What is a Virtual Private Server?

Imagine having your piece of a powerful computer. That's what a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is like. Your own space in the cloud acts like a computer. You get to make all the choices, like how much memory and power it uses.

This is different from shared hosting, where you have to share everything. With a VPS, you get more control, and your stuff runs better without needing a physical server. Great for websites, apps, keeping files, and lots more!

14 /mo
2 GB memory
2 cores processor
50 GB NVMe SSD disk space
5 TB transfer
30 /mo
4 GB memory
4 cores processor
80 GB NVMe SSD disk space
5 TB transfer

20+ Datacenters

20 locations worldwide for your application

Choosing Your Server Package

Explore our many virtual server options. We offer choices with strong processing power to suit your website or app needs.

Pick from many cloud locations

Reach your audience easily with our quick data centers in North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Australia. Choosing a location near your users ensures fast and efficient access to your site or app. These servers are available in 20+ locations worldwide and use advanced technology for fast and secure hosting.

Our solution provides dedicated resources for optimal performance. With our virtual machines, you can enjoy the benefits of a (virtual) dedicated server without the high cost. This makes it a cost-effective choice.

Ultimate performance

Powerful Web Hosting Provider

The shared hosting virtual machine for your website or app is crucial. We exclusively utilize high-grade hardware for our cloud infrastructure.

All machines have fast RAM, modern CPUs like the powerful 2.7 GHz Intel Xeon Skylake processors, and NvME SSDs. This makes for a reliable and efficient online environment with unlimited IOPS.

Redundancy cloud network

Worldwide Network Infrastructure

Our network covers 20+ places worldwide, giving fast connections and ensuring quick response times for your website visitors.

Should you require to relocate your VPS Hosting provider, our assistance squads are prepared to expedite your needs. We promise to meet your migration needs and make the transition smooth.

Unique full control panel

Cloud Management Control Panel

Managing VPS hosting is easy with our custom control panel. You'll have full control over your web hosting environment.

With just a few quick clicks, you can reboot your environment, change your operating system, update your firewall, and more.

Our commitment to advanced technology provides a robust and dependable platform for your web hosting needs.

Wide range of pre-configured templates usable

Many Windows & Linux Operating Systems are available

You may not realize the importance of selecting the appropriate operating system for your server setup requirements. Our research indicates that the correct OS choice is vital for attaining the expected cloud server performance.

We accommodate our customer's varied preferences by providing Linux and Windows OS. This flexibility enables you to choose the ideal OS for maximum performance.

Managed solutions

Managed vs. unmanaged servers

Simplifying Management with Managed Hosting

When looking for a Virtual Machine (VM), you have the choice between managed and unmanaged VPS host options. With a managed server, the hosting provider takes care of managing the cloud environment, including server operating system upgrades. You can choose this service plan when placing your order.

Our goal is to create a calm server environment so you can concentrate on growing and promoting your website.

Creating Your Personalized Workspace

After selecting the VPS hosting plans that best fit your requirements, begin the process. Our tech support teams are on standby to help you at every stage of the process.

SSD storage for features

Lightning-fast response times with NvME SSD storage

Every part of your fully managed VPS hosting solution is important for hosting websites or app services. Our setups have NvME SSDs to improve response times. Select a package with up to 16TB of server storage, giving your website an advantage over competitors.

Our packages offer many features and services to ensure smooth and secure functioning. We provide a reliable, fast, and customized hosting experience based on your needs.

Fast processing power deployment for our VPS Hosting plans

Rapid deployment of new environments

When choosing virtual private servers, you require a speedy website setup. We provide high-traffic VPS hosting and fast deployment of your environment to all our customers. Upon placing your order, you will promptly gain immediate access to your new VPS hosting features.

Our experts will handle all the setup for you. They will also ensure that you have everything you need to easily start with a fully managed service contract.

Affordable plans

Affordable & secure hosting solution

When searching for dedicated hosting services, cost is important for personal blogs and businesses starting up.

We aim to offer great quality and value. Our objective is to find a middle ground between performance and reliability, ensuring that your hosting experience is affordable. Count on us to provide excellent web hosting solutions tailored to your needs.

Quick customer support

Responsive customer & technical support

Our platform offers dependable web hosting service. We understand that unexpected problems can arise. We are available to assist with any issues you may have with your virtual server.

Our specialists are constantly ready to aid you with any challenges you face. Our professionals are on hand to help you with any difficulties you might come across. Our aim is to guarantee that you fully leverage the advantages of your solutions and promptly return to regular operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose VPS Solutions?

Our solutions offer customers complete control over their virtual environment through full root access. This allows you to select your preferred operating system, database version, software, and more.

Opt for our VPS to tailor hosting attributes for your website or application. Get to the unique needs of your site or app. Discover our extensive array of features to locate the ideal match for your project.

Is a VPS superior to Shared Web Hosting Services?

Shared web hosting is not suitable for people who prefer cloud solutions. This is because it can affect the performance and security measures of other websites on the physical server.

Using a virtual server ensures that you utilize your resources solely for your needs.

Your websites will work well, regardless of other sites. Shared and dedicated hosting used to be cheaper than VPS hosting, but servers are now a better and more reliable option.

What Sets Cloud Hosting Apart from VPS?

Cloud hosting and VPS hosting are similar, but there is a small difference with virtual private servers. Cloud hosting involves dividing accounts among various VPS hosting plans.

Many hosting choices commonly employ this approach when utilizing a single virtual private server hosting plan.

Do I possess full authority (root) over my server?

Yes. We give all our clients full control over their virtual private server by providing unrestricted root access. However, it's important to be cautious because making changes with this access could potentially damage your website's performance.

Are CPU and Memory Strategies Effective?

We offer improved CPU and memory options for applications that need more power. Our enhanced plans provide extra VPS resources for better performance. All our virtual private server plans use high-quality hardware for the best possible performance.

What Payment Options Are Available?

We accept major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, and Discover, as well as PayPal and bank wire transfers.

We also accept popular digital currencies. For more VPS payment options, contact our sales team, as we offer many choices.

Why is dedicated server hosting better than standard hosting?

Our research shows that using a dedicated server provides more flexibility for hosting, managing, and securing data compared to shared hosting. Users get their own physical server and private space, which lets them personalize their hardware and storage. Dedicated servers are more reliable and efficient than virtual servers. However, we can expand our servers much more than dedicated servers.