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by Pavan

migrate my server to different location?

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Do i get a refund if i destroy my server before 1 month completion? Can i migrate my server to different location? I paid 35$ for a server based in NY. I want to migrate it to Amsterdam. is it possible to do so?

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  • jaz

    reply +1 6 years ago

    i think it is possible,you can connect to the Customer service

    • Pavan

      reply +1 6 years ago

      How to connect to the Customer service?

  • Mustafa

    reply +1 6 years ago

    You can contact support via live chat or https://www.vpsserver.com/contact/

  • VPSServer.com - Jeroen

    reply 0 5 years ago

    You can get a refund within 10 days from ordering the first VPS.

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