Installing Pi-Hole on your server

What is Pi-Hole?

Pi-Hole is ad-blocking service based on DNS and meant for personal usage. Pi-Hole helps with network-wide protection. It blocks in-app advertisements. It improves network performance and monitors statistics.

Installing Pi-Hole

If you want to install Pi-Hole you can use their automated installer. This can be done by executing the following command.

curl -sSL | bash

Awnser the given questions to your likings. After the installation is finished a screen will show up with the url to the web interface. The screen will also show your login credentials. If your login credentials don't show after the setup is finished make sure to close the Installation Complete! screen. The password will show in green after you closed the screen.

[i] Web Interface password: fxY4GU53

You can also change the password yourself by executing the following command.

pihole -a -p

After the installation is finished you can setup Pi-Hole by adding it to your device as your DNS server. If you want your whole network to use Pi-Hole as the main DNS server make sure to set this up in your router settings.