Hostinger VPS

Hostinger VPS

Hostinger’s VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting services are well-known in the web hosting space for their remarkably affordable prices, robust variety of features, and top-tier performance. In this Hostinger VPS review, we’ll dissect everything this hosting company offers—from servers to security features like AI-powered firewalls and protection to its flexibility in scaling resources. We’ll also compare hosting plans with shared and dedicated hosting, highlighting why this option is a strong fit for individual users and businesses.

Hostinger VPS VS VPSServer


In the Hostinger VPS VS VPSServer comparison, the former trails with technological infrastructure and global network reach. With VPSServer, users can access a wide selection of global data centers that eliminate latency – a key consideration for businesses with a global audience segment. The company’s reliability and respect for the latest technologies, including new CPUs and NVMe SSD storage, means that VPSServer’s performance levels are also above average, making it particularly suitable for applications that eat up resources.

VPSServer also delivers a strong showing with a highly customizable and flexible hosting environment. With pre-configured Linux and Windows templates to choose from, you’ll also enjoy full administrative access, so you can click install almost anything you want. This level of control is backed by VPSServer’s intuitive management panel, which will help you manage your server and efficiently scale resources up or down as needed.

VPSServer is also particularly strong in terms of pricing and, more importantly, customer support. Its pricing plans are incredibly competitive, including an unlimited bandwidth-free option. Its pay-as-you-go model makes it easy to scale up or down, and VPSServer also stands out for its 24/7 customer support, often a rarity in the field. This helpful service will be essential.

So, while Hostinger VPS is an excellent choice for straightforward and flexible hosting, VPSServer is the superior choice for those seeking raw power and extensive options – a global reach and exceptional customer support, just in case.

Features Of Hostinger VPS VS VPSServer

Feature VPSServer Hostinger
Hosting Types Specialized in VPS hosting Offers various types, including VPS
Price-to-Performance Emphasizes unbeatable value Competitive, but broader focus
Setup & Deployment Instant setup with a focus on flexibility Not so easy setup, broader service range
Support 24/7 dedicated support for VPS issues 24/7 support, including a wide range of topics
Data Centers Multiple global locations for optimized performance Global presence, varied services
Scalability Highly scalable VPS solutions Scalable, with a focus on a wide audience

In a few critical points, the VPSServer is the leading choice when comparing Hostinger VPS and VPSServer. The VPSserver stands out with its unsurpassed 5TB transfer bandwidth offer, ensuring high-traffic sites and applications run without hitches. It has more than 20 global locations, offering unmatched flexibility and speed, making your website as close to your audience as possible. VPSServer also offers highly competitive pricing, which starts at just 4.00 per month, and the customer gets to choose between managed and unmanaged VPS hosting plans, which provide excellent value and flexibility of all kinds to all businesses, irrespective of their sizes. On the other hand, though Hostinger is a good competitor as it offers a full range of VPS solutions, the comprehensive feature list and cost-effectiveness of VPSServer make it a better choice for users looking for high performance without sacrificing affordability.

Processing Power & SSD

Processing Power & SSD

In the competitive hosting landscape, VPSServer distinguishes itself with its unmatched processing power and SSD capabilities, providing users with cutting-edge CPUs and NVMe SSD storage. This combination ensures optimal performance and speed, which is critical for managing high-traffic websites and complex applications. Unlike shared hosting, where resources are divided among multiple sites, VPSServer's virtual private servers offer dedicated resources, including more disk space and full access, allowing for more control and customization.

Hostinger, known for its various hosting plans, including hosting, caters to a wide target audience, from individuals creating their first website to businesses needing robust server resources. Despite this, VPSServer's focus on advanced features like a dedicated IP address, secure shell (SSH) access for secure management, and an AI-powered firewall for enhanced security positions it as a superior choice for users requiring more from their hosting service. Providing a scalable VPS hosting plan, protection, and easy cpanel access further emphasizes VPSServer's commitment to delivering high performance and security.

With VPSServer, businesses, and technical users gain the advantage of a hosting environment designed for optimal performance, featuring advanced server management capabilities and the flexibility to handle sensitive data with utmost security. Whether upgrading resources with a click, managing domains, or customizing the PHP version, VPSServer offers a tailored hosting experience. This focus on providing more processing power and strategic data center locations ensures that VPSServer remains a top choice for those prioritizing speed, reliability, and security in their virtual server solutions.

