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There are several big cities in the United Kingdom. Many of these locations are ideal to deploy new data centers. London is one of the biggest data hearts of England. Many internet cables from all over the world are connected via this city. This makes it ideal to deploy your own VPS in one of the financial hearts of Europe.



Many land and sea lines are connected in the United Kingdom. This location is actually the hub for all internet connections from Europe to the United States and even Southern America. Most of the data centers in the United Kingdom are located in the London area, but there are also several hubs in the southern area.

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The biggest internet Exchange in the United kingdom is located in London. You can deploy your server instantly in this location. We use a high speed datacenter that is equipped with a high speed internet connection close to the internet Exchange.



The United kingdom exchange was originally founded in 1994 by several Internet Service Providers. Currently, there are almost 400 members active which are all related to ISP’s. Try our services in the United Kingdom and experience it yourself.

VPS UK hosting describes a VPS datacenter located in the UK. What then is VPS hosting? VPS hosting is a virtual private server that operates by sharing a physical machine with interested users. In the virtualization world, there exist other virtual platforms, including dedicated servers and shared servers. The relationship and differences between shared web hosting and VPS is discussed in this article as you read further. What other things will you find out? It's a pleasure to provide information on managed VPS hosting in the UK, VPS hosting in the cloud, and the time it takes to set up a virtual private server hosting in the UK.

A VPS UK hosting is the new offer presented at your doorstep. Interestingly, VPS hosting provides the same services you will get from dedicated hosting at a cheap price. However, dedicated hosting enables full customization as users own a physical machine to themselves. Moreover, hosting your server on a datacenter in your hosting environment or nearby improves its performance. Whereas, you can also ensure the availability and provided security of your server via its location. That is, your physical server's location enables you to predict the safety of your server whenever threatening issues such as a fire outbreak or attack arise.


Shared web hosting is the preferred hosting option among new users until they realize they need better server performance. For instance, full root access or cPanel, then they should opt for the virtual private server. However, the similarity between these two is their ability to host several servers, with VPS having a restricted number of users. The dedicated server doesn't share its physical machine with any other user at all. Hence, the striking balance is the VPS hosting, which also has average pricing plans compare to the other two hosting platforms. The VPS UK hosting price is higher than shared web hosting but not as expensive as dedicated hosting. Hence, below are the differences between VPS hosting and shared web hosting:

  1. Server performance: Users are often carried away by website design and attractiveness, neglecting a server's accessibility level. A virtual server loading speed differs with VPS UK hosting and shared web hosting. Statistics show that many visitors leave a site that fails to load within three seconds. Also, disappointed visitors rarely visit the page another time. More so, you understand why it's crucial to choose the right hosting plan for your website. VPS UK hosting is faster than shared web hosting due to its high purchasing power. Meanwhile, small websites or businesses can subscribe to the shared hosting plan, while we recommend big businesses or potential ones to purchase a well packaged VPS UK hosting.
  2. Reliability: The reliability of a server isn't dependent on its length of existence, but the reliability is measured by its stability level when in use. Also, reliability describes the frequency of networking problems in server experiences.
  3. Scalability: The scalability level in shared hosting is on the low side when compared with VPS hosting. Shared hosting can barely accommodate a rapid increase in website traffic, while VPS hosting can be easily scaled up or down. Also, shared hosting can support about 10,000 visitors a month. VPS UK hosting can modify as your website guests increases. For example, online stores that run black Friday can quickly add more resources to accommodate visitors and prevent downtime.
  4. Bandwidth: The amount of bandwidth allocated in shared web hosting and VPS differs, such that users share bandwidth in shared web, and providers allot bandwidth to each user on VPS UK hosting, based on the activities rate, and most importantly, the server's number of guests or visitors. Hence, what do we mean by bandwidth? Bandwidth means the amount of data shared on your server whenever visitors load your page. Thus, if your server generates high traffic, you should expect a high amount of bandwidth usage. Also, many high-quality VPS providers unlimited bandwidth with terms and conditions applied. You cannot get unlimited bandwidth on shared web hosting, as the available resources will be overstretched.
  5. Traffic rate: With VPS hosting, your server can generate as much traffic as possible, while shared hosting permits little traffic because resources are shared between users. Hence, if your business scope will attract more customers in the nearest future, you should start with VPS UK hosting or migrate from shared web hosting earlier. However, shared web hosting is a good option for new blogs, because it prevents users from subscribing to a plan they might not use, thus, reducing extraneous cost. Whereas, big-sized businesses that require a high amount of resources, such as online stores, quotes, invoices, and audio transmitter operations, should subscribe to a VPS hosting package that meets its requirements.
  6. Cost: Generally, VPS hosting is more on the higher price side than shared web hosting. As mentioned earlier, VPS hosting isn't as costly as a dedicated server, yet still offers adequate services. A web hosting provider or web hosting services offer different prices to each other. However, shared hosting may incur extra cost than VPS hosting if you do not opt for a suitable plan. Besides, it is almost impossible to ask for a money-back guarantee from the provider. In this case, websites with more resources than shared hosting availability, suffer loss. In the long run, you might spend than you would have, on VPS hosting, because you will keep purchasing resources, to run your server. Whereas, some companies offer different prices with similar VPS packages, so make sure you understand the similarities and differences between various plans available and also the Value Added Tax or VAT. Moreover, you can purchase our VPS package for as low as $4,99.
  7. Security: In shared web hosting, servers are more at risk, since users expose them to hundreds, if not thousands of other servers. Also, users on shared hosting are often less experienced and can go against website precautions, hence causing harm to other users. Your provider's security measure also affects your hosting security level, asides from the potential compromise from other users. Meanwhile, a reputable company provides its users with an SSL certificate. The SSL certificate confirms your data is well encrypted, and grants you permission to certain generally restricted websites.
  8. VPS UK hosting is also the best option for websites with sensitive activities like payment details, as you ascertain your information remains hidden unless you want otherwise.
  9. Downtime: With shared hosting, users are more exposed to facing downtime, since there are chances of having noisy neighbors around. Whenever another user sharing the same platform with you runs out of resources, it plays a negative role on your server. It might lead to downtime and a poor experience for online visitors. However, there are almost no downtime occurrences in VPS UK hosting. The technical problem is almost inevitable on servers, but ensure your service provider offers a minimum of 99.9% uptime. Technology has evolved in the modern age, such that shared web hosting providers offer maximum CPU cores, maximum RAM usage, CPU power, and maximum SSD storage space to curb downtime issues. Meanwhile, some companies provide a "bursting" option to users, which allows them to exceed the limited resources in shared hosting. Whereas the virtual private server is also liable to be overcrowded, the availability of a virtual divider, known as a hypervisor, makes it almost impossible. Hence, the hypervisor is a virtual software that stops noisy neighbors attack VPS UK hosting.
  10. Uptime: As aforementioned, downtime is often experienced in shared web hosting. Although problems can arise both in shared and VPS hosting, their severity depends on your software and hardware quality, and most importantly, your provider's expert level. The lesser problems are associated with VPS UK hosting since it hosts few users on the same physical machine. Whereas, it's safe to say servers depend on each other, on shared hosting, since there is no hypervisor to separate each user.
  11. Managed services: In terms of the server's responsibility, shared hosting is often managed by the service provider to prevent damages, since many users operate on a single server. VPS UK hosting can either be managed or unmanaged. However, providers do not operate managed VPS hosting and managed shared servers with the same specifications, with VPS UK hosting being more standard. Whichever option you choose, be intentional about its impact on your server. If you are often busy or have zero knowledge about IT, you should also give your server provider control over necessary features. Meanwhile, in unmanaged VPS UK hosting, users are solely responsible for new installations and configurations, while the service provider provides solutions to technical problems.


