Our KVM technology shines when coupled with pre-configured templates. It helps you quickly prepare your servers with your choice of server operating system. Currently, we support major Linux and Windows operating systems.

Firewall setup

Customer Support

You may get stuck as a free VPS trial user. That's why we support even our trial customers so they can learn more about our services. Create a support ticket to get started.

Secure setup

Secure Solution

Access the best security and protection, even when using the free trial. We use world-class technology to protect servers and associated data.

20 locations worldwide for your application

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Free VPS?

Our Free VPS hosting gives customers an accessible virtual private server at no cost. Many VPS hosting providers like us offer free trials to allow customers to see how the several VPS hosting plans will fit their requirements. However, not all VPS providers provide access to all the hosting features. We make sure that you get the VPS service with all hosting features. It also reduces the extra work required after making a wrong choice. So, it is always better to go for a free trial before going for a paid plan. Read more about the definition about What is VPS Hosting

How to get started with Free VPS hosting?

To get started, you need to visit our full-featured signup page. Then, you must enter details such as Full Name, Address, Postal/Zip Code, City, Country, State, Email, and Company name. Once created, you need to verify your email address, and you're now ready to start your very first VPS server.

Does the free VPS server support all operating systems?

Yes. As the trial is fully-featured, you get access to all the features. It also means you can access all our pre-configured Linux and Windows server pre-configured templates. Our list of OS support is extensive, covering support for Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2022, CentOS, Fedora, Gentoo OS, Ubuntu, Debian, OpenSuse, Scientific Linux, AlmaLinux, Oracle Linux, and many more.

Do I need a credit card to use the free VPS?

Yes. You must connect your credit card to access the free VPS trials. The credit card will be charged a 0.01 verification fee. Apart from that, you will be charged once the trial runs out. If you're not interested in continuing the service, it is essential to cancel the trial beforehand. In case of doubt, contact our support to know more. Despite the credit card requirement, our trial is completely free.

Do we offer a money-back guarantee?

All our Virtual Private Server(VPS) plans have a money-back guarantee. Once you become a paid customer, you're still protected with our 7-day money-back guarantee. It starts from the day of subscription. To initiate it, you need to contact support. They will try to resolve your issue. If the problem is non-addressable, a refund will be issued.

How many times can you use the free trial?

According to our policies, users can only use the trial once. Once exhausted, they cannot use it again. We'll block the attempt if the user tries to do it again using different credentials.

Does our free VPS host offer complete security?

In general, not all free VPS hosts provide complete security. However, we believe in providing complete protection even when you're on a free trial and deciding what free VPS or hosting plan to choose. Our security measures start with KVM technology use. We also use firewalls and state-of-the-art infrastructure to back up data. Our security parameters ensure you don't get attacked by common malicious attacks such as DDoS, brute force, or malware. You can also set up two-factor authentication.

Is VPSServer.com offerering the best free VPS?

Yes. We offer the best free trial for VPS hosting, where you can try any of our plans. Our free trial uses dedicated servers and cloud hosting to give you the best virtual server for your project. However, You'll find other free VPS packages, but those are mostly limited in functionality. Most of them are partially free. It starts with limited resources, followed by customization, support, uptime, and security. Also, free VPS tries to sell your data stored in your free virtual server.

Can you take help from customer support when using our free VPS trial?

We believe in helping our customers at every step, even when using our free virtual server. All you need to do is create a ticket using our ticketing system. Then, you can ask us about virtual servers, dedicated servers, hosting providers, or how our free VPS and dedicated hosting and provider service works.

Is our 30-day Free VPS trial completely free? And what happens once it ends?

Yes, the trial is free (we only ask 0,01 for the card verification), and you can use our full VPS solution just like you use a dedicated server, with complete control.

Your service type will change from trial to paid when it ends. To do so, we'll charge standard rates according to your chosen plan. If you want to know more, then check out our pricing page.




Free VPS Hosting Benefits

With our Custom VPS Hosting free trial, you get multiple benefits. These include:

  • Test out our product: It is easy to say that we are the best, but we can also prove it with our 30-day free trial. With it, you get complete control over the trial server. You can choose the operating system, set up the firewall, or host an app, gaming server, or website -- the choice is yours.

  • Trying out different locations: If you're running a geo-specific business, you must try the servers to know how a real user will experience them. With our 20 data centers worldwide, you can choose the one that meets your requirements. Then, try out a few locations to see which fits your bill.

  • Test out our customer support: Free trial also opens the door to testing our customer support. This is vital for many businesses that rely on highly knowledgeable technical support to solve their problems. With a Free VPS, you can contact customer support via official methods and learn how it reacts to your hosting-related issues.

  • Evaluating overall performance: A VPS is advertised as a fast, secure, scalable option for dedicated servers. Using a VPS through its trial period lets you know if it can hold up to industry standards. You can also load your app or website to see if it can handle the traffic.

  • Learn about customization: As a business, you want to know whether the VPS hosting plan offers you the preferred level of customization and flexibility. You can install, experiment with, and try different settings to see how it holds up, especially in real-world use cases.

  • Learn about VPS: Free VPS hosting allows managers, IT professionals, or developers to learn about VPS. For example, they can learn how to deploy a server, manage it, or see how apps and software run in a particular VPS environment.

Free VPS Hosting Use-cases

  • Websites: Launch your site and showcase it to the world, showcasing your product and services.

  • Deployment and Training: Try out the free VPS environments to see how it works in real-world scenarios.

  • E-Commerce: Reach your audience using a feature-rich, scalable platform.

  • Hosted services: Run your mission-critical Software-as-a-service, powered by state-of-the-art infrastructure.


Testimonial 1

I was skeptical about what they had to offer. I did my research and found out more about their VPS services. However, I needed to be more confident about their paid plans. Then, I stumbled upon their 30-day free trial. I happily used it and tested out multiple scenarios. I am glad it crossed all my expectations, and now I am a proud subscriber. - Albert, Grazily Company

Testimonial 2

As a small business owner, I must make careful moves, especially when choosing a VPS hosting service provider. That's why I went to look out for free VPS trials and found them. I am glad that the signup process of the trial was simple, and I started using my VPS server in less than 15 minutes. Undoubtedly, they made the process seamless to try out their service - Costame, Highten Craft.

Testimonial 3

Our business expanded recently, so we were searching for specific servers near New York. We knew we'd find plenty of them. However, we needed to test them before we could start using them. That's when we found out about VPSServer.com's free VPS hosting trial. And I am glad we did, as we have found a new home. -- Rozy, Creative Industry

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