Upgrade for Amsterdam datacenter offers 3-way server replication

Amsterdam VPS


Following on from recent expansions to our other data centres, our data centre in the Netherlands is next in line for the upgrade to a three-way server replication storage model. This upgrade brings with it a number of great features, such as improved security, enhanced protection, and data storage you can rely on. The three-way server replication storage model stores data on three servers, meaning if one crashes, there are still two more servers online, so your virtual private server is uninterrupted. Alongside this upgrade, our support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We can ensure your VPS is up and running swiftly because we know just how important your time is.

Punchy processing power

The Amsterdam datacentre features top-of-the-range Intel Xeon Processor E5-2699 v4 central processing units – the top product from the E5-series. With a base speed of 2.20 GHz and a max turbo frequency of 3.60 GHz, these processors have all the power you could ask for. They feature 145W Thermal Design Power, a 55MB SmartCache, a 9.6 GT/s QPI Bus Speed and 44 thread cores. Although our upgrade means a small amount of downtime, as soon as you are back online, the additional power and performance of your VPS will be noticeable. Thanks to our powerful processors, we offer some of the fastest speeds in the Netherlands, meaning your connection will be super fast, no matter the traffic.


Building on the success of our other data centre upgrades, our Amsterdam data centre will also feature 40Gbit network performance. Our network speeds allow us to be one of the fastest data centres in the Netherlands and provide a stable and high performing VPS service. We are building our data centres for the future, so the Amsterdam data centre has enough network speed for today’s users as well as the users of tomorrow, who are more likely to tap into the cloud to store and stream.

Our secure servers

The Netherlands upgrade will move the servers across to using 100% SSD for storage. This provides a quicker and more responsive server. We are also installing our three-way server replication system so that all of our customers can have the most reliable and safe servers. As three of our servers store your data, they are far more impervious to the vulnerabilities that RAID servers face. This is because RAID systems store information on just one server, so if that server fails for any reason, there will be downtime and potential loss of data. By having three servers storing data, if one, or even two, go down, your server doesn’t have to. It is the combination of our systems and our hardware that means that our clients can reach an almost 100% uptime on their servers and all of our VPSs are stable and high-performing. We also ensure that technical support is available whenever you may need it, so you can have peace of mind with your VPS.

Account upgrade

As with all of our customers, we have a range of bespoke online tools to help you manage your VPS and increase your productivity. Once you choose to upgrade, you will need to move your account across to the new service page in order to access the powerful new range of features. We have designed these features and tools to be easy-to-use, integrative and user-focused. Once your upgrade is complete, you will have full access to the performance and speed increases from our data centre upgrade.

Prices you can afford

Our plans start at just $5 per month and give you access to our powerful high-performance servers. Our VPS service is quick and easy to set up and we have created a range of plans to suit all needs. Our most popular is our $20 per month plan, which includes 4 core processor, 3TB transfer, 2GB memory and a 100GB disk – perfect for all your VPS needs. Also, if none of our pre-made plans match your needs, then our customer service support is available to tailor a package to your bespoke requirements. All plans provide our VPS three-way replication service, E5 processor performance, 40Gbit connection, high-quality server and switch hardware, a huge range of VPS templates, and worldwide DDOS protection.

Hello Hong Kong

As you may have read in our last blog post, our Hong Kong data centre is now up and running. Providing all of our VPS services and high-powered performance, our new Hong Kong site is our first in Asia. Our customers asked and we answered with an exceptional VPS offer and cloud hosting. This is just our first step, however. We are hoping to expand our Asia market as we have with our other worldwide markets. Hong Kong is a great starting place for our Asian foothold, as it has one of the largest internet exchanges, with over 50 data centres. We know that many organisations need a server in Asia, so we hope that you will enjoy our new Asian offering. We’re also looking into providing AliPay as a payment option for our Asian VPSs and a second Asia data centre location, possibly in Singapore (watch this space!).

