Hong Kong datacenter location expanded

Last month, VPS Server launched their first server in Hong Kong. This was in response to a huge demand for the service from Hong Kong residents, and as a company that likes to listen to its customers, VPSServer.com responded to this demand quickly by establishing an efficient service. This was also the first server available in Asia for VPS Server, a move which has lead the way for further expansion within the continent, including in Singapore and Tokyo.

High demand for an outstanding service

The move to Hong Kong was more successful than any of the team could have possibly anticipated. Unfortunately, this meant that we actually ran out of resources in the first week after our launch, due to the demand for our services. This led to slight disappointment for many who were excited to use VPS as they were not yet able to access our services.

A fast reaction to meet demands

We have been fast to react, and are now expanding our Hong Kong location to meet with demand. This means we can continue to upkeep our name as Hong Kong's fastest provider. VPS Server are proud to hold this title, and have the lowest latency and ping times of any provider in the region.

Ready for further expansion

Fully prepared for a three way location to be placed in Hong Kong if current demands necessitate this. A three way server essentially means that all of our clients' data would be stored on three separate servers simultaneously. This means that there is no heavy load on any one server, and as a result we are able to guarantee faster performance and better data security. Hong Kong has one of the biggest internet data exchanges in the world, with over 50 different data centres in operation. It makes sense, therefore, that we have to develop so fast as a company to meet the demands of the internet users in this region. We also hope to anticipate the growth of all our clients and understand the speed with which businesses in Hong Kong tend to develop, whilst still bearing in mind the need for flexibility within the services we offer depending on the size of the client.

Visions of a more connected global community

We are committed to improving our already excellent international connectivity, and continuing to bring our state of the art server experience to a wider global community. Through technological advancements such as considerations for a massive three way server in Hong Kong, we hope to demonstrate commitment to this vision. Whether you are catering for a market in Asia or further afield, we offer a solid VPS platform that you can trust to provide a reliable service each and every day.

For more information about VPS Server and the current developments we're making to our services around the world, or if you're interested in how we can help your company with our flexible VPS services, why not get in touch with us today?