Full Root Access

Full Root Access

VPSServer and Hostinger offer robust solutions, but VPSServer particularly shines with its focus on high-powered virtual private servers. Emphasizing full root access and a dedicated IP address, VPSServer caters to users who demand advanced control over their hosting environment. It enables the customization of the operating system, installation of specific software via secure shell (SSH), and fine-tuning server settings for optimal performance.

This is complemented by cutting-edge NVMe SSD storage and a dedicated IP address, ensuring quick, reliable website access and the flexibility to manage traffic spikes and sensitive data securely. Hostinger, with its diverse hosting plans, also supports a wide range of web projects, from small to large, offering easy-to-use control panels and SSH for both new and experienced users. Yet, VPSServer's targeted approach towards providing more resources, enhanced security features like AI-powered firewalls, and protection position it as the preferred choice for those prioritizing performance, security, and scalability in their virtual server.

Dedicated IPv6

Dedicated IPv6

VPSServer distinguishes itself in the hosting market. It focuses on future-proofing through dedicated IPv6 addresses for all virtual private server (VPS) plans, ensuring advanced networking capabilities and direct device accessibility. This is crucial for businesses targeting optimal performance and security for their web presence. VPSServer's emphasis on NVMe SSD storage, full access, and an AI-powered firewall further positions it as a top choice for customers needing more processing power and secure hosting environments.

Comparatively, Hostinger offers a wide range of hosting services, including shared hosting, virtual private servers, and dedicated server options, catering to beginners and experienced users with user-friendly control panels, PHP version flexibility, and easy one-click installs. While Hostinger provides robust hosting solutions emphasizing affordability and user support, VPSServer focuses on high-performance servers, including protection and scalable hosting plans, for those requiring more from their hosting provider. Both platforms offer essential features like domain name registration, disk space optimization, and backup services. Still, VPSServer's dedicated IPv6 and comprehensive server management tools appeal to users with technical knowledge looking for full control and optimal server performance.

High-Speed Network

High-Speed Network

VPSServer's high-speed network infrastructure significantly outperforms Hostinger's offerings, providing lower latency and enhanced worldwide connectivity. This is crucial for hosting, where VPSServer excels with its dedication to optimal performance for virtual and private servers. It caters to a target audience that demands fast and reliable access to server resources.

With full root access, NVMe SSD storage for more processing power, and an AI-powered firewall for security, VPSServer ensures that websites and applications hosted on its platform are delivered at top speed to end users. This superior network capability, combined with protection and scalable hosting plans, positions VPSServer as the preferred choice for businesses and individuals who prioritize high-performance hosting and server management for their sensitive data and sites. It offers a significant advantage over Hostinger, especially for users requiring dedicated hosting solutions with full control and minimal downtime.

AI-Powered Firewall & DDoS Protection

AI-Powered Firewall & DDoS Protection

VPSServer's AI-powered firewall offers a high-security environment for VPS hosting that is superior to what's typically available in Hostinger's virtual private server hosting plans. This advanced security setup is particularly appealing for users requiring SSH access, full root access, and control over their hosting environment, ensuring their virtual server remains protected against cyber threats. VPSServer's focus on security, performance, and server, along with the ability to manage and customize server settings through an intuitive control panel, caters to a wide range of users—from those with minimal technical knowledge to tech-savvy individuals looking to optimize their website's performance or handle sensitive data with confidence.

This contrasts with Hostinger's virtual private server, which, while offering a range of hosting services, including shared hosting and dedicated servers, may not match the specialized, high-security features of VPSServer. VPSServer is the preferred choice for businesses and individuals prioritizing security and performance in their hosting service selection.

Backups & Snapshot

Backups & Snapshot

VPSServer offers advanced backup and snapshot capabilities, enabling users to easily secure and restore their server data through a user-friendly VPS hosting plan. This feature ensures optimal data safety, with detailed and regular backups alongside the convenience of one-click snapshots for VPS.

Comparatively, while Hostinger provides backup solutions, VPSServer's approach emphasizes ease of use and quick recovery options, making it an ideal choice for users who prioritize comprehensive data protection with minimal downtime. This focus on efficient and accessible backups and snapshots showcases VPSServer's commitment to superior server management and customer experience.



VPSServer, as a hosting provider, enhances scalability with dedicated server performance, allowing customers to efficiently manage resources and upgrade as their businesses and websites grow. This contrasts with Hostinger's offers, focusing on user-friendly features for beginners. VPSServer's seamless control and customization options cater to users' needs to minimize downtime and ensure security, providing advantages like SSH access, firewall protection, and backups. This approach is ideal for businesses looking to optimize their hosting service without overcommitting storage or traffic capacity, offering a scalable solution to manage sites with optimal performance and security.