Service with a smile

For all your virtual personal server needs, look no further. If you’re unsure about anything, or just want to talk through your options, then please do give us a call. Our friendly staff are here to help and can walk you through our plans and locations and even help you with our hosting platform. Should none of the standard plans match your requirements, our team are happy to create a bespoke VPS hosting plan that meets your needs. We are always happy to help and answer any and all of your questions (right down to the technical specifications).

Hong Kong location expanded

Last month, VPS Server launched their first server in Hong Kong. This was in response to a huge demand for the service from Hong Kong residents, and as a company that likes to listen to its customers, VPSServer.com responded to this demand quickly by establishing an efficient service. This was also the first server available in Asia for VPS Server, a move which has lead the way for further expansion within the continent, including in Singapore and Tokyo.

High demand for an outstanding service

The move to Hong Kong was more successful than any of the team could have possibly anticipated. Unfortunately, this meant that we actually ran out of resources in the first week after our launch, due to the demand for our services. This led to slight disappointment for many who were excited to use VPS as they were not yet able to access our services.

A fast reaction to meet demands

We have been fast to react, and are now expanding our Hong Kong location to meet with demand. This means we can continue to upkeep our name as Hong Kong's fastest provider. VPS Server are proud to hold this title, and have the lowest latency and ping times of any provider in the region.

Ready for further expansion

Fully prepared for a three way location to be placed in Hong Kong if current demands necessitate this. A three way server essentially means that all of our clients' data would be stored on three separate servers simultaneously. This means that there is no heavy load on any one server, and as a result we are able to guarantee faster performance and better data security. Hong Kong has one of the biggest internet data exchanges in the world, with over 50 different data centres in operation. It makes sense, therefore, that we have to develop so fast as a company to meet the demands of the internet users in this region. We also hope to anticipate the growth of all our clients and understand the speed with which businesses in Hong Kong tend to develop, whilst still bearing in mind the need for flexibility within the services we offer depending on the size of the client.

Visions of a more connected global community

We are committed to improving our already excellent international connectivity, and continuing to bring our state of the art server experience to a wider global community. Through technological advancements such as considerations for a massive three way server in Hong Kong, we hope to demonstrate commitment to this vision. Whether you are catering for a market in Asia or further afield, we offer a solid VPS platform that you can trust to provide a reliable service each and every day.

For more information about VPS Server and the current developments we're making to our services around the world, or if you're interested in how we can help your company with our flexible VPS services, why not get in touch with us today?

Hong Kong VPS location online!

We have now launched our server in a new location: Hong Kong. This is to answer high customer demand. This is our first server within the continent of Asia. It will provide excellent international connectivity. It will also provide reliable cloud hosting services. This new VPS service is based on our trusted support model. This is a system that many global customers rely on. Our new service in Asia is a crucial part of our expansion programme. It brings our services to a larger global marketplace. It also provides new possibilities for clients who need a foothold in Asia.

Hong Kong VPS

Hong Kong VPS the first in Asia

The plan is to offer data centres around the world. Clients can choose the VPS location they want. Hong Kong is an ideal base for this new VPS service in Asia. It has one of the world's biggest Internet exchanges. It has 50 data centres. The choice of Asia as a base for our new low latency VPS services is also due to customer activity. We noticed increasing numbers of visitors from throughout the continent. A growing range of companies need us to provide a server here.

Responsive and secure VPS service in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong server provides a responsive and versatile service. As all our locations do. This includes a 24-hour help desk. The help desk will be available every day of the week. It also includes live support to answer queries in real time. The server will include other high-performance features. Such as a high standard of security and protection. These are the sort of advantages that clients expect from our trusted VPS services. There is more good news too. Costs for running a server in Hong Kong are higher than our other locations. But, we won’t pass that on to you! Using our Hong Kong server will cost the same as all our other locations. This will not mean compromising on efficiency or protection. The new Hong Kong location will have a high capacity level. It will also offer outstanding performance. The sort of advantages you would expect from VPS Servers’ support.

