Privacy Policy update & greater capacity

We like to think that we're responsive to the needs of our customers. That's why we're upgrading our London and New York City locations, so we can have a greater capacity to meet our customers hosting demands.

As part of the upgrade, we'll be keeping a small maintenance window active in our New York City and London locations, so you can stay up and running while changes are made.

Having a VPS in London or NYC is beneficial in many ways, not least because these global cities are home to countless web developers and the closer your server is to these data centres, the lower the latency and the quicker your data travels from its source to its destination.

London and New York City are just two of our more popular VPS locations worldwide, with others including Singapore, Frankfurt and Miami. Check out the full list on our VPS Homepage.

GDPR news

The EU's new GDPR regulations came into effect on Friday 25th May 2018, with companies now required to take greater steps when it comes to handling customers personal data.

This regulatory change has been four years in the making, with the EU looking to bring data protection regulation into the modern age. There will be tough sanctions for companies who don’t comply with these new regulations, which is why we've put a stringent policy in place to ensure your details are safe.

If you haven't had the time to take a look at our updated privacy policy yet, please note that the full document can be found here:

New features

In the near future, we'll also be investigating the possibility of implementing several new features, such as block storage, custom ISO, easier backup plans, extra ipv4 addresses per VPS and more.

Contact us

To find out more about our upgrades, or our GDPR updates, please get in touch with us today and stay tuned for more blogs.