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Our VPS hosting service in India is guaranteed as one of the most enhanced VPS hosting locations to ensure you experience the best web hosting services. We offer dedicated resources to ensure your business successfully receives the web traffic you need, with the best security protocols set.

We understand that location is important, which is why our India VPS Hosting is located strategically within the best server location to ensure your business provides high-quality connection. Whether you are transferring servers or just starting a new one, we have the power to get your business running within seconds.

With our dedicated IP address, you will experience our high-speed internet connectivity and reliable performance that only the best VPS providers can compete. No matter the bandwidth, our customer support team is here to ensure you are connected with us 24/7.

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Why Choose Us to Host Your VPS India Needs?

Host Your VPS India

We provide many different solutions when it comes to us hosting your very own virtual private server. VPS hosting requires many different components that we understand are important to give you a successful and stress-free website hosting experience. No matter the VPS hosting plan, all our web hosting plans are fed with equal security, support, and technology.

Full Root Access

As the website administrator, you have full control access every aspect of your VPS India virtual server with a full root access feature. All of our VPS server hosting plans are customizable to server the needs of you and your business. Please choose any of our plans according to your preference, and easily manage your VPS server with our intricate control panel. Whether you need to install software or handle different configurations, our VPS India has the best and most accessible control panel for you and your business.

24/7 Support

No matter the time of day, our services are always one message away to help you with any needs or frustrations you may be facing. Our proactive customer support is here 24/7 for any queries or issues regarding our network connectivity. We are here step-by-step to not only ensure your virtual server is functioning correctly but also to ensure your website is at the expectation you need to see your business succeed.

3-Way Storage Replication

We provide all of our VPS hosting plans with a 3-Way Storage Replication technique to ensure your information and data are safe from getting leaked or hacked from potential cyberattacks. If a copy is lost for any reason, you have two extra copies to get the work done, being one of the most fruitful methods for data protection.

As if the protection is not enough, 3-way storage replication is extremely affordable, and in most cases, it is cheaper than paying for the same data backup for only a single host.

KVM Virtualization Technology

To improve your website's overall performance, we ensure to provide you with advanced resources with our cloud infrastructure built using KVM technology. KVM virtualization technology is a full virtualization solution that ensures an improved performance for your website, whether you are using Windows or Linux VPS hosting.

Affordable VPS Hosting Provider

With our cheap Windows VPS and Linux VPS hosting, you only need to worry about paying for what you use. We charge no hidden fees, along with exclusive discounts if paid with Bitcoin cash. On top of this, we also offer a no-contract service, meaning you can use our services for as long or as little as you want, without spending more money on services you don't need.

Multiple Payment Methods

We are open to multiple different forms of payment that are not limited to only one or two options. We also offer three payment plan types: Premium, CPU Optimized, and Memory Optimization. Choose any method you prefer and pay using either PayPal, Bitcoin, Credit Card, Debit Card, or other.

Benefits of VPS India: Why we are worth it

Unlike many competitors, our VPS web hosting experience is not only affordable, but most importantly, we are reliable. You can enjoy many benefits when using our VPS hosting in India.

  • Scalable Resources

    We understand that scaling a business is one of the biggest challenges when starting off with a brand-new website. From technical issues to possible loss of resources, scaling can be a huge loss for many companies. Luckily, our VPS India server and hosting platform will help you grow your online business and your resources to the next level without the risks.

  • Highest Security

    VPS hosting services are created to protect your website from any possible malware and various security threats. With our robust DDoS protections, SSL Certificates, and Firewalls, our security will exceed expectations giving you a worry-free and safe website.

  • Excellent Performance

    Our tech team is specialized to ensure high-performing Virtual Private Servers. Our servers will quickly enhance your website's performance with top-of-the-line Linux VPS hosting and Windows VPS options. Our pre-built dedicated server hosting environment is created to boost your website's load time, ultimately leading to an increase in engagement rate.

  • Affordable Prices

    VPS servers are much more expensive and of higher quality than shared hosting, which makes users afraid of touching any virtual private server hosting providers simply due to the price. This is why all of our VPS hosting options are all affordable and at a meager cost compared to competing platforms. Not only this, but we also offer a free 7-day trial to test our VPS India services before commitment.