Templates for VPS at the Hong Kong location

The new server in Hong Kong gives clients a wide range of options for site hosting. This includes using the most common tried and trusted operating systems. We are a supported distributor for the best performing templates. You could have your VPS up and running in seconds, hosted at our new Hong Kong server. Each of the operating systems we offer provide added benefits. This includes the potential to connect your private network with your VPS. You can do backups while the VPS is running. This means there is no interruption to business operations. Our templates also offer quick and easy firewall set up. You can have flexible billing and the option of IPv4 and IPv6 support.

Asia VPS services that grow with your business

Listening to our clients enables us to stay one step ahead of their low latency VPS requirements. We have built this new VPS service in Hong Kong to support the future growth of clients. This includes providing Cloud based business connectivity and communications. Whether your marketplace is Asia or worldwide.

From what our clients tell us, we have got a winning formula at VPS Server. This is what we have replicated at our new Hong Kong location. It will provide our customers with new ways to grow their business across Asia and beyond.

Client testimonials to support Hong Kong VPS service

Are you thinking of using our new VPS service in Hong Kong? We have feedback from happy customers to share with you.

For example, one client said our templates are: “Simple, fast and easy to set up.”

Feedback refers to our 24-hour help service. One client said: “VPS Server is great to work with. Answered all my questions happily and are very easy to work with support wise. Highly recommend them to anyone who is on a budget and needs a solid VPS platform.”

We have many more comments that show that client satisfaction is important to us.

Contact us today. We can then discuss how you can use our versatile VPS services for Asia-based businesses. Or any of our data centres worldwide.

You will find our easy to use enquiry form here.

Growth leads to New York VPS location extension

We're thrilled to announce that we're expanding our New York Virtual Private Server. The extra resources we're able to bring in have become a possibility due to the growth of use in our services across New York City. The improvements we're making to the system, including bringing in brand new, state of the art hardware, will drastically improve performance for all of our customers.

New York VPS


For reference, it's worth taking a look at the benchmarks that VPS Server are currently setting for the hosting industry. In this post we outline how VPSServer.com compares with its competitors: https://www.vpsserver.com/features/benchmark/.

New York footprint

We're sure you'll agree it's not hard to see why VPSServer.com are fast becoming one of the leading VPS providers in New York. Our data center is located in the financial district, Downtown New York. This central location is great news for everyone, as it means we're linked to all the biggest internet providers, thanks to a connection with the New York internet exchange. A closer server means better latency, too, so this central location is also likely to mean a faster connection with no risk of downtime that will affect your employees' efficiency or lead to unhappy clients.

The recent VPS location extension means our customers will receive faster service than ever before, on a plan that already offers great value for money. Our 1Gbit port connection means that, whatever plan you're on, you'll receive the optimum service. VPS Server are constantly considering new ways we can improve our performance, to provide our customers with the best connection on the market.

For more information about our Cloud VPS Server in New York City, check out our page here: https://www.vpsserver.com/new-york/.

Hong Kong next week

Next week, we're also expecting our hosting services in Hong Kong to become fully operational. VPS Server are excited to continue bringing fast, reliable VPS services to businesses across the globe. If you're interested in how we can streamline the way your company accesses its software, why not get in touch with us today? We guarantee the best I/O performance, with the fastest VPS in the world - so we know you won't be disappointed when you choose VPS Server as your provider.

Upgrade for Frankfurt datacenter offers 3-way server replication


After the expansion of the Chicago datacenter, it was announced that the Frankfurt datacenter would soon be receiving an upgrade to a 3-way server replication storage model. This would be a tremendous improvement to the service in terms of security and protection. It's a state-of-the-art, software-defined storage upgrade which, put simply, means that clients' data will be stored on three separate servers simultaneously. This means that if any problems or issues arise with one, there will still be two others working for that added reassurance. This fully stacked new hardware configuration guarantees high performance, and support is available 24/7 for your convenience. Your VPS can be deployed quickly and easily, allowing you to focus on getting the important stuff done.

