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Why Choose Us as Your VPS Provider

Why Choose UsWe know you're looking for a VPS provider. For a provider that offers fast deployment and excellent, dedicated support. So, know that we've got you covered.

Our fully scalable VPS hosting is easy to upgrade or downgrade (depending on your needs) or terminate since there are no minimum contracts. In other words, we ensure you only pay what you need.

Now, security is among our top properties. We don't negotiate the safety of your data. For this reason, we continually update and patch our systems to eradicate the risk of cyberattacks. On top of this, we also offer tools to detect incoming or outgoing hacking efforts and provide 24/7 live chat support from a team of true experts.

Moreover, our servers run on SSD Windows and Linux hosting, so you're guaranteed the best performance for your server environment. We know that slow servers can negatively impact your business, so we strive to do anything to run your site smoothly and efficiently.

But what great provider would we be if we hadn't implemented a simple-to-use and intuitive control panel? Our control panel enables you to install the software you like and manage your server overall. We also provide customizable templates and a range of billing options. Our powerful Intel Gold processes ensure up to 99.9% uptime while our expert team is available to help you 365 days per year!

Ultimately, we aim to provide excellent client care, and our benchmarking shows that we exceed industry standards. In other words, with us, your server environment is safe. Trust us to provide you with the best performance for your VPS and the support your business needs to keep thriving.

20 locations worldwide

What to Look For in a Virtual Private Server Provider?

Choosing a VPS provider is crucial for the success of your business. So, it would be best if you considered many key factors to select the right provider to host your website. Here's what to look for:

  • Performance — You should always choose a provider with high-speed servers (and multiple data centers) and the latest technology that ensures optimal performance at all times.

  • Services — From shared hosting to Linux VPS hosting to traditional and managed VPS hosting, you should always look for a web hosting provider with the needed services. Remember to look out for dedicated server options, as well, if you want to have total control over your server environment and web hosting.

  • Security — Look at providers with strong security measures to protect your data and site from cyberattacks and hackers.

  • Scalability — Your virtual server providers should offer flexible plans with the ability to upgrade or downgrade as needed.

  • Pricing — Compare prices and ensure you're getting great value for your money. On top of that, be wary of providers that offer cheap plans, as they may not deliver the performance you require.

  • Control panel — A handy control panel lets you customize your server environment to your liking and easily install the software you need.

  • Customer service & support — You should select a VPS provider that offers 24/7 customer support with a team of experts ready to help you anytime, any day.

When you consider the above factors, you ensure you select a VPS provider that meets your needs and helps you expand your company like never before!

So, don't take this task lightly; try to identify the best VPS dedicated web hosting providers. Once done, you can safely choose the web hosting and virtual private server hosting provider that covers your needs and requirements.

The Top 8 VPS Services

Top VPS Services


Regarding the best VPS hosting, the true leader is VPSServer. Even though there are many web hosting providers, we are one of the best options available. Here's why:

First and foremost, we offer a budget-friendly and scalable VPS hosting solution. Our VPS plans are designed to provide dedicated resources, ensuring a reliable performance you can count on. Moreover, we offer a range of plans, with options starting as low as 3.99 per month! Yep. You read right. Our plans start from 3.99 per month. This makes their VPS hosting an economical choice for individuals and businesses of all sizes.

Now, another great advantage of our service is our powerful cloud platform. They use exceptional physical servers with high-performance RAM, ultra-fast CPUs, and cutting-edge NvME solid-state drives. This ensures that your website or apps will run in the most reliable and efficient environment possible. Additionally, our network and data centers span 20 distinct locations across the globe, providing low latency and ensuring the best response times for your site visitors.

Another standout feature is our custom virtual environment management with our handy control panel. With just a few quick clicks, you can reboot your environment, change your operating system, update your firewall, and more. This makes managing your VPS hosting incredibly easy and user-friendly.

Regarding OSs, we offer many operating systems, including Linux-based virtual private servers and Windows operating systems and environments. This way, you can easily choose the OS of your choice for maximum productivity and optimum server performance.