  • Independent Hosting Environment

    VPS hosting has a critical role within its service that gives users the independence to run their website freely without hindrance from other users. With our dedicated server hosting, your virtual server experience will never face any lag or issues related to shared hosting.

VPS Location

Dedicated Resources

24/7 Online

India VPS Location Benefits

India VPS Location Benefits

The benefits are unlimited when you choose India VPS as your provided location. As India is a prevalent tech location, a VPS is vital to ensure a safe environment for your business and its clients and a fast performance that gives your clients the best experience while browsing your products and services.

Dedicated Resources

Dedicated Resources

With our KVM technology, your VPS India will ensure your business needs are well managed with any of our VPS hosting packages. Along with our 3-way-storage space replication, and SSD storage, your web hosting experience enhances by manifolds.

24/7 Online Management

24/7 Online Management

With our Virtual Private Server hosting services, you are provided for free with the benefit of a live 24/7 management control panel for all of your business needs. If you need any assistance, we are also here 24/7 to help you with any frustrations or questions you may have while managing your VPS server.

Depending on what you need, we understand our customers are located worldwide, and need fulltime access, day or night. Since our VPS India servers are fully remote, you can access all data and support you need. This is a major benefit for anyone in need of cloud hosting or on-the-go data upload.

16 worldwide data centers

16 worldwide location worldwide

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide managed or unmanaged VPS hosting services?

We provide managed hosting to save time and ease our clients' stress. We are a hosting provider responsible for handling your server operation and keeping it safe from internal or external attacks.

It is essential to have the thorough technical knowledge to manage a VPS independently. If you lack professional knowledge, opting for our managed VPS service is the best option. It is also less expensive than a third-party manager or operator.

Can I upgrade my VPS server?

Yes, you can upgrade your VPS plan anytime. We understand your hosting requires changes with time. So, we offer flexible upgrade or downgrade services whenever needed. Our user-friendly control panel lets you easily adjust your server resources (CPU, storage, and RAM) without data loss or downtime. We also have a support team available 24/7 to help you choose the most suitable plan per your needs and guide you through the entire process for a smooth upgradation.

What is included in your managed VPS plans?

We provide managed services that offer the following characteristics:

  • Powerful dedicated server administration

  • Installation, configuration, and patching of the core operating system

  • Proactive service monitoring

  • Guaranteed 99.9% Uptime

  • Strong malware security

  • Hardware performance’s active monitoring

  • 24/7 server and network assistance

  • Ample backup solutions

Along with this, we also provide fantastic upscaling options so you can experience the growth of your business without needing to redo your website.

How many websites can I host on my India VPS server?

The number of websites you can host on a virtual private server is limitless. Compared to other server and hosting types, a VPS has the resources to handle multiple websites efficiently. However, VPS’s resource restraints must be followed, such as the RAM, SSD, or CPU limit. Upgrade your virtual server if you want to work around these restraints. Remember, hosting multiple sites on a single server can affect overall performance.

How secure and reliable is your VPS hosting in India?

All our servers are incredibly secure and reliable, offering high-performance capabilities from India. The latest hardware and technologies power them for optimum performance, availability, and reliability. Moreover, we offer DDoS protection to safeguard your data from malware attacks. With our 3-way storage replication, your data gets triple-layer protection for utmost security. If any file gets corrupted or lost, you will have the other two as a backup.

Why should I use your India dedicated server web hosting plans?

  • Storage server: Virtual server India hosting is easily accessible as a storage space. Compared to storing data on external hard drives, VPS ensures that your data is safe and tightly secured.

  • Cloud hosting: Owing to the dire need for server storage, users can own private cloud resources on our India VPS hosting. We provide cloud infrastructure for data storage, collaborations, galleries, contacts, calendars, documents, etc. In addition, having a privately owned cloud vps ensures secure and mobile access to your storage from anywhere.

  • Web server: Virtual server hosting enables users to host either single or multiple servers. With VPS hosting, you can ensure the user experience remains unhindered and seamless.

  • Dedicated Service: With our web hosting services in India, you can experience dedicated hosting. You can host your website independently from anywhere and get optimum results.

  • Works as a Backup Server: Storing files on external hard drives isn't the best strategy, considering the risk of hardware failure. With our VPS in India, you can save your files by backing them up with our three ways storage replication features.

How can I earn money with my VPS?