Top-end product

The CPUs in use at the Frankfurt datacenter are based on the Intel E5-2699v4 processor. This is the top-end product from Intel's Xeon range and boasts a jaw-dropping 22 cores, a base clock speed of 2.2GHz, 55MB of cache and a 145 watt TDP. This kind of power is priceless for a datacenter with enough memory bandwidth and general size to get a lot of work done. With this processing power, the Frankfurt datacenter offers the absolute fastest speeds that money can buy, so you can be assured that systems will be running as fast as systems can run at all times. In a time where data traffic is at an all-time high, platforms demand more and more from the processors that they run on, so we have spared no expense to ensure our processing power is fuelled by the best hardware on the market, so that our service to you remains at the forefront in the industry.

Great network performances

The ever-increasing need for greater speed and capacity never goes away, and while many enterprises are still rolling out 10Gbit network performances, Frankfurt offers a 40Gbit one. Data traffic will never stop growing, and forward-thinking network architects are seeing the needs of the future. It's important to stay a step ahead of the continuous traffic onslaught, and Frankfurt's network capabilities are well equipped for the foreseeable future. As cloud storage and services, streaming demands and other such bandwidth-heavy data hogs continue to rise in prominence, expect networking needs to increase. But for now, Frankfurt offers VPS networking speeds that are more than sufficient for the vast majority of needs.

3-Way server replication

The flagship VPS Features of the upgrade to the datacenter in Germany is the installation of the fully equipped 3-Way server replication system. This is backed with state-of-the-art SSD technology that goes another step in ensuring the fastest and most reliable virtual servers money can buy. 3-Way storage is far safer than the alternative - a RAID system only stores data on a single server, making it vulnerable to unforeseen issues or faults, and liable to be subject to periods of downtime whenever there is a server problem. With 3-Way server replication and 100% SSD hardware in place, we guarantee 99.99% uptime, consistency of performance level across the board, and 24/7 technical support to provide assistance should you need it. We don't just talk the talk; we walk it. We will always go the extra mile to ensure your experience with our hosting is as positive as humanly possible. We aim to make VPS hosting as user-friendly as possible, so you can concentrate on getting your work done without encountering issues with the hosting platform that slow down your productivity.

Current Frankfurt customers

Another great feature we offer is the range of easy-to-use online tools, straight from your dashboard. Once you have an account with us, you will have access to these tools to help manage your VPS. If you are already a customer connected to the Frankfurt datacenter in Germany, you will need to migrate on the service page in order to take advantage of the power of our new platform. Our intuitive online tools will help guide you through this, and there will be only a short period of downtime as the migration is executed. Once the migration is complete, you will instantly notice an incredible performance increase from what you are used to. So don't hesitate to make the transition, and see what our superb new upgrade can do for your VPS.

Start for just $0.006 per hour

This amazing new level of performance is now made available across Europe if you take advantage of our new platform for your VPS plans. You can host from the Frankfurt datacenter in Germany for as little as $0.006 per hour, and let our state-of-the-art systems give you hosting capabilities that are second-to-none. Hosting plans start from as little as $5 per month, so you won't have to break your budget to take advantage of this new, improved system across Europe.

Hong Kong will be launched soon

With the great news of this major upgrade to the Frankfurt datacenter, let us add that more locations are in the pipeline. A brand new, fully-equipped and top-of-the-range datacenter will be opening very soon in Hong Kong, so expect our world class servers to be available in Hong Kong in the very near future. All the same features, all the same guarantees, and all the same support will be part of the package for customers in Hong Kong, so keep us in mind for your VPS needs as you won't find a better service across the board anywhere else. And there are plans for datacenters in a number of other new locations in the near future, so watch this space.

Questions? Contact us!

If you are interested in coming on board with our VPS hosting platform, feel free to browse our hosting plans and see which works best for you. Alternatively, please don't hesitate to make contact with us right away. If none of our standard hosting plans meet your needs, we would be happy to discuss the option of custom VPS plans that would suit your very specific requirements. Simply get in touch via our contact page and one of our helpful agents will be on hand to identify what your key requirements are and discuss how we can serve you in the best possible way.

Chicago datacenter expanded and better than ever

Chicago VPS location expanded

One of the primary VPS locations we offer is our Chicago datacenter. Based in a great central geographical location within North America, this is a very popular VPS location due to the low latency speeds it offers. Although the direct line to the internet exchange already gave superb performance, we have recently expanded our operation there.