Global Data Centers

Global Data Centers

VPSServer specializes in Virtual Private Server hosting, focusing on high-performance and secure data centers, making it ideal for tech-savvy users and businesses needing advanced server capabilities. Hostinger offers various hosting solutions, including VPS, with a wide global reach through various data center locations, catering to a diverse customer base. VPSServer's commitment to leveraging the latest technologies in its VPS hosting services provides a competitive edge for users requiring optimized performance and security.

Easy Server Management

Easy Server Management

VPSServer is known for its dedication to providing superior server management features designed for those who require detailed control and the ability to customize their hosting environment fully. This specialization in offering a complete set of performance optimization, security, and scalability tools has made it the favored choice for professionals and enterprises needing a reliable VPS hosting solution.

In contrast, Hostinger is famous for its user-friendly interface, which allows server management for a broader range of people, including novices. The VPSServer is superior as the platform combines simplicity with functionality by providing all necessary features and help required to ensure smooth management.

Optimum Security

Optimum Security

VPSServer distinguishes itself from Hostinger by offering superior security features for its VPS hosting. While Hostinger implements strong protection with a dedicated IP address and AI-powered firewalls to block a significant percentage of web-based attacks, VPSServer integrates advanced security measures. These include more sophisticated AI-driven firewall capabilities and robust protection, ensuring higher security and performance stability for websites. This emphasis on cutting-edge security technologies positions VPSServer as the superior choice for users, prioritizing online safety and reliability.

Regular backups and snapshots protect your site against data integrity, loss, and corruption. This service is about performance and scalability while maintaining a secure hosting environment for sensitive data and websites.

Hostinger VPS and VPSServer Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons Of Hostinger VPS

When evaluating VPS hosting solutions, Hostinger VPS and offer compelling features but have unique pros and cons.

Hostinger VPS Pros

  • Affordability: This stage is focused on fledgling clients; thus, it has an easy-to-use control board that is easy to work with. The straightforward entry ensures that clients, regardless of their specialized expertise, can manage their server arrangement and design and keep up with their facilitating climate without progressing specialized information.

  • User-friendly Interface: This platform is targeted at beginner users; hence, it has a user-friendly interface that is simple to operate. The ease of access guarantees that users, no matter their technical skill, can handle their server setup, configure, and maintain their hosting environment without having advanced technical knowledge.

  • Solid Performance: Hostinger's VPS is committed to providing top-notch facilitating arrangements. With excellent uptime and speed, it ensures a responsive and quick client experience on sites facilitated on its servers. Maintaining guest fulfillment and low bob rates is essential to a site's prosperity.

Hostinger VPS Cons

Hostinger VPS Cons

  • Resource Limitations: While Hostinger VPS offers cost-effective plans, lower-tier options may have resource limitations. These constraints could impact performance and scalability for larger projects or websites experiencing high traffic volumes. Users may need to upgrade to higher-tier plans to accommodate growth, which could incur additional costs.

  • Support Variability: Hostinger is known for its responsive and helpful customer support. However, there may be fluctuation in support response time during peak periods and demand. Such a situation might cause long technical issues resolving approaches that may be very annoying for those who need immediate support. Hostinger’s support quality is usually high, but response time varies occasionally, leading to a poor user experience. Pros Pros

  • High Performance: is proud of its high server performance. Modern technology like Non-Volatile Memory Express Solid State Drives and a robust infrastructure make the server's performance fast and reliable. The approach centered on performance results in faster load times, more seamless website operation, and higher user satisfaction.

  • Global Reach: offers excellent global reach with a vast network of data centers located strategically in different parts of the world. The extensive network helps reduce latency and maximizes performance for users in any location. offers efficient and reliable hosting solutions to both local and international target audiences.

  • Flexible Plans: understands that one size does not fit all regarding hosting needs. That's why they offer customizable VPS hosting plans that cater to a diverse range of requirements. From small projects with minimal resource needs to enterprise-level websites and applications demanding high-performance infrastructure, has flexible plans to accommodate various use cases. Users can tailor their hosting plan according to their needs, ensuring they only pay for the required resources without unnecessary overhead. This flexibility empowers users to scale their hosting environment seamlessly as their needs evolve. Cons

  • Technical Knowledge Required: offers advanced functionalities and customization options to cater to its users' varied requirements. Nevertheless, the proper utilization of these functionalities may demand some technical knowledge. The platform's advanced functionalities can pose a significant learning curve, especially for people or businesses that do not have prior experience managing VPS environments. Although offers support resources and documentation to help users, those not IT savvy may encounter problems when fine-tuning their hosting environment to the maximum.

