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Enjoy an amazing, reliable virtual private server in India at the amazing price of just $4,99 per month. Whether you’re a developer on the lookout for virtual space to work on a large project, or a start-up business in need of a flexible computing solution to get off the ground, our India-based VPS servers can help. Take your pick from a huge selection of operating systems, and choose between our various pricing packages that let you find the perfect power and data volume without overpaying. Plus, there’s no contract, so you can end at any time with all of your data securely destroyed, giving you complete peace of mind.

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Using VPS server hosting will give you so many advantages. Even it is more expensive than shared hosting, VPS has a better hosting environment and better performance in handling security threats. If you own your virtual server, you also get your dedicated resources. Such as full root access, 25 or more GB SSD storage, 2 or more GB RAM, better data security, install an SSL certificate, dedicated IP address, and so on.

If that’s not enough to convince you, then why not try a 7-day trial? You’ll get full access for a week, letting you see just how reliable the service is. Then, once you’re happy, you can start paying for the package that’s best suited to your needs. Not sure which package suits you? You can try one for a week without paying, and then either upgrade or downgrade once you’ve seen how it works. It’s completely up to you – get the power and speed you need to complete your projects at a low price. The trial is available on most of our packages.

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Practical features of VPS Server

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An ultra-reliable VPS service

A virtual private server is perfect if you need scalable performance, depending on what you’re working on at the time. It means you don’t have to invest in costly hardware and can rely on remote services that are maintained to the highest standards. This VPS server has an ultra-reliable 40 Gbit Mellanox network with high-end Intel E5-269X processors, so you don’t need to worry about being unable to connect or suffering from slowdown or bottlenecks at peak times. You’ll be able to access your server and your data quickly and easily, guaranteed.

100% SSD storage with VPS India Hosting Servers

Just because this is a cheap India VPS hosting option, that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy quality service. Most VPS offerings are stored on RAID drives which are slower, outdated and much less reliable. Not only that, but many services may only store your data on one drive. Not only does our VPS hosting India option use SSD, which is much safer and less likely to fail than RAID drives, but our 3-way storage replication means that even in the extremely unlikely event of something going wrong, everything is backed up so you won’t even notice.

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Whether you want to quickly scale up your projects, downgrade to a lower package, cancel or just check on the status of your service, our control panel is quick and intuitive. No more clunky menus, just a couple of clicks, and you’re done. That doesn’t mean it’s basic either, as it lets you perform all kinds of server tasks. Whether you need to delve into the console, set up firewalls, reverse DNS, or manage your own VPN from the server, it’s all available and it’s all super-easy.


Even with this extremely easy control panel and our excellent reliability and scalability, there may be times when you want to speak to someone to get some help. Unlike many other India VPS hosting solutions, we make sure we’re always available, with 24/7 chat support. So even if you’re working late into the night on a major project, we’re always here to help you manage your VPS no matter which operating system you’re using – our expert team will have the solution.

VPS India hosting is another location-based VPS hosting platform we've brought to our customer's convenience. In comparison with the data center, 14 data centers precisely, VPS India hosting is available to meet all your needs, ranging from the simple webserver to complex multiple website operations. Whereas VPS plan diversities don't only involve website type, it also provides space for flexible and affordable plans, including our $4,99 VPS India hosting. Several questions pop up on users' minds, especially newbie about VPS hosting. Hence, this guide compiles answers to crucial questions, including uses of a VPS server, how to host a VPS, benefits of VPS hosting, and speed comparison between VPS hosting and shared hosting.


VPS server is popularly known for the several services it offers. Among several uses available, this article highlights the widely adopted uses below:

  1. Web hosting

Web hosting is the most common VPS India hosting among many users. Although web hosting is the basic aspect of VPS, users do not get anything short of the same service. That is, its simplicity doesn't reduce the number of resources you get. Hence, your server will still run effectively. Also, you can run a static site, such as Nginx, OpenLiteSpeed, HTML files, and Apache. Likewise, you can run activities of your choice on VPS, providing you the private operation you need.

  1. Game server

Hosting a game server on India VPS is another most popular among developers. Meanwhile, many people game as leisure, especially among the millennial age group. The evolvement of the internet contributes to increased gaming activities as well. As much as people use VPS India hosting to earn profit or business purposes, users also have fun by setting up online games with friends. Also, hosting a VPS for gaming purposes requires detailed customization, which we tailor to users' needs and preferences. However, note that not every VPS provider company allows users to host a gaming server. Hence, make sure you read the terms and conditions before purchasing a package.

  1. Mail server

Many organizations and companies host their mails on VPS, as it allows owners to monitor employee's mailboxes. Also, it prevents the high rate of spam messages. Contrary to shared hosting, neighboring users do not threaten VPS India hosting, hence enhancing mail messaged delivery speed. Some users host their servers on open-source mail addresses, which often require some tech-savviness from the user's end.

  1. VoIP server

VPS hosting provides users access to make calls via the internet. How does this work? It connects employees on the same server together, such that you can check workflow or progress.

  1. Backup server

The backup server is majorly for storing data and information. Serious and well-detailed organizations often opt for this usage. However, it is necessary for every business, either, medium-sized, or big brands. Some users choose to back up files on external disks such as USB disks, these external devices can be misplaced. With our VPS India hosting and cloud India, we have a tightly secured infrastructure that safes data even in the most threatening situations. Another added advantage of the VPS backup server is the ability to access your stored data anywhere in the world. Cloud computing is a feature being employed in recent years, as it can contain large data size.