To allow us to carry out the necessary upgrading work in the datacenter, Chicago was temporarily not available as some customers may have noticed. We are pleased to report that the work has now been successfully completed and the Chicago VPS location is fully operational once more.

Experience the many benefits this expansion brings

Our commitment to providing the highest quality of customer service and experience has seen us divert resources into the Chicago VPS location to achieve that goal.

The dual 1GBit connection our VPS servers found in Chicago offer make for the fastest internet speeds. In addition, all the big internet carriers from North America have connections to the Chicago exchange. This makes using a VPS located in the city brilliant for its ease of use and robustness.

If it's state of the art hardware that you look for first in your VPS provider then the expanded offering in Chicago will meet your business needs. Fully virtualised by software, we use KVM to create your VPS for full security and reliability. For added performance, our VPS runs on the latest SSD servers for the best speed and functionality.

Check out our benchmark results for further proof

As a company we believe in full transparency and, with this in mind, we used an independent industry benchmark tool to test our server results.

When looking at pure VPS performance, we were significantly ahead of the competition with speeds of 2500 against the closest rival with just over 1500. We also checked out our Sequential Write Speeds in MB/S and this was equally as good. For disk read speeds we were easily the best with a figure of near 1000. For disk write we were also at the top with a figure of almost 200.

Future plans for Frankfurt and Amsterdam

Now that our Chicago datacenter has been expanded, we already have an eye on how to improve what we offer to customers elsewhere. Both our Frankfurt and Amsterdam locations will soon be upgraded to a 3-way server replication storage model for the best in security and protection. One of the main upgrades we are going to make in Frankfurt and Amsterdam is the installation of 3-way server replication. This cutting-edge software-defined storage update means we protect your data in the best way possible. In simple terms, it means we will store your data on 3 separate servers simultaneously so if there are issues with 1, the other 2 will still be working.

Frankfurt will also see ER migration rolled out in their datacenter soon, so keep an eye out for this and the upgraded service it will offer for this VPS location. By investing our time and resources into the continuing expansion plans of our VPS locations across the globe, we are confident we can remain the industry leader in VPS service with 24/7 support.

New and updated VPS templates

New and updates VPS templates

We've just launched our updated VPS templates, including those from Debian VPS, CentOS VPS, Fedora and Ubuntu. Read on to find out more:

read more

Monthly update July

Better CPU performance

Hereby we want to inform you that recently we changed the specification of several VPS plans.

We increased the amount of cores on the 3GB and 4GB plan. We noticed that several customers are running applications that requires more CPU performance. More Cores means more CPU performance. The servers are directly available on our VPS plans page.

New templates

CentOS released a new version. This version is now available as a template on our platform in all locations. The template can be deployed on all available plans.

Coming soon

There will me some new templates available on short notice. As example pre-installed WordPress servers. There are also plans to deploy new locations in Asia. Keep in touch!

Asia VPS locations are coming soon

Asia VPS

We are thrilled to inform you that we are going to open brand-new VPS locations in Asia. Several new locations are on our 2017 roadmap. These sites will provide a low latency VPS connection in almost all of Asia. Our goal is to open the VPS's to the public in Q3 of 2017.

The new sites in Asia will be:
- Singapore
- Hong Kong
- Tokyo

We noticed that there is a high demand from our customers to deploy a server in the Asia region. Many of our visitors are from this area and want to deploy a server nearby.

The new server sites provide you the standard high-quality service, 24/7 helpdesk (including live support) and other high-performance features you have been expecting from us. We noticed that there is a high demand from our customers to deploy a server in the Asia region.

New York VPS location upgrade

We are thrilled to announce that also our New York servers have been upgraded. With this update, we have increased our capacity and performance. On top of that, we use a state of the art storage technique which makes your data extra secure. The demand of new VPS’s in New York is high, with this upgrade we increased the capacity and performance tremendously.

New York VPS

Last week we also upgraded our London platform. This upgrade has the same hardware as we use in New York. We are expanding our datacenters worldwide to meet the needs of our customers.

The hardware upgrade has several new features which all will improve the performance of your VPS. Below we explain some of these functions.