Although the minor cost and technical ability related to the VPS were noticed, is the best VPS hosting provider and offers superior performance, reliability, and flexibility. Although it may have slightly more expensive costs than some rival servers, the unmatched server performance and the many customizable options make it worthwhile. All technical learning curves could be easily removed, and all the potential of the hosting solutions could be unlocked with the help of thorough support resources and documentation. is among the leading choices for users looking for high-performance hosting solutions to meet their specific requirements and needs.

Hostinger VPS VS VPSServer Pricing Comparison

Feature VPSServer Hostinger
Starting Price/Month 4.00 4.49
CPU Cores 1 Core (1 GB Memory Plan) 1 Core (KVM 1 Plan)
RAM 1 GB 1 GB (KVM 1 Plan)
Storage 20 GB NVMe SSD 20 GB NVMe (KVM 1 Plan)
Bandwidth 5 TB 1 TB
Data Centers 20+ Global Locations Global
Managed Options Managed and Unmanaged Options Yes, Managed VPS available
Root Access Yes Yes
Dedicated IP Yes Yes
Support 24 Hours 24 Hours

In the competitive landscape of VPS hosting, VPSServer emerges as a compelling choice, especially when price and performance are paramount. With an enticing starting price of just 4.00 per month, VPSServer undercuts many competitors, including Hostinger, and provides an unbeatable package of features. VPSServer is a prime candidate for businesses and developers looking for high-quality hosting without breaking the bank, offering 5 TB of bandwidth, over 20 global data center locations, and the flexibility of managed and unmanaged options. Whether launching a new website, scaling an existing application, or seeking a reliable platform for high-traffic projects, VPSServer's robust infrastructure and cost-effective plans offer a tailored solution that promises exceptional value.

With this, we can see that VPSServer is cheaper than Hostinger VPS. Here’s why:

  • More Affordable Entry Price: Starting at 4.00/month, VPSServer offers a more budget-friendly entry point than Hostinger's starting price. This lower entry price makes it an attractive option for those just starting with VPS hosting or for projects with limited initial budgets.

  • Greater Bandwidth: With 5 TB of transfer bandwidth in its base plan, VPSServer significantly outperforms Hostinger in terms of data transfer limits. This makes it a superior choice for high-traffic sites, applications that require substantial data movement, or services like streaming and gaming that consume more bandwidth.

  • Extensive Data Center Options: Having access to over 20 global locations for server placement, VPSServer offers a more flexible and potentially faster hosting experience for your audience, no matter where they are. This global reach can significantly benefit websites targeting international markets by reducing latency and improving site speed.

  • Competitive Features at Lower Costs: Despite the lower starting price, VPSServer does not skimp on essential features such as NVMe SSD storage, dedicated IP, and full access, ensuring you get a powerful and flexible hosting environment that matches or exceeds what Hostinger offers, at a lower or comparable cost.

Setting Up Hostinger VPS

Setting Up Hostinger VPS

Setting up Hostinger VPS is easy to customize based on your choice of operating system, user interface, and software configurations. Hostinger offers extreme support with a comprehensive knowledge base to answer all your questions while you set up. Their user-friendly design lets beginners and pros alike set up easily. They have a guide for dedicated resources to guide you through any technical aspects of the process, making everything so straightforward and accessible.

  1. Access your VPS by SSH for secure command-line interaction

  2. Update server to ensure all software is up to date

  3. Create a new user account and adjust permissions to improve security

  4. Activate public key authentication for improved login security

  5. Implement a firewall setup to prevent unauthorized access to your VPS

Please refer to Hostinger’s detailed tutorials and resources for further instructions and support.

Hostinger VPS vs Shared Hosting: What is the difference?

Hostinger VPS vs Shared Hosting: What is the difference?

While selecting a hosting plan for your website, you need to be able to determine the dissimilarities between the different hosting choices. Common choices include the Virtual Server and shared hosting. They both have their pros but serve the needs of different customers with different budgets. Below is the full Hostinger VPS and Shared Hosting comparison to help you make an educated choice.

What is VPS Hosting?

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting is where multiple other websites use separate partitions on the same server, with each partition acting as a virtual server. This setup gives users dedicated server resources like CPU, RAM, and disk space that are not shared with other users on the same server. Hostinger VPS hosting provides full access to advanced customization and control of this hosting environment and the other sites. It is recommended for websites that have outgrown shared hosting and need to add resources for better performance.

