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Please become part of Silicon Valley with our data center and reach your audience at high-speed and low latency, all powered by state-of-the-art virtualization technology. The location helps you serve the technology and innovation center in the San Francisco Bay Area, USA. We match the innovation of the place, providing you with cutting-edge VPS at affordable prices.

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Silicon Valley Data Center Benefits

Silicon Valley is the hub of innovation and technology. So you need the best capabilities to facilitate the place that houses the best tech companies. A data center combines technology (software and hardware) that powers the hosted applications, services, and websites. Our servers are located at Raymond Street, Santa Clara, the heart of Silicon Valley.

Our data center is connected to strong Silicon Valley's dense fiber infrastructure with an unfiltered power source for 100% uptime and proper data risk management. On top of that, Silicon Valley's history and future potential mean it will stay number one for technology.

The key server features include the following:

  • High-performance network and infrastructure to power local and global audience

  • 24/7/365 support

  • Top tier datacenter, operating with sufficient cooling and reliable power

  • Ground-level security to protect servers from unauthorized access

  • Full root access for complete control and flexibility with OS choices such as Linux and Windows.

  • Scale your business with VPS service.

  • Budget-friendly, start with lower plans and add hardware resources as per your needs

  • Secure servers capable of protecting against malicious attacks such as DDoS

Our Silicon Valley VPS servers are ideal for startups. You can also pick up the VPS hosting if you're a local business, such as a modeling agency or a guest house company running their business in California.

Secure, Scalable, and High-Performance

Silicon Valley's prime location means it has the most complicated yet capable network with the presence of major internet providers. On top of that, servers are powered by clean and reliable energy, powering the already efficient network to perform optimally, even during high demand. If you need help, contact our sales team to learn how Silicon Valley servers can help you improve your business.

Check out the Silicon Valley tool to learn more about our network performance.

IP Adresses

Learn about our Silicon Valley servers by trying out the following IP Addresses.

IPv4 Silicon Valley

IPv6 Silicon Valley


Download test files

Check out the test files for dedicated servers in Silicon Valley.

Why Choose VPS?

Technological and Financial Hub

Secure and Fast Storage

Secure and Safe Server Space

Technological and Financial Hub

Technological and Financial Hub

Technology Hub

Silicon Valley is the hub for technological and economic growth where almost every activity occurs, including trading, investment banking, and financial activities, which are required to power the tech companies in the area.

Benefits of VPS Server Near Technology Hub

A technology hub requires a strong network with state-of-the-art infrastructure. By getting a VPS in a technology hub like Silicon Valley, you benefit from 24/7 uptime, high reliability, secure servers, and low latency to serve your audience.

Secure and Fast Storage

Secure and Fast Storage

Super-fast NVMe SSDs

Our servers use fast NVMe SSDs, allowing hosted websites and services to load seamlessly. This benefits low latency and improves customer satisfaction and overall business returns. These NVMe SSDs and a stable and secure network provide users with the best possible ecosystem to host and serve their businesses.

3-way Storage Replications

All the data stored in our server space are replicated with 3-way storage. This real-time triple data replication ensures that the risk of losing data is minimized as much as possible. On top of that, it improves redundancy and availability. It also benefits scenarios where it is crucial to restore data. All the data stored and retrieved goes through a 64-bit checksum.

Secure and Safe Server Space

Secure and Safe Server Space

Pre-configure Templates

Get the most out of the VPS server by load choice of ing your operating syS) choice. We currently support various OS, including Ubuntu, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2022, Debian, CloudLinux, Arch Linux, Fedora, Rocky Linux, Oracle Linux, and others.

Secure and Safe Server Space

All servers are secured end-to-end to provide the best VPS hosting experience. We secure our servers on the cloud and our own servers physically so that only authorized personnel can access the server. Our KVM technology also makes the VPS secure by facilitating a secure virtual machine environment.

20 worldwide data centers

Silicon Valley location worldwide

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your Silicon Valley VPS located?

Our servers are located at Raymond Street, Santa Clara, the heart of Silicon Valley.

How much do I need to invest in getting Silicon Valley VPS?

You can start as low as 3.99 monthly for Silicon Valley VPS. The plan offers access to 1vCPU, 1 GB RAM, 20 GB disk space, and 500 GB Bandwidth. It's a great starting plan as you can add resources such as CPU, RAM, and storage and scale it instantly.

Do you guys offer a free trial to try out Silicon Valley VPS?

Yes! We offer a 7-day free trial to try out our Silicon Valley servers. It is a one-time trial and requires a credit card to activate.

Is your customer support available 24/7?

Our Silicon Valley VPS comes with 24/7/365 customer support. You can rely on our support to resolve your problems almost instantly.

Do I need technical knowledge to host my startup on your server?

No, you don't. Our VPS solution is beginner-friendly, and you can get started with a VPS in minutes. Our control panel is easy to use and intuitive as well.

What operating systems do you support?

We support a wide variety of operating systems, including Linux and Windows.

What are the other locations you guys offer?

We have 20 worldwide locations, including North America, Asia Pacific, North Australia, and Europe.

What are the benefits of hosting in Silicon Valley?

The benefits include fast servers, low latency, security and high uptime.