Network connection

Our network now has a 10Gbit uplink connection on all servers. The total capacity of our network is 40Gbit which is simply amazing! You can test this via our speed test on https://www.vpsserver.com/new-york/.

3-Way storage

With this new software-defined storage called “3-way storage” your data is protected in the best way possible. This storage technique stores your data on 3 different servers simultaneously. In the case of any error, there are always 2 other servers that keep your data secure!

Server specification

We use Dell technology on all our Hypervisors. These are equipped with Intel E5-2690 Series Processors. This series is one of the best performing CPU available on the market. To keep your server fast and reliable DDR4 RAM memory is used.

Test our new platform and experience blazing fast Virtual services!

London VPS location improvements

Recently we upgraded the hardware in the datacenter in London VPS. Because of the tremendous demand, we ran out of additional capacity. For this reason, we upgraded the platform and hardware. This upgrade has the following benefits:

London VPS location


For the new configuration, we use state of the art Dell Hypervisors equipped with Intel E5-2690 series. These processors are one of the best performing CPUs on the market. On top of that, the servers are equipped with DDR4 Memory slots.


All servers have a dual 1Gbit uplink for blazing fast internet connection. We use Mellanox Networking technology. With this technique, the network has an incredible capacity of 40Gbit.


Most VPS providers use RAID-storage; we don’t!

In our fully equipped setups, we use 3-way storage. Storing all your data on three servers simultaneously. If any failure were to occur, your data remains safe!

What to know about search engines?

If you're a developer, then you'll already be au fait with the tools of the trade - from coding language through to hosting protocols and VPS Server solutions - but how much do you know about search engines? Essentially we want to know just one thing - what is it that search engines look for when ranking content? After all, your clients will happily pay big money to get their search terms to the top of the listings.

Search engines are a complex beast. Not only do they have the seemingly miraculous ability to predict what you are searching for on the strength of just a few typed letters, but they can also return millions of relevant terms in an instant. But how?

Essentially, the following occurs:

1. Every search result is painstakingly codified, collated and analysed in anticipation of common queries. Much of this is done using extreme high technology, but search engine companies also hire large numbers of SEO specialists to provide human context and sense checking.

2. Vast supercomputers process algorithms, endlessly trawling the internet to seek out updates and changes to content.

3. At the same time, they measure time to load and look to assess the more subjective aspects that content is ranked against, such as its inherent quality - based on factors such as language, originality, linking and so forth.

4. The findings are collated into a site index that is relevant to each set of keywords, and which is instantly ready for display at the touch of a search.

Now, every search engine will carry out this process in a unique way according to the company behind the technology. The exact make-up of each algorithm is kept tightly under lock and key to avoid any corporate IP theft, as well as workarounds or black hat cheating tactics from websites looking to jump up the rankings using spurious means.

This was previously a problem, as flaws in earlier ranking algorithms meant that black hat techniques such as keyword stuffing and link farms were rife. These are effectively attempts to defraud the results of search engines.

The need to keep ahead of such behaviour also explains why the underlying search algorithms are always changing. However, this makes it even harder to keep abreast of how websites are scored, and to know how to match your website to precise requirements in order to optimise its placement.

So what factors place a website?

There are hundreds of different elements which a search engine will use to score a website for a search term. These include:

1. Keywords

The holy grail, in terms of usage and their density. The element of keyword strategy is called SEO - although search engine optimisation as a practice is far more comprehensive and complex than simply ensuring that key phrases and words are used on a website page.

The best way to make a website relevant for a page query is to make sure the content features terms that viewers are likely to search for. The other vital aspect is content volume and quality - there should be a good amount of regularly updated, high-quality content which is authoritative in nature.

2. Backlinks

This supports the 'authoritative' content angle. Websites which have a number of external backlinks within their content will be seen as knowledgeable and authoritative. This explains why in the bad old days of SEO, there were so many link farms which simply existed to add in vast amounts of links. Today, associations with these websites is extremely damaging and can render websites blacklisted. However, legitimate linking strategies are highly valuable and can greatly improve page rankings.