Features of Hostinger VPS Hosting

Advantages of Hostinger VPS Hosting

Dedicated Resources: Unlike shared hosting, where users compete for the same resources, with Hostinger VPS, you're allocated specific amounts of CPU, RAM, and disk space that are yours, ensuring significantly better performance and more stability.

Full Root Access: VPS hosting grants total control over the server environment, enabling the installation of any software of choice and the adjustment of the settings precisely as the host should be.

Scalability: You can quickly increase or decrease your VPS hosting resources and customize your website without affecting other users.

Enhanced Security: With dedicated resources and isolated environments, VPS hosting naturally provides a more secure environment. Hostinger takes this further by offering an AI-powered firewall and offering protection.

What is Shared Hosting?

What is Shared Hosting?

Web hosting on a shared basis presents an economical and straightforward option, where a collective of websites taps into shared server capacities such as processing units, memory, and disk space. Tailored for petite web projects, individual blogs, and nascent enterprises with scant web traffic, it epitomizes affordability and simplicity in web hosting. Hostinger enhances this hosting experience by delivering shared plans that are remarkably user-centric, offering streamlined control dashboards, instant application deployment with a mere click, and robust support frameworks.

Features of Hostinger Shared Hosting

Advantages of Hostinger Shared Hosting

Cost-Effective: Shared hosting is the cheapest option and best for small businesses or individuals starting online and who want to upgrade.

Ease of Use: The user interface is designed for the end-user and is hosted by the hosting provider to manage the website, email, and domains.

Maintenance and Updates: The server provider performs server maintenance, updates, and security patches, relieving the user of technical tasks.

Key Differences

Key Differences

Performance and Resources: VPS hosting performs well because of the individually allocated resources. The shared hosting resources are shared among many users, sometimes resulting in slow website performance during peak hours.

Control and Customization: VPS hosting offers more flexibility and customization options through full access, which is more suitable for advanced users. The shared hosting could be more flexible, though easier to operate. Thus, it suits beginners.

Security: VPS hosting usually provides more security as your environment is isolated. A vulnerability in one site in shared hosting could have repercussions for the others on the same servers.

Price: Shared hosting costs less than VPS hosting because of shared resources and simpler management.

The choice between Hostinger's VPS and shared hosting depends on your website's specific needs, technical skills, and budget. Shared hosting is an excellent choice if you're running a small site with lower traffic volumes and want an affordable, user-friendly option. However, VPS hosting is the way to go if your site grows and requires more resources, enhanced security, and greater control over your hosting environment.

Hostinger VPS Coupon Code

Hostinger VPS Coupon Code

Hostinger often provides coupon codes to lower the cost of VPS hosting, allowing users to upgrade to advanced hosting options at a lower price. Such promotional discounts are the perfect chance to develop your website's potential by using Highster’s robust VPS hosting services at a lower price. For up-to-date promotions and to get in on these great discounts, visit Hostinger’s site or subscribe to their newsletter.

Hostinger VPS hosting brings together the freedom and capabilities of a dedicated server with the price and ease of use of shared hosting. With features dedicated to improving performance, security, and scalability, Hostinger’s VPS plans are perfect for companies and individuals willing to improve their online identity. Whether you want to have dynamic hosting, manage traffic load, or secure sensitive data, Hostinger provides a complete and cost-effective solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets Hostinger VPS apart in the hosting market?

Hostinger VPS offers a balance of affordability, robust features, and superior performance. It includes AI-powered firewalls, protection, and scalable resources tailored for businesses and individual users.

How does Hostinger VPS compare to VPSServer?

Although Hostinger VPS is a cost-effective and feature-rich hosting solution, VPSServer is superior due to its advanced technological infrastructure, global network reach, and high performance, which is suitable for resource-intensive applications.

What are the key features of Hostinger VPS Hosting?

Core features are high performance, NVMe SSD storage, full access, dedicated IPv6 address, fast network, AI-enabled firewall, DDoS protection, backups, snapshot services, scalability, and worldwide data centers.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Hostinger VPS?

Advantages include optimal security, high performance, scalability, and global reach. Potential disadvantages include the requirement for technical knowledge for complete access management and the cost compared to shared hosting.

How does Hostinger VPS differ from shared hosting?

VPS hosting offers dedicated resources and full access for excellent performance and customization. In contrast, shared hosting provides a cost-effective, user-friendly option with managed server maintenance but shared resources and limited control.

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