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1 GB memory
1 core processor
25 GB disk
500 GB transfer
2 GB memory
2 core processor
50 GB disk
1000 GB transfer
3 GB memory
2 core processor
75 gb disk
1500 GB transfer
4 GB memory
3 core processor
100 GB disk
2000 GB transfer
6 GB memory
4 core processor
150 GB disk
2500 GB transfer
8 GB memory
6 core processor
200 GB disk
3000 GB transfer
16 GB memory
8 core processor
400 GB disk
3500 GB transfer
24 GB memory
10 core processor
600 GB disk
4000 GB transfer
32 gb memory
12 core processor
800 GB disk
4500 GB transfer
64 GB memory
20 core processor
1600 GB disk
5000 GB transfer
96 gb memory
24 core processor
2400 GB disk
5500 GB transfer
192 gb memory
32 core processor
4800 GB disk
6000 GB transfer

Find a Los Angeles VPS that meets your exact business requirements

Whether you are an up and coming start-up looking to set up your IT facilities with the most effective systems, or a well-established company looking to update your IT provisions with a reliable VPS that prioritises productivity and security – we offer Los Angeles VPS that caters to businesses of all types and sizes. It is important to choose an LA server that can cater specifically to the unique needs of your business, that is why we offer a range of packages designed to suit a wide array of customers and their needs. We make it easy to choose an LA VPS package that has the right amount of memory, processors, disk size and transfer capabilities for your business, and easy to change your package or end your subscription when necessary too.

Los Angeles location servers from just $4.99 per month

Our Los Angeles location is an effective place for a VPS server due to its excellent connection to the wider USA, South America, Asia, Australia and more. Our Los Angeles server allows your business to enjoy a virtual private server with high connectivity and minimal interruptions, so you can utilise extended uptime to grow your business. Downtime is eliminated with our LA VPS, as customers are able to back-up their VPS while the server continues to run, even if a drive fails. If reliability and high performance is something you are looking for in a server, start a 7-day trial of our Los Angeles VPS today and find the package that is best suited to your business. Our plans start at $4.99 per month, providing your business with a VPS that is quick and easy to set up right away, at a great price.

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Practical features of VPS Server

Los Angeles VPS Hosting

Uptime is maximised

With our LA server, we’ve made sure that there is no need for customers to schedule in downtime to back-up their VPS, it can be done on demand and live, without interrupting the server. This is because our VPS uses a 3-way storage system to eliminate the need for slow and costly back-up processes. This 3-way replication system works to back-up the VPS, while also allowing the server to continue to run. Even if a drive happens to fair, customers can be sure that their server will continue to run without interruption, eradicating downtime. We also ensure that our VPS is built with the most up-to-date hardware, whereas others on the market rely on slow and less secure outdated systems, so customers can feel confident that they are using a system that prioritises reliability, security and performance.

Eliminate slowdown and dropouts

Our LA VPS is built with E5 processors and a super sturdy 40 Gbit Mellanox network, allowing us to provide customers of our Managed VPS with a 99.99% uptime guarantee. Our server has been designed with the customer experience in mind, keeping slowdown and dropouts to an absolute minimum and promoting high levels of security and efficiency. With our trusted and reliable hardware, customers can be confident that they will be using a high-performing connection and be able to access their data quickly. Customers can also easily set up and manage firewall and rule additions to the server, providing added security to the experience.

Hourly, daily and monthly VPS billing

Control and manage your VPS with a few clicks

Our Los Angeles VPS can be easily set-up, managed and controlled with our intuitive control panel. The control panel is easy to navigate and understand, offering in-depth control of your server in just a few clicks. Unlike with other VPS servers on the market that require a lot of external support to manage the server, which can be unnecessarily time consuming, our LA server can be completely controlled from the control panel so our customers can handle everything themselves quickly and efficiently, saving valuable time and effort. Less time is occupied with up keeping and managing your VPS, so you can spend more time relying on the server for your work and business.

24/7 responsive support

Although we offer a seamless VPS service that customers can confidently rely on and easily manage themselves through the integrated control panel, we understand that there may be times where our customers require the help of qualified experts to get their server running as smoothly as possible. For that reason, we offer 24/7 responsive and helpful customer support to ensure all downtime is kept to a minimum. With our convenient customer service, there is no need to wait for unpredictable email replies, or waste time on hold to a call centre, instead we offer a 24/7 chat that makes the process as instant as possible. Whether you are working into the night or up early to synchronise with clients in a different time zone, our chat support ensures that any problems are dealt with as soon as possible so as to cause minimal interruptions to your work.

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