3. Loading speed

One of the newer measurement factors is speed of loading - because of the increased use of mobile user traffic. Algorithms now assess how long it takes for a website page to load, knowing that more users will be accessing it via a phone or tablet. Fast sites are ranked by preference for being mobile friendly - so developers will need to code and build in features that support fast loading speeds. This ties in with evolving website design and build trends that include single page scrolling templates, flat design, the use of video and so forth. Use of the right VPS Server will greatly impact speed of loading times, as you will not need to share your data speeds with other users and can buy in custom features and specifications that suit your website needs. Find out more at VPS.

4. On-page optimisation

Metadata text has always been mysterious, but there are now packages such as Yoast with WordPress that make it simple. For developers who want to understand what's important here, metadata text appears in URLs, page heads and image captions, and gives search engine servers another means of assessing the contents of a web page. Again, the more popular the search term, the more likely the page will score highly.

5. Age

The older the website, the more trustworthy it will be judged to be by the search engine. If your website is established and updated regularly, it will score particularly highly. Google results also show when a page was last updated, to provide the user with an extra cue to inform their click choice.

6. Top level domain

Once there was only really .com or .co.uk to consider. Today there are more than one thousand of these top level domains - or TLDs - on offer. When a search is carried out, domains which are specific within a country will be given preference to those in-country geographical searches - but ranked lower for overseas searches. Websites that are looking to build up a global readership are advised to pick a TLD that isn't geographic (avoid the .co.uk for instance).

Remember also that the server that the website is hosted on must be fit for purpose, offer sufficient size speeds and data, and be reliable, with an extremely small degree of published downtime. A VPS server offers benefits to websites and businesses that want access to technical expertise, custom set-ups and advanced features, security, fast speeds and maximum operational uptime. Find out more here.

Five advantages of VPS

Five advantages of VPS

Over the last few years, there has been a revolution in server technology thanks to the increased popularity of virtual private server (VPS) hosting. Here are five reasons why VPS has gone from strength to strength:

More stable and reliable

VPS technology has a clear advantage in stability and reliability. If you are hosting on a shared server, you may find that your website’s performance is negatively affected by other users, and if anything happens to that server, your site will suffer. With a VPS, your site will not be exposed to the performance problems associated with shared servers.

Greater control

With a VPS package, you have total root access to your server environment. Shared servers are usually optimised for performance and put limits on the software packages that you can use, but VPS users are free to upgrade or change to new software. You won't have to wait for a host company to support the package, enabling you to tailor your site to your precise needs.


VPS hosting is one way that you can help reduce your carbon footprint, while benefitting from the advantages of an individual server. Unlike a dedicated server hosting, which uses a server’s full power consumption for just one user, a VPS is effectively one large dedicated server divided into individual virtual environments, sharing the server’s power resource.

Easy scalability

If you hope to grow your new website, you want to be able to scale the hosting resource you use, with minimal disruption. With VPS, your hosting environment can easily be allocated more or fewer resources as required. For instance, if you are getting a surge of visitors and you want to upgrade your RAM, this can be done at the touch of a button. With traditional dedicated server hosting, the extra RAM would have to be physically installed by a technician.

Cost effective

The cost of VPS hosting has dropped dramatically over the last few years, and that trend is likely to continue. This means that VPS is now an option for small companies and private individuals, who want a reliable, stable hosting environment.

Firewall functionality improved

The new firewall functions are now available in the control panel of every server. You can manage your own firewall settings within the user friendly service page. Login and select Manage your server to setup your firewall restrictions.

The most common used firewall settings are port and internet access related. We advice everyone with a VPS to setup their firewall. Make sure you secure your server and prevent any unauthorized access. Firewall is free in usage and available for all customers.

Have a look at the new interface and make sure your firewall settings are setup right! Feel free to contact our support of you have any questions.

New 3GB plan available

3GB plan

This week we launched a new plan with 3GB Memory, this is now available to the public. You can order this plan on all locations. The specs of the VPS plan will be:

3GB Ram
4 Cores
125GB SSD Storage
4TB Transfer

We noticed that there is a large gap between the 2GB and 4GB plan. For this reason we decided to create a new plan with 3GB of Ram. You can use this Plan to deploy your Linux VPS or Windows VPS.