Furthermore, VPSServer uses KVM virtualization, a full virtualization solution that uses hardware features for improved performance. KVM is open-source, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer open-source solutions. It also provides enhanced performance, improved security, scalability, flexibility, and simplicity.

Lastly, we're proud to ensure the safety and security of your data through our storage replication solution. We offer triple data replication, ensuring high data protection and redundancy and providing reliable data backup and protection against data loss.

So, to sum things up, we're an excellent VPS provider. Thanks to our budget-friendly plans, powerful cloud platform, user-friendly control panel, flexible operating system options, and reliable data protection, we offer everything you need to ensure a smooth and hassle-free VPS hosting experience.

Try our services today with our 7-day risk-free trial!

2. Linode

Linode is a cloud hosting provider that, among others, offers some of the best VPS hosting services and several different plans. This provider was founded in 2003, and since then, it has risen in popularity, with over 800,000 customers worldwide.

Linode offers its hosting services globally and has multiple data centers in key locations, like the United States, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. This lets users choose the location closest to their target audience for great site performance and fast loading speeds. Also, Linode's data centers have enterprise-grade hardware, SSD storage, and redundant network connectivity for maximum uptime and reliability.

Regarding Linode's plans, know they are highly customizable, with various options to configure CPU, RAM, and storage space. This way, users can find the plan that fits their unique needs and budget without paying for needless resources. Like VPSServer, Linode offers extra features like managed services, automatic backups, and robust security features that enhance a site's performance and security.

Linode is also known for having excellent customer service support. Linode's team of friendly experts are experienced technicians available 24/7 to assist users with technical issues. The customer service team can be contacted by phone, live chat, or email.

Moreover, Linode's user interface is easy-to-use. It features a handy control panel that allows users to manage their VPS servers or even deploy new ones wherever they see fit. The interface can be used even with limited technical expertise and knowledge.

Regarding pricing, Linode's VPS plans are competitive, starting from as low as 50 per month. The great thing about Linode's pricing is that it's transparent, meaning there are no hidden fees or charges, and users can easily upgrade or downgrade their plans as their requirements change.

In the end, Linode is reliable and reputable and offers high-end VPS hosting services with exceptional support, multiple data center locations, and competitive pricing.

3. DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean is another leading cloud computing platform and a VPS solutions provider that offers affordable and reliable virtual private server hosting services. Founded in 2011, DigitalOcean has emerged as one of the most popular cloud hosting providers. Its platform has over one million developers (and users) worldwide.

Like most VPS hosting providers, DigitalOcean offers highly flexible hosting plans with various CPU, RAM, and storage configurations. This enables users to select and pay only for the required resources, avoiding unnecessary expenses. Furthermore, the company maintains transparent pricing policies, with no hidden fees or charges, allowing users to upgrade or downgrade whenever they want.

DigitalOcean is well-known for offering exceptional performance. To achieve this, they use solid-state drives (SSDs) for storage, which are faster and more reliable than traditional hard drives. DigitalOcean's data centers are equipped with the latest hardware and network infrastructure, ensuring fast and reliable website performance and uptime.

Additionally, DigitalOcean also provides:

  • A user-friendly interface for managing VPS instances.

  • Deploying new servers.

  • Accessing a range of tools and resources.

The interface is designed to be simple and easy to use, even for users with limited technical expertise. Digitalocean's VPS hosting services are backed by excellent customer support, available 24/7 to solve your queries or technical issues. You can contact them via email, live chat, or submit support tickets.

DigitalOcean is a reliable and affordable cloud hosting provider offering flexible and customizable VPS hosting services with excellent performance, a user-friendly interface, and comprehensive support. Whether you're a small business owner, a developer, or a large enterprise, DigitalOcean's web hosting services are worth considering for your hosting needs.

4. A2 Hosting

A2 hosting is a web hosting provider that offers a vast range of hosting services, including high-performance VPS hosting. The company was founded in 2003 and has since established itself as a reliable and fast hosting provider with a strong focus on customer satisfaction.

