Datacenter London Coming soon!

New datacenter in London

We are proud to announce we are launching our new datacenter in London very soon. We noticed there is lots of interest for VPS servers in this location. We will have all our operations ready at the end of Q4. There will be a special promotion available!

The VPS server market is growing fast. Allot of developers are located in the United Kingdom and have interest in the product from London. For this reason we are launching our new Datacenter in downtown London for low latency.

The VPS servers we offer from the United Kingdom are fully equipped with SSD Hard Drives for lightning fast server experience. The total network speed is at least 40Gbit and all servers have Intel E5 processor technology and 1Gbit port speed. Like the platform in Miami we provide more then 12 OS including Windows 2008 and 2012.

Low latency

The location London is perfect for low latency in the United Kingdom and Europe. A direct connection from London to Europe makes this possible. This latency will help forex brokers to trade faster!

Our plans start at $5 a month and our servers are as always up and down gradable without a contact. More datacenter locations coming soon!