We uniquely offer our customers website rewards for performing specific actions on our platform. These include referring a new customer to our services, participating in community discussions, and sharing your knowledge with others on social media, amongst other things. You can then redeem these points in exchange for our VPS services.

What is VPS India?

A VPS is a web VPS hosting plan/service offering customers the ability to easily control a dedicated server at a low price. As the name implies, a VPS India server is based in India. It provides users with a virtual machine partitioned from a physical server or data center, giving them their private space to manage, store, and run their website or online software (think of Google Docs, for example).

A virtual private server in India is ideal for professionals, like freelancers, businesses, or startups, who need more resources than those available with shared hosting but don’t need the full power of a dedicated server. A VPS enables users to customize their server settings and needs, install their software and OS, and have full root access.

A VPS offers security, reliability, and scalability. Our VPS server, for instance, also offers 24/7 customer support and server monitoring to ensure your website or online app is always up and running without interruptions.

How do I determine the best location for me?

Depending on the audience you are trying to reach, finding the locations with the highest volume of search and internet use for a new website dramatically benefits your business.

When choosing your VPS location, it is vital to consider your target audience and your customers' physical location. For example, choosing London for your data center location would benefit targeted Northern European or Western European customers.

When considering a data center, look into their features, as some provide better hardware, and others have better storage device network connectivity options. Then, compare each feature from each data center to cover your specific needs.

Remember the security of a data center and its available measures against malicious malware attacks on your website. Your website and its data need to be protected to avoid any loss of private data or other vital information that can jeopardize your business.

Choosing the right data center for your VPS location is essential for the best performance and smooth website experience. In addition, having complete control over a highly secured website with low latency is a big step to a successful and organic website.

Do you offer a free trial in India?

We offer a 1-7 day risk-free trial for cloud hosting services. We will not hold you to any contract if you are unsatisfied with our services. If you enjoy our VPS hosting services, you can commit to us for as long as you like. Our plans are scalable depending on your company's needs, and we are always here to help support you and your business.

What other locations do you offer VPS hosting plans?

When considering latency, it is essential to choose to correct VPS location (or dedicated IP address). Along with our India VPS hosting services, here are our other provided VPS hosting locations:

Our North American data centers are located in the following:

  • Chicago

  • Dallas

  • Miami

  • New York City

  • Silicon Valley

  • Toronto

  • Atlanta

  • Los Angeles

  • Seattle

Our European servers are based in:

  • Amsterdam

  • London

  • Frankfurt

Along with our Asian Pacific servers which are located in the following cities:

  • Hong Kong

  • Singapore

  • Tokyo

And last but not least, we also provide a data server from Northern Australia in Sydney. With these data centers, you have ensured fast connection speeds and low latency anywhere you need.

Why Hosting Near Customers is Important

Why Hosting Near Customers is Important

Fast Website Upload Speed

A fast website is essential to bring in the traffic you need without losing user retention time. This is mainly possible due to the data center's proximity to the user. Depending on the location of your users depends on where your VPS should be hosted. Choosing the correct VPS server will reduce the latency rate for your virtual private server and ensure that your web pages are loaded quickly. With our innovative VPS hosting plans, businesses can provide users with a high-quality fast-loading website experience.

Better SEO Rankings

A faster website always means an overall better SEO ranking score. Choosing a virtual private server near your users will always provide a much more streamlined user traffic that will give Google the green light to put your business on the first page. Search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing consider loading time as one of the major factors for ranking a website. This is why having a VPS hosting server nearby, the website loading speed will increase the visibility of your website over search engines.

Better Competitive Edge

In order to stay ahead of competitors, hosting companies must target specific regions, creating content and services accordingly. Not only does a closer VPS server increase traffic and better connection to users, but it also helps personalize the experience of your local users to increase their loyalty and overall retention.

Data Compliance with Local Users

Depending on the country, there are many strict rules when it comes to hosting a website, to keep in mind the protection and privacy of the civilians. This is why choosing a virtual private server in the local area of your users not only helps your users experience a secure connection, but it also assists you in ensuring the right data center that can comply with local regulations, avoiding legal implications.

Better Uptime Percentage

If a website causes minutes to hours to load, visitors tend to leave and hop to another website simply due to the need for a quick and reliable resource. This can impact the website's entire credibility, which is a danger to any business' growth. This is why hosting your VPS servers near the users will help improve the network connectivity, thereby improving the website's overall uptime.