The greatest, perhaps, feature of A2 hosting is the use of SSD storage. SSDs are way faster and more reliable than traditional hard drives — as has already been mentioned — which leads to fast loading times and greater website performance. For example, your website's graphics or blogs will load fast without delaying visitors.

Like all other virtual private server providers, A2 hosting offers customizable options for their subscription plans. You can choose the amount of processing power you need, RAM, and storage space.

Now, where A2 hosting excels, though, is in customer support. The company has a team of experienced technicians available 24/7 to assist with any technical issues or questions. The support team can be reached via phone, live chat, or support ticket, and the response time is generally super fast. Also, A2 Hosting offers a comprehensive knowledge base and a community forum where users can find answers to common questions and connect with other users.

On top of the VPS services, A2 Hosting offers other hosting services, like shared hosting, dedicated hosting, or reseller hosting. The company provides many features, too, like automated backups, free SSL certifications, and a handy control panel for managing your servers and hosting accounts.

Regarding pricing, A2 Hosting has plans starting from 5 per month and rising, depending on the resources needed. If you're on a tight budget, don't worry because A2 Hosting offers a range of discounts and promotions, making it a great VPS hosting solution for users looking for affordable hosting.

Therefore, A2 Hosting is a solid VPS provider, offering high-performance web hosting services with SSD storage, customizable plans, and great technical support.

5. Bluehost

Operating since 2003, Bluehost is one of the oldest and most renowned web hosting providers. On top of offering shared and dedicated hosting, the company also offers scalable and some of the best VPS hosting services. One of the standout features of Bluehost's VPS hosting is the inclusion of managed services. The company's technicians manage server maintenance, software installations, and security updates. This is great because it frees users from the need to build their sites and apps.

Furthermore, Bluehost provides advanced security features, like the SiteLock security feature, which scans sites daily for malware and viruses, and CodeGuard, which offers automatic backups. Another cool feature of Bluehost is its user-friendly control panel. The custom-designed interface makes it easy for users to control and manage their sites, domains, and hosting accounts, with innovative tools for email management and website creation.

On top of this, Bluehost's VPS plans are scalable, meaning users can choose the number of CPU cores, RAM, and storage space they need to meet their business needs. Bluehost offers WordPress hosting, dedicated hosting, shared hosting, and, of course, VPS hosting.

The company now provides users free SSL certificates, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and timely 24/7 customer service support via email, phone, or live chat. Bluehosts's VPS plans begin at 18.99 per month (relatively expensive compared to other providers) and include 2 GB RAM, 2 CPU cores, and 30 GB storage. Users can easily upgrade or downgrade their plans as their requirements change, with flexible options for additional resources.

Again, Bluehost is a reliable web hosting provider that offers scalable VPS hosting services, managed services, advanced security measures, and a handy and easy-to-use control panel. One of the better VPS hosting providers for developers or business owners.

6. Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is Google's cloud computing platform that provides a wide range of hosting services, including VPS servers! As expected, the GCP offers high-performance web hosting services backed by Google's vast infrastructure, ensuring excellent reliability and uptime. Also, one of the standout features of GCP's web hosting services is its advanced security.

The Google Cloud Platform employs state-of-the-art security measures to protect its infrastructure and customer data, including encryption, access controls, and secure boot. On top of that, it provides users with the tools and services they need to help them secure their apps and data. Such technology is Google Cloud Armor, which provides web app firewall (WAF) protection, and Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy, which provides user authentication and authorization.

Another great advantage of GCP's hosting services is scalability. Users can add or remorse resources as they see fit effortlessly, without the end of downtime. Also, GCP's VPS hosting services offer flexibility, allowing users to choose the pricing plan that fits their needs and budget. Besides VPS hosting, GCP offers other hosting services, like shared hosting, dedicated hosting, and managed to host.

GCP also provides a large range of tools for users, like Google Kubernetes Engine, which allows them to manage and deploy containerized applications, and Google Cloud Functions, which allows users to run code in response to events.

