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We offer various valuable benefits to customers looking to rent a VPS. These benefits include high-level performance, reliable uptime, and the ability to customize the server environment to fit your specific needs. VPSServer.com offers 24/7 customer service and technical support to ensure your VPS runs smoothly. Finally, their competitive prices make VPSServer.com an excellent option for those looking for a cost-effective VPS solution.

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Our goal is to have a data center in all continents for a rent a VPS. This will lower the latency depending on the location of the customer.

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Using a Virtual Private Server or VPS for your business is one solution to increase your websites' accessibility, which is considered one of many benefits. However, there will always be pros and cons in using this service. Below is the list of pros and cons if you are using a Virtual Private Server (VPS) for your business:



Your loading speed plays a major role in your website's performance. Your visitor will not spend their time more on your site if the loading speed is too long, and this will impact your business too as they prefer to choose other websites to find their needs.

If you rent VPS servers for your business, you will get your own resources or dedicated resources. Such as the SSD storage up to 200 GB SSD storage, memory, CPU power, bandwidth, root access, better disk space, computing power, RAM, and many more.


VPS server allows you to access the admin server better. If you rent a VPS, you can control your customers' information, database, digital assets, control panel not like the ovhcloud control panel, and so on. This also increases your privacy as you will get your own dedicated resources.


Have your own VPS server means that you can also manage your scalability as well. You can increase or even decrease your resources at any time and whenever you want.


You will get an exclusive or dedicated IP address if you own or rent a VPS server. Besides having a dedicated IP address, you will also get:

  • A stable connection that will not be affected by other sites, security, and traffic
  • Managing additional websites are easier
  • Root access and control panel
  • More affordable rather than managing physical servers or hardware

One thing that can challenge your business and you not to rent a VPS hosting is the price. Using a VPS server will cost you more rather than the shared hosting. However, it is cheaper and more affordable rather than the physical server. It would help if you considered that the price you will pay will be very cheap compared to its features. It is time for you to upgrade your hosting options. If you do not have sufficient knowledge about maintaining a VPS server, you can choose the managed VPS hosting where all your VPS-related services such as manage, secure, and set up will be handled by professionals.

Based on those advantages, you may still do not know what you will get if you are renting a VPS server. The following list is the features that you will get if you are renting a VPS:

Advanced Hosting Infrastructure

With a high quality of hardware processors, you will feel a fast-speed network that can meet your software applications' needs. You will get the service like you rent a dedicated server for your own.

Shared Hosting Storage with NVME SSD

You will get high security and server performance by using this virtual server. It is because GB SSD NVME is much faster than common SSD hosting.

Control Panel Feature

In managing your VPS servers, you will have your own server environment. It means that you can change, set, and access your VPS at any time. By using the control panel, you can restart, get full root access, web hosting, change your operating system, and many more.

Supported by a Wide Range of OS

You can change your operating systems based on your preference. We offer many templates such as Ubuntu, Linux, and many more.


Virtual Private Servers allow you to change your speed at any time. This section will be explained about how to increase your VPS speed. However, you need to remember that when you are facing a VPS speed problem, it can be caused by the physical machine as well. Thus you better contact the provider, customer support team, or customer service to solve this and find the problem. There are several tips if you want to enhance your VPS speed. Those are:

  1. The first thing you need to check is the CSS. Is it optimized? If it is not, that can be the cause of your slow VPS speed from the fast one. To solve this, you can make a new folder to combine several files of external CSS. Besides, you can also use inline CSS by replacing or exchanging the external CSS. It would help if you remembered that as inline CSS capacity is limited, this can only work with a small number of codes.
  2. VPS hosting will give you better and faster performance if your MySQL is always updated. The main objective of always updating your MySQL is that MySQL can be your safeguard and give you advanced server performance for your Virtual Private Server. You do not have MySQL on your VPS? No need to worry because you can just contact your VPS provider and ask the technical support. However, if you have already installed MySQL, keep updating the software.
  3. Besides those two tips above, the main problem that caused your website is having a slower speed is because of the excess coding which comes from the file that you do not compress before. Compress your file first will help you have better speed performance on your VPS, affecting your ranking on Search Engine Optimization. You can always ask your VPS provider to get the advice and service that you need.
  4. Once more, your file on the gallery seems do not to affect much on your speed performance. In fact, this problem can affect your performance as well. Optimizing your gallery can affect a better performance. If you do not want to spend your time much on it, you can use numerous tools to do it. Such as PageSpeed Insights. The main task of PageSpeed Insights is to monitor and check the excessive files or unsupported files that can slow your speed.

From those tips, it is easy to be applied. However, some business owners do not have much time to handle those issues, and they have no sufficient human resources to do it. Therefore, using professionals to help manage your server is your best choice. There are numerous VPS hosting plans that you can choose that allow your server to be managed by professionals. A VPS plan may charge you more, but it saves your time at the same time.

Using VPS for your business is the best choice to increase your ranking on search engine results. Moreover, if you own a big business that needs a better speed connection and your website has high traffic, using VPS is important. However, if you own a small business and only have WordPress for your business, using this service is not necessary. Numerous VPS providers are available out there. They offer web hosting services with several web hosting plans. VPSServer.com can help you meet your needs, including increasing your speed and competing on the global digital market by using hosting services. We also will give you protections such as DDoS protection to make sure that your website is safe.

Using a VPS server for a business that has busy traffic on their website, fast loading speed plays a major role in your website performance. This issue can also be your benchmark in choosing a VPS provider to help you. If the website loading speed is slow? You do not trust their service, right? It is because they cannot solve their own problems. How can they solve yours? VPSServer.com provides the most reliable and fastest services for your needs. The most common problem that is faced by a developed business is that their website traffic increased suddenly, and this will affect the resources. In this case, using a managed server is the best choice for you as you will not spend more time managing your server by yourself. Leave it to the professionals, and you can have more time in developing other sectors of your business. Many partners have used our managed service and find no trouble on their website.

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