If you have any questions about this plan, feel free to contact us!

Managed VPS now available

Managed VPS

We just launched our new SLA. You can add this product to any VPS you have, Linux or Windows. With this SLA you make your VPS managed, our certified engineers will help you 24/7 with all your server related issues. You don’t need any server skills, we can do it for you.

Have a look at our managed vps page and see the difference between a Managed and Unmanaged server. The main benefit is you don’t have to control and setup your own server. Simply let us do it. Our team can help you with all kind of server related issues like software updates, security settings, firewall settings and many more! Available 24 hours a day by live chat or email.

If you have any questions about our new SLA simply send us a message via mail or live support, were here to help!

Windows Server 2016 VPS available

Windows Server 2016 VPS

VPSServer.com already offers a range of operating systems on your control panel to meet your needs in the best ways possible. We are now able to offer you the latest version of Windows Server 2016 for extra $10 per month.

October 28th 2016 Microsoft released the newest version of Windows Server 2016. This version offers a multiple upgrades and improved capabilities such as Nano server, containers and shielded VMs. With this latest version the company aims at aiding consumers with cloud computing and virtualization.

Start your Windows 2016 VPS now!

New Benefits

Better security

For the newest version of Windows Server, Microsoft has upgraded security with multi-layer built-in protection, now for instance the VM’s have been encrypted with BitLocker.

Improved efficiency

Windows Server 2016 makes it easier to perform day-to-day tasks, leaving you more time to innovate.

Develop and migrate apps

Enhance and modernize your current apps and take advantage of the upgraded security and management options in its fabric.

Limited time only, we offer you the chance to try out Windows Server 2016 14-days for free (1 cent CreditCard validation).

New USA datacenters

Worldwide VPS available

New VPS locations online!

We are excited to tell you that we have launched new datacenter locations! After last month’s launch in Europe we are now offering new locations all across the US. Strategically located our servers can provided you with low latency from east to west coast. All locations give you the consistent service and high performance features you have been expecting from us.

US locations

  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Miami
  • New York City
  • Silicon Valley

  • Try out our high performing VPS 14 days.

    VPS Benchmark results

    Benchmark results

    Amazing VPS Benchmarks

    Recently we did a few benchmark tests and had some amazing results. We are using an independent benchmark tool to test the server performance called Serverscope.io. With the tool you can check your server performance yourself.

    With high-end processors an fully equipped SSD storage our VPS’s are state of the art. The benchmark tests will give you a good impression on how our servers perform comparing to other VPS providers. In the displayed results the cheapest packages of all providers are tested.

    Server performance is everything

    When buying a new VPS everything depends on performance and pricing. With these results we can say that you’ll get the best bang for the buck! Our packages start at $5 a month and don’t have a contract so you can cancel anytime.

    See our results

    You can see the results of all benchmark tests at the Benchmark page. Experience SSD performance yourself and sign up!

    New datacenters in Europe

    Worldwide VPS available

    Launch of new datacenters

    The Cloud market and VPSServer.com are growing fast. We noticed that only one datacenter in Miami does not fill in all the needs of our customers. For this reason we are expanding our servers worldwide. In total there will be 7 new locations available. All Europe and USA based.

    Europe launch: Frankfurt, Amsterdam and London

    The new locations we launched in Europe are Frankfurt and London. Amsterdam will be available in January. the datacenters have a central location in Europe, this means these datacenters have excellent internet connections almost all of Europe. Amsterdam, Frankfurt and London are the biggest internet exchanges of the World. Almost 75% of all internet traffic passes through these exchanges. You can order your servers directly from our control panel.

    USA Launch

    The new datacenter locations in the USA will be: New York, Chicago, Dallas and Silicon Valley. With these 4 datacenters added to our existing network in Miami we will have fast internet coverage to the whole USA. It is our goal to launch these new locations in January 2017. Keep in touch!

    Start now for as low as $5 a month!

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