The basic VPS plan costs 10 monthly and comes with one vCPU, 600 MB memory, and 30 GB storage. If you want to upgrade or downgrade, know you can do so.

Ultimately, GCP is a powerful cloud computing platform built by a true technological giant, Google. So, whether you're an individual or a large enterprise, rest assured GCP's VPS hosting services can help you skyrocket your growth. From fully managed VPS hosting, to shared hosting and web hosting, Google is considered among the best VPS hosting providers.

7. Vultr

Vultr is a cloud hosting provider offering fast and efficient VPS hosting services. One of the greatest features of Vultr when it comes to its linux based VPS hosting services is that it has multiple data center locations available, meaning users can choose the data center closest to their audience for fast load times and low latency.

Vult's hosting plans are flexible and cater to different needs and requirements. In general, users can choose from various plans based on their needs, including the amount of storage, RAM, and CPU cores. Vultr is one of the most affordable VPS hosting solutions because their monthly plans start at 2.50, including 512 MB RAM, 1 CPU core, and 10 GB SSD storage. These can be upgraded, of course, as needed.

Moreover, Vultr provides users full root access and the ability to choose their own OS, meaning they have complete control over their server environment. On top of this, Vultr's VPS services come with a 100% SLA, guaranteeing uptime. Plus, the company offers a simple-to-use control panel. This panel enables users with the tools they need to manage their server, as well as control their DNS management and billing management.

Vultr is also known for featuring an easy-to-use control panel (although not more friendly to use than ours). Vultr's control panel provides users with handy tools like server and billing management like all control panels. Also, Vultr's VPS hosting services come with advanced features, like API access, load balancers, DDoS protection, and snapshots. These features provide total control to users over their server environment.

Regarding support, Vultr has a dedicated team of experts available 24/7. The support team is highly knowledgeable and responsive, so users can quickly resolve any issues.

In summary, Vultr is considered among the great VPS hosting providers and hosts for users looking for reliable and efficient VPS hosting, multiple data center locations, and great, knowledgeable support.

8. OVHCloud

OVHcloud is a premium web and cloud service provider offering many hosting solutions, including some of the best VPS hosting. Some of the best benefits of OVHcloud include scalable resources, DDoS protection, automated backups, customizable options, multiple data centers, advanced networking, and 24/7 support, among others.

So, let's get started. OVHcloud offers VPS hosting plans allowing users to scale resources up or down based on their needs and requirements without downtime or interruption. This flexibility enables users to save money by only paying for the resources they use.

Regarding security, as a renowned VPS host, OVHcloud provides advanced DDoS protection, which prevents cyber attacks that ensure that sites and apps stay online and are accessible. OVHcloud also provides automated backups, which help users protect their sensitive data and recover from data loss.

Furthermore, users can use OVHcloud's customizable plans, including choosing from multiple OSs, configuring IP addresses, and installing custom software. Also, OVHcloud has a global network of data centers, which help websites load faster, and visitors experience smooth browsing. In other words, with OVHcloud, reduced latency is guaranteed.

Last but not least, this VPS host provides advanced networking options, including private networks and load balancing, which can help users optimize their server environment and improve performance. 24/7 technical customer service support for all VPS plans and support options, including phone, chat, and email.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Difference Between VPS and Virtual Server?

VPS and virtual servers, or virtual private servers, are generally the same and are used interchangeably. However, some slight differences between them are good to know!

So, a virtual private server (VPS) is a web hosting service where a physical server (a row of computers) is divided into multiple servers, each with its own set of resources, like CPU processor, RAM, and disk space. The servers are isolated/separated from each other and can be easily customized and configured by the user according to their unique needs and requirements.

VPS is popular for businesses and professionals who want great control and flexibility over their hosting environment.

On the other hand, a virtual server is a software-based emulation of a physical server. Virtual servers run on physical servers or cloud infrastructures and can be used for testing, developing, and hosting online applications. Virtual servers are often used to save costs because they allow multiple servers to run on single physical servers.