Managed VPS Hosting in the UK is a VPS range that is available to meet the needs of inexperienced IT users. Also, with managed VPS UK hosting, you are less stressed about technical problems, as your service provider is in charge of running your server. Meanwhile, it is more important to leave your server in the hands of a trusted provider to ensure you are getting optimum service. Hence, you can reach us to purchase your managed VPS UK hosting plan.

Managed VPS UK hosting is more expensive than unmanaged VPS, but the value you get worths more than the money. Meanwhile, we provide the following features in our managed VPS UK hosting plan:

  • • Round the clock close monitoring
  • • Regularly maintaining your server and its performance.
  • • Set up your control panel
  • • Set up Apache, MySQL, and PHP
  • • Set up the server's operating system, such as Linux and Windows OS
  • • Tight data backup and technical support
  • • Install and update web security applications such as firewalls.


People often misunderstand VPS hosting to have the same meaning as cloud server hosting, whereas cloud server hosting is the provision of hosting solutions via the internet. In cloud server hosting, several servers are connected to create an online network, which is also known as cluster server hosting. Meanwhile, cloud server hosting has increased in popularity in recent years, causing the shift of VPS to cloud hosting.

Yes, VPS hosting is in the cloud, which is different from cloud server hosting, as explained earlier. However, VPS UK cloud hosting is costlier than VPS hosting, but it's very beneficial, especially for big companies that need to secure relevant and private information. We have cloud computing features that the safety of our customer's data.


The timeframe required to set up a virtual private server hosting in the UK varies with providers' expertise. However, your VPS UK hosting can be made available in split seconds. The duration it takes for a provider to create your server should give an idea of your server's effectiveness in the future. Hence, you can still opt for the best server provider services if it takes a longer time to prepare your server. Setting up a VPS account with us, is as simple as clicking key buttons, whereas we explained the detailed process in our other guidelines.


Finding a VPS provider in the UK is easy. However, before hiring one, you need to consider the VPS hosting plans first. VPS plans can affect your website performance. For instance, if you are running your site, and you do not see the probability of hosting many visitors in the nearest future, or you aren’t sure of the best VPS plan for you yet, you can subscribe to the shared web hosting for a while. Whereas, we recommend you purchase a VPS UK hosting whenever a shared web hosting can longer accommodate your server. Meanwhile, if your service provider is proficient enough, it would curb the lapses associated with shared web hosting. Hence, our commitment is to give services from our well-trained and vast technicians that respond to customers' needs related to the hosting world. Moreover, our customer service is available 24/7 to respond to customers' requests, as you can either reach us via online chat, mail, or phone call.

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