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Looking for a reliable and secure Linux VPS can be complicated, so we decided to make it easy. Our Oracle Linux VPS is a perfect mix of old and new templates with the security of operating through our Linux VPS systems. In addition, the convenience of a reliable operating system never gets old with our stable and optimized Linux distribution. With a dependable platform, features, tools, and language options, the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is built to supply you with all your web hosting needs.

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Powerful Oracle Software Plan & Features

Powerful Oracle SoftwareWe have several Red Hat Enterprise Linux server configurations to decide the best support for your business. Along with Oracle Linux, we provide other operating systems such as Debian, Alpine Linux, Rocky Linux, Cloud Linux, and Open Suse. Take a look at what fits your success.

Flexible Billing System

Our billing plans are completely flexible, so you never need to worry about lost money towards long contracts that don't support your needs. Manage your Oracle Linux server daily, monthly, or even hourly.

24/7 Support

We ensure your server is not only online 24/7, but our experts are always available if you have any questions or need assistance. No matter the query, we resolve any issues with our Oracle Linux extended support.

Fast Firewall Setup

Easily configure, install, set up, and manage your secure firewall with our Oracle Linux web hosting operating system. Oracle Linux support includes unbreakable enterprise kernel solutions to increase your website's overall performance.

High-End Security

Our SSD-hosted servers are highly secure, providing users with only the best Oracle Linux distribution services. Oracle Linux supports fast and easy management and protection against DDoS attacks on VPS to protect data from harmful malware.

Live Backups

With our free open-source operating system, you will experience easy installation and sustainability of your Oracle Linux data.

Instant Deployment

Experience a fast and reliable Oracle Linux hosting provider with us. As most hosting services take hours to days, we provide servers that can solve your needs in seconds.

Full Root Access

Our version of Oracle Linux offers enterprise Linux-level access. Our VPS servers allow you to take full control through our customizable control panel, just like the dedicated servers, but at an affordable cost.

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We offer Oracle Cloud infrastructure all around the world. Never again will you need to worry about high latency issues with a slow website. Our databases are located in some of the most advanced technology cities to enforce only the best performance for your business needs. When selecting your Oracle Linux template, choose the right VPS location. We are here 24/7 to help assist you with any questions you may have during the setup process.

Our Oracle Linux Support

Linux SupportOur support for Oracle Linux is given the same treatment that all our users experience. Whether you are using one of our most expensive plans or our cheapest, our tech support is always available and ready to help you with any questions or issues.

Why Support for Oracle Linux Matters

First, starting on a new operating system could be confusing, so it is important to have professionals always available to avoid possible data loss or bad ranking from lack of knowledge. Our tech experts are not only here to help, but they also provide the knowledge and expertise to make sure your server is always at its best performance.

Oracle Enterprise Linux Benefits are Irresistible

Linux BenefitsOur VPS servers, including Oracle Linux, benefit from fantastic business templates that significantly improve your business needs. From old to new Oracle Linux versions supported, we offer the best templates that cover a variety of conditions depending on what you are looking for. In addition, if you are struggling, we offer 24/7 support that no other Oracle Linux provider will offer their users (without premium selection).

Our Oracle Linux VPS also includes the highest quality technology that prevents attacks from your server and gives you 10x better security than the average server from other providers. All of our selections are made to fit into our high-performing databases. This is why we take pride in our affordable costs for our customers such a high-standard deal every business looks for when hunting for a great VPS hosting provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Oracle Linux different from Linux?

Oracle Linux is a Linux distribution packaged and freely distributed by Oracle. Since its release date 2006, it has been available partially under the GNU General Public License, compiled from Red Hat Enterprise Linux source code (RHEL). Although Linux is the leading provider, Oracle Linux is its strand of Linux, revolving around the same unbreakable enterprise kernel.

What is Oracle Linux vs. Ubuntu?

Oracle Linux and Ubuntu are simply two different distributions of the Linux kernel. Oracle Linux and Ubuntu run exceptionally similarly, depending on your preference, besides a few differences in documentation, security, and overall costs. Since Oracle Linux uses an extremely performance-orientated base code of RHEL, it slightly outperforms Ubuntu. Although, this is trivial, as both work extremely fast.

Is Linux or Windows best for WordPress hosting?

Using Linux operating systems over Windows OS for WordPress has been highly recommended ten years. Although it may require more skill, we highly encourage using Linux to give a swift and reliable VPS that gives you more control than alternative operating systems.

Get Access to High-Quality Security & Performance Worldwide

High-Quality Security & PerformanceOracle Linux 7 and Oracle Linux 8 are not the only reason you should choose our servers. We offer remote access to our high-quality databases for optimal performance worldwide. In addition, our data storage replication technology is ensured the highest levels of security and reliability, making your server fit for advanced security measures and remote access. With this storage replication, you are also promised to be provided with firewalls, intrusion detection, and prevention systems.

Whether in New York City or London, your Oracle Linux VPS will always be at your fingertips with all root access to your business. We take pride in our RDP as you have fully personalized remote desktop GUI access. This includes access to your server applications, files & data, network resources, add or remove users, and more.