The main difference between VPS and web hosting servers lies in their level of customization and control, though. VPS hosting offers users more control over their server environment, as they have dedicated resources and can install custom software and configure their server's settings. However, virtual servers are pre-configured and offer very limited customization options.

To sum up, VPS and web hosting servers are similar because they use virtualization technology to create multiple servers isolated from each other on a single physical server. Their main difference is that VPS offers more control and flexibility, while virtual servers are usually pre-configured and provide limited options for customization.

Is GoDaddy a VPS?

Like us, GoDaddy is a web hosting company offering a vast range of hosting services, like one of the best VPS hosting, shared hosting, and dedicated hosting. Now, GoDaddy is not a VPS. However, it does offer VPS hosting plans for people requiring more control over their hosting environment.

GoDabby's virtual private servers plan to offer users the same features as ourselves, like dedicated resources (CPU, RAM, storage space) and the ability to configure and customize their server environment. VPS hosting also offers users full root access to their VPS, allowing them to install custom software and manage their websites and apps.

GoDabby's plans are available in many configurations. For example, they offer entry-level and premium plans for small sites for large, resource-intensive applications. Customers can choose whatever operating system they like, including Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, CentOS, etc. They can even upgrade or downgrade their hosting plan at any time.

This VPS host offers customers VPS hosting plans with dedicated resources and great control over their virtual servers.

What Is Virtual Server Provider?

A VPS host is a company like ours that offers virtual or VPS to customers needing web hosting services. As mentioned in the other questions, VPS solutions use virtualization technology to divide a physical server into multiple virtual servers, each with its resources. These servers are isolated from each other, ensuring the safety of critical data.

Now, VPS hosts offer a vast range of plans with different features and resources, allowing customers to choose the plan that meets their needs. At the same time, virtual private server providers provide support for their users, like assistance with server maintenance, troubleshooting, and server configuration.

Virtual server providers, like ourselves, are a great choice for small or large businesses or individuals looking to scale and expand. They give them more control and flexibility over their hosting environment and website, especially when they don't want to invest in a dedicated server.

Is a Virtual Server the Same as a VPN?

No, a VPS differs from a VPN (a virtual private network). A VPN is a virtualized server that runs exclusively on a physical server and is used to host sites and applications. It offers dedicated resources to users and can be customized and configured to their liking. On the other hand, a VPN is a private network that hides the IP address of users and enables them to connect to remote sites. In other words, a VPN encrypts a user's data to provide privacy and security. Even though both use virtualized technology, virtual private servers, and VPN networks are two different technologies.

Can You Buy a Virtual Server?

Yes, you can buy a virtual server from a dedicated provider. In general, many hosting companies offer VPS services and hosting plans that enable users to rent a portion of a physical server and customize it according to their requirements. Now, remember that in most cases, you will rent a VPS, not buy or own it. Still, subscribing to a VPS service gets the job done.

Is There a Free VPS?

While virtual server providers offer their VPS hosting services for free, these plans come with limited resources and features. Moreover, free VPS plans have strict restrictions and might require users to watch ads on their site or application. Plus, their data may not be as safe as they would have wanted, so if you're looking for a free VPS hosting account, pay extra attention to the terms and conditions.

Then, a paid VPS hosting plan is a far better option as it provides greater resources, features, and support.

How Much Is a VPS a Month?

The cost of a VPS service per month depends on the VPS provider. It generally depends on the features, resources, and level/type of support. Most VPS services start at 10 to 20 per month for basic plans with very limited resources and features and scale up to hundreds of dollars per month for high-performance plans with advanced features. Also, many providers offer hourly billing options for people needing a VPS for a short period.

What you should do is compare different VPS services to find the one that only meets your needs but also your budget.

What Are VPS Server Disadvantages?

While VPS hosting offers countless advantages in comparison with shared hosting, it also has some cons that you should probably be aware of:

  • Cost — Now, VPS hosting can be more expensive than shared hosting. Also, the overall cost can increase as more resources are added to the plan.