  1. Multiple servers

You can own a server on VPS to serve several functions, including web hosting, game hosting, mail server, and others. However, this will incur extra charges from your end, as the needed resources, such as RAM, CPU, and bandwidth, will also increase in volume. You can own a single server on the VPS India host, and scale up if the need arises in the future.

  1. VPN server

You can also use VPS India hosting to host a virtual private network. The VPN server provides easy access for users to almost every website, while protecting their data at the same time. With VPN, you can avoid the frustration that comes with being blocked from getting information, especially if it's vital to you. However, there is a need to protect your privacy while accessing many places online. Hence, getting a reputable VPS provider company is the most appropriate option to consider. Moreover, VPN was mostly used by companies in time past, to give employees access to the company's information and data. It's becoming of personal use nowadays, as it is useful in securing sensitive data or hiding online activities.

  1. Develop your skills

Lastly, VPS India hosting is a platform that allows new programmers or developers to experiment with their knowledge. In this case, users can master a programming language, online projects execution, application creation, and many more. VPS enables users to quickly install and uninstall the operating system whenever an error arises. Meanwhile, you can also create a private server code to interact with other individuals of like minds.

  1. Moreover

You need a customized service to test new applications. If you are a developer that frequently creates web applications, a dedicated server might be quite expensive. Hence, get a VPS India hosting to maximize VPS as a playground, even at a cheap price.

What Are The Benefits of VPS Hosting?

VPS India hosting is known to offer several benefits to its users. Its fast-paced revolution in recent years is associated with VPS's contribution to many businesses' growth. Hence, the states below are the benefits of VPS hosting, and hopefully, it helps you realize why you should get on board or stay active if you purchased a plan already.

  1. The high rate of performance: There are often zero or no cases of downtime with VPS operations. In VPS India hosting, you can manage a high traffic rate. When users' business growth expands and attracts more potential customers, it causes no slowness to the server.
  2. Improved security: With the increased rate of your website visitors, the fear of cybercriminals is more alarming than ever. At this level, staying on shared hosting implicates your data to risks. To prevent cyberattacks, VPS provides a standard security measure, including the administrative role of deciding who has access to your data. Moreover, VPS is a preferred option for big organizations with several competitors in the economic market. With your data securely backed up, you will be less tensed of rivals attacks or manipulations.
  3. Cost-effective: Although VPS India hosting isn't as cheap as a shared server, the value it provides for its user is much more worth its price. Another aspect of VPS is its ability to mimic the expensive dedicated server at a cheap price. That is, you can get the services available in dedicated hosting with VPS. More so, VPS hosting is pocket-friendly and flexible, making it affordable for almost every potential.
  4. Customized server: With VPS hosting, you have greater access to your server, as we tailor or customize to your needs. More so, you can easily tweak the settings in case of scaling up or down. You also have access to configure your website, install applications, run the software, and choose your preferred operating system. Such as Linux VPS hosting, Windows VPS, and so on. However, an operating system such as Windows OS is available for Windows systems, while the open-source software, known as Linux OS, is more flexible in usage.


If you are contemplating moving to a VPS server, but you do not understand the difference between VPS and shared hosting, or you wonder if VPS hosting is faster than shared hosting as many providers claim? Then, this right here is for you. Meanwhile, while answering your question regarding the fastest speed server, we will also point out the difference between VPS and shared hosting.

Shared hosting implies hosting a server on a physical machine with several users sharing the same resources, while a virtual private server host a limited number of users. Although a server is hosted on VPS with other servers, virtual technology known as a hypervisor, is used to partition each user's server. The shared resources in shared hosting are the major cause of slower performance in comparison with VPS hosting. However, VPS hosting is faster than shared because users are less bothered about running out of resources, which causes downtime and leads to slow server performance. Also, if any of the users sharing this physical machine in shared hosting runs out of resources, it results in a negative impact on other users.


Upgrading to a VPS India hosting plan is often requires by medium-sized. However, starters or small businesses can offset with the VPS plan. It provides a good experience for your potential customers at the beginning of the business journey and for the sake of your business needs. VPS India hosting is quite affordable and easy to operate as it is also considered the best VPS hosting provider in India. For starts, you should try out our 1/7 day free trial. It will provide you the basic knowledge you need and help you make a better decision. As the name implies, you need not pay any fee, even during registration. Also, you can make your hosting journey easier by signing in for the managed VPS plan. The managed VPS India hosting saves you stress and time by providing your server with the needed requirements without getting you worried. Likewise, we recommend only IT experts or an organization with a well-oriented tech team to sign up for the unmanaged VPS plan.

Hopefully, you find answers to your questions in this article, and if you have further inquiries, you can reach our 24/7 customer support team via online chat, email, or phone calls. Moreover, our customer support team is always available round the clock to clear grey areas.

With our sales team, you can flexibly get the fast and scalable India Servers of your choice. Also, there are full SSD and Intel Performance features that your server experience.

You can get reliable VPS India hosting with us for as low as $4,99 monthly. These India-based VPS servers are available for almost every business, ranging from an expert developer to a small-sized business owner. Therefore, you can choose an affordable power or data volume that meets your needs. Moreover, we secure your data, as we do not charge customers on a contract-based.

To be fully convinced of the type of service we provide, we recommend our 7 days of free trial. After 7 days elapse, you can go ahead to purchase your preferred plan. Meanwhile, you can still get a free plan for a week, if you aren't sure of the best plan for you yet. We carry out VPS India server upgrading or downgrading at customers' convenience.

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