  • Technical knowledge — Unfortunately, VPS hostings require technical knowledge to set up and manage, especially if users want more control over their server environment.

  • Server management — Users manage their server, including security updates, software installations, and backups. However, a VPS solution like ours offers automated backups, meaning you will never have to do anything alone.

  • Resource limitations — Even though VPS hosting provides dedicated resources, these are still limited by the physical server's capabilities, which can impact performance if the server is overloaded.

  • No physical access — As VPS hosting is a virtualized environment, users do not have physical access to the server, which can limit the ability to perform certain tasks.

  • Downtime — Sometimes, there's downtime or hardware failure in VPS hosting, which impacts how the virtual server runs, leading to potential downtime for users.

Can You Trust a VPS Server?

Yes, a VPS can be trusted for several reasons, especially if your VPS provider is well-known and respected:

  • Isolated from other users: A virtual server provides a high-end level of isolation and security compared to shared hosting. Each VPS operates in a different virtual environment, preventing interference or unauthorized access from other users that host their server on the same physical server.

  • Customization: VPS allows for more customization and control than shared hosting, allowing users to install the software they like, configure server settings, and manage resources according to their needs.

  • Scalability: With a VPS, you can easily scale up or down depending on your website's traffic and resource requirements, making it a reliable and flexible hosting solution.

  • High performance: VPS can provide better performance and faster loading speeds than shared hosting because it allocates dedicated resources to each website.

  • Reliability: A VPS provider, like VPSServer, offers a high level of reliability and uptime, backed by robust hardware and network infrastructure.

Again, remember that the reliability of a VPS also depends on the hosting provider's quality and support services.

So, it's crucial to choose a reputable VPS hosting provider with a track record of delivering reliable services and excellent customer support if you want to ensure the safety of your sensitive data and enjoy maximum performance with zero downtime.

What Is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL certificate, also known as a Secure Sockets Layer, is a digital certificate that ensures secure communication over the Internet. It establishes a secure connection between a browser and an online server.

The SSL certificate encrypts the data transferred between the two parties and ensures the information's confidentiality. On top of this, this certificate is used to secure sensitive data and information like personal data, credit card information, and login credentials, among others.

On that note, as a web host, we offer free SSL certificates with our hosting options and plans so that you can have complete peace of mind regarding the safety of your customer's sensitive data.

What Is Self-Managed VPS?

A self-managed VPS is a type of hosting server where instead of the web hosting provider, the user is responsible for managing, updating, and maintaining the server. The user can control their server and install any software and apps they like or configure the server's settings to their heart’s content.

However, remember that in a self-managed VPS, the user is also responsible for security (thin of advanced DDoS protection), software, updates, and backups.

In summary, managed VPS hosting is great for experienced users with deep technical knowledge who need more control over their server environment.

What Is Windows VPS Hosting?

Windows VPS hosting is a virtual private server (VPS) running on a Windows operating system, like Windows 11. It provides users with dedicated resources, full administration access (including root access), and the ability to install Windows-based software.

Who Are the Top 8 VPS Providers?

The best 8 VPS providers are the following:

1. VPS Server: Affordable and user-friendly, our VPS service comes with a focus on security, reliability, scalability, and performance.

2. Linode: High-performance with competitive pricing and strong focus on technical support.

3. DigitalOcean: Generally affordable VPS service that focuses on features and developer tools.

4. A2 Hosting: Great scalable VPS hosting with a focus on performance optimization.

5. Bluehost: One of the oldest web hosting solutions that is synonymous with reliability and security.

6. Google Cloud Platform: The VPS service of Google focuses on scalability and reliability. There’s not really much to say about it. It’s a really solid VPS service.

7. Vultr: A VPS service with a global network of services and vast range of hosting options.

8. OVHCloud: It offers a handy control panel and ease of use, as well as advanced security measures, like DDoS protection.

Each comes with their own set of strengths and weaknesses. However, if we can guarantee something is that VPS Server will never fail you. On the contrary, we’ll do everything in our power to exceed your expectations and provide you with an